Friday, 09/30/2011, 09:15 am

VIDEO: Eddie Alvarez on His Injury and Fight Postponement


6 Responses to “VIDEO: Eddie Alvarez on His Injury and Fight Postponement”

  1. sup says:

    wow he is so overrated he lost the only time he fought a top ten LW.

  2. anthony says:

    hes a waste of fighting space.

  3. GET RID OF FITCH says:

    Its obvious eddie is in it for the money and doesn’t care what fans think nor does he want to test himself against the best fighters in the world. i say that with respect but I think he is wasting away in his prime at bellator. i think eddie could compete with anyone in the top 10 and only BJ penn, maynard, possible Cerrone, bigger stronger lighweights would take him out. i think he has teh speed power to take out MR. pitter patter run away today like pussy so I win the fight on points and fight another day Edgar. I would love to see Jose Aldo KO Edgar

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      I think the top 10 in UFC are evolving past Eddie while he lays pretty much dormant in Bellator. Yeah i know eddie fights maybe once twice a year but UFC Lightweights are fighting the best every 3-6 months and eddie is being left in the dust SKILL wise. eddie should have at least moved over to strikeforce 2 years ago an dhe could have possiby earned a spot into the UFC but as it stands now there are friggen at least 20 of the best lighweights in the world already in the UFC and IMO most of the top 10 could beat eddie because they have fought way better talent in the last few years.

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