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Monday, 11/12/2012, 07:52 am

VIDEO | Ed Soares “Anderson closer to St-Pierre in size; 178 a fair catch-weight” | UFC NEWS

Ed Soares, manager of Anderson Silva, tells Fight Hub TV that a fight against GSP makes more sense than a fight against Jon Jones due to the size difference between all three champions.


9 Responses to “VIDEO | Ed Soares “Anderson closer to St-Pierre in size; 178 a fair catch-weight” | UFC NEWS”

  1. allmightysandman says:

    of course he wants GSP…he’s scared as hell of JBJ.

    the smaller man is an easier fight…not a surprise.

    he fights for an unblemished record, greases himself up in the ring, pulls shorts, holds the cage, and will do everything he can to avoid losing…like take the easier challenges from here on in.

  2. Sosa says:

    Yet Gsp is higher on the p4p list then jones… He’s a bigger name and a better fighter who also has a legacy

  3. Joe says:

    first gsp if he get the w vs Condit
    let jbj get a fight or two in against some new high ranked opponents and then vs silva . after that silva retires jbj to heavyweight and two wc are all open fir lots a great fights

    one love from holland

  4. Riiiiiiight...... says:

    Those of you who actually believe Silva is closer to GSPs size and weight than JBJ kill yourselves seriously, die.

  5. idiots says:

    if i had a dollar for every moron who said spider is scared of jones. hey sandman Accomplish what Anderson has in the sport and then you can open your mouth ya fucking POS

    • allmightysandman says:

      hey duche!

      I don’t remember ever saying anything about being a fighter so suggesting that I must rival his accomplishments before I have a right to an opinion is goofy. Your post is a little angry but mostly just nonsense.

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