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Monday, 05/14/2012, 07:43 am

Video | Dustin Poirier & The Korean Zombie Discuss Tomorrow Night's Main Event On FUEL | UFC NEWS

UFC ON FUEL : Korean Zombie v Dustin Poirier Interview

Dustin Poirier comments on the fight.

“It’s the small things, the finesse. Who’s going to go out there and fight like a professional fighter and pick their shots and stay technical. We can both knock each other out, we can both submit each other, and we’re both very dangerous; pretty much any position we get put in, we can finish a fight, I think. I’m sure he knows that, I know that about him. It’s just going to come down to who is better prepared.”

The Korean Zombie comments on the fight.

“We fight in a similar fashion so it’s going to be a case of who can do it better. Hopefully I’ll be able to pull off another good win. I plan to do all the things that I’ve prepared to do from the beginning. So it’s going to be important to set the pace and stick to my gameplan. I don’t want it to turn into a brawl like my fight with Leonard Garcia so I’m going to be looking to implement my gameplan from the very first round.”


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