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Tuesday, 09/25/2012, 11:13 am

VIDEO | Ed Soares Says Bonnar "Deserving" Shot At Silva Is Irrelevant | UFC NEWS

“I think it was just a matter of who was available at 205 and we kind of went through a process of elimination. There were only a certain number of opponents willing to take the fight and Stephan ended being the one that stuck. Stephan is a warrior. People can say what they want, does he deserve it, it’s really irrelevant. We were trying to find a solution to a problem and Stephan Bonnar stepped up and took the fight. No one can underestimate what Stephan’s done. The guy’s constantly moving forward, he’s not an easy guy to finish. It’s going to be an action-packed fight, for sure.”


22 Responses to “VIDEO | Ed Soares Says Bonnar "Deserving" Shot At Silva Is Irrelevant | UFC NEWS”

  1. Sasquatch says:

    Another spoon fed victory for Silva… no wonder he’s the GOAT.

  2. mean170 says:

    I get the feeling that MMA has become so mainstream that fans of the sport itself are getting washed out by the new ‘fans’. You all have so little respect for the guys that go into the cage and risk everything to put on a great fight. All I see on this site is people saying ‘Silva is spoon-fed weak fighters’, or ‘Jon Jones only wins cause he cuts weight’, or ‘Vitor sucks, he has no shot’. These guys are stepping up to fight fighters that others won’t. If you think there is a line of guys that want to fight Anderson Silva at 205 lbs on short notice you are off your meds. You should thank Bonnar and Silva for stepping up and saving a card. Be happy you get to see great fighters fight. You would never do what these guys do.

    • james says:

      thats why american fan are the worst. They have no respect for these fighters and making up assumptions, in reality they can never do what these guys do. Look at the japanese fans, imo they are the most educated mma fans out there. Most american fans are ignorant, its not the newcomers to blame.

    • GREAT POST BRO….I’ve saying the same thing for a long time.

    • Me says:

      I’ll be the first too admit I have not been watching MMA as most of you guys on this site but I completely agree with you, Some comments made on this website are disgusting. They complain about Jones not taking a fight on 8 days notice and then the same people are complaining about Anderson Silva (Who has a lot more to loose then Jones) taking a fight against Bonnar on 3 weeks notice!! And too all the guys that say Jones should be fighting guys his size. I mean common seriously…Every single UFC champion are not fighting in their natural weight class. Its not only that… They say stuff like ‘UFC should have 1 event a month. Quality over quantity’ They are failing to realise that UFC is a business and have like 300+ fighters on their roster + TV deals (Such as FOX) How can all the fighters get to fight with 12 events per year. If they do 12 events per year the UFC will end up becoming like Strikeforce where some of the fighters are struggling to get into some cards. Sorry for the little rant but yeah I totally agree with you & James.

    • DEH DERP☺☻♦•◘♣♠ says:


      One of the few logical, non ignorant comments on this site.

  3. Sasquatch says:

    Oh yeah I get the feeling MMA is turning into a circus show… I want to see the best fighting the best! (relevant fights), not the supposedly GOAT fighting a retired middle ranked punching bag who’s not even in the same weight class (irrelevent fights). Lets face it the only reason Bonner’s in there is because he’s durable and can take a beating and might last longer then a round. BTW this fight is geared more for the new “fans” who just want to see a blood bath!

    • Sasquatch says:

      @ mean170 ^^^

    • Pkq says:

      Bonnar and silva are fighting because they both stepped up to the situation. On top of that bonnar is a good fight who helped build the UFC to the popularity it is at now, why can’t he have a shot to see how he would far against silva?

    • This is so ignorant. So when the “best” beats all the “best”. What’s next? Stop putting on fights? If this was the case you’d say their ducking fighters or they’ve cleaned out the division. You haven’t cleaned out the division until you have beaten every last one of them whether they earned the fight or not. You know nothing about fight game buddy. If you don’t want to watch stop watching and stop posting. None of the real fight fans give a crap what you want. Real fight fans love this stuff on a level that you can’t even understand. We care about the fighters win loose or draw and support their growth the who way. You and people like you don’t give a crap about up incoming fighters, old legends, or the ones that fight their asses off and will never go beyond where they stand right now. You only focus on the ones the media hypes up and talk a bunch of shit you know nothing about. So feel free to stop watching and go kick some rocks.

      By the way this “punching bag” some of you think Silva was given to walk over is on a 3 fight win streak and has never been finished. The closest to a finish was two Doctor stoppages but he’s never been finished. Not in the UFC anyway. This is a very dangerous fight for Silva and if he doesn’t take him seriously he’s a fool. And this is coming from a very big fan of Silva.

  4. abraham says:

    who the fuck is this fucking asshole saying who deserves to fight who
    this guy hasnt even put on a fuckin glove is his life so who is this guy ed soares to say bonnar shouldnt fight anderson in bonnar is no relevant to him why didnt put anderson
    against glover teixeira i would love to see that

    • You sir,are a moron says:

      Sre you completely brain what he said about it s irrelevant whether or not he deserved it…if you had half a brain you would understand that he is giving respect to bonnar and indirectly blasting jones…since i could hardly comprehend half of your comment could you please try again?

  5. Dee says:

    Some of you guys are straight idiots. 1. Silva stepped up to fill a slot don’t blame him for the match up and Dana has already repeatedly went over how this came about. 2. Bonnar is a tough fighter. He is a big guy who has never been stopped or submitted. He has excellent Jiu Jitsu and he’s a big lightheavy weight fighter. 3. You should never disrespect a warrior.

    Anyone who knows MMA knows that Bonnar is a tough tough fighter. He is high risk and low reward. Once you again most of you guys do not know your history.

    If the bigger stronger Bonnar can get Anderson down, the fight just may be over. His Jiu Jitsu is sick.

  6. Richard says:

    Guys, Bonnar has never been finished in his entire career! I think Bonnar has a shot at this. (Also I’m rooting for my former Chicago resident.) I also think people underestimate Bonnar’s smarts. Jon Jones couldn’t finish Bonnar, and Bonnar kept himself in the fight the whole time.

    He’s also been my favorite fighter since I watched Ultimate Fighter as an 8th grader. But my bro hates him. When Bonnar loses he cheers “BONER WENT LIMP!” Like wtf.

  7. Joe Blow says:

    what about the fact that he’s not “getting a shot at silva” because this is at 205. it’s an exhibition match nothing more there is nothing on the line here, wasn’t bonnar pretty much retired before this came along? this is just to get the UFC out of a bind and there are no title implications whatsoever

  8. filo2c says:

    Stephan Bonar is hardly an easy fight. Even though Silva is the favourite it will still be a very good fight. Stephan is a warrior and never backs down no matter who he fights. Anything can happen and one punch can change the entire momentum of a fight. Quite excited how this one will play out!

  9. Ian says:

    Ed Soares: “Bonner deserving a shot at Silva is irrelevant! But Weidman still needs to earn a shot.”

  10. diehard ufcer says:

    These r the same people who said vitor had no chance n jbj probably got his arm broke. I watched that fight a few more seconds n his arm woulda went. U never know what’s going to happen ….silvas chance of losing 1 in a million. Chances of Stephen giving him a challenge ….very good. Stephen is good everywhere , maybe silva will make a mistake. I won’t buy it but ill be at primantis watching it fo sho

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