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Sunday, 03/25/2012, 05:41 pm

VIDEO | Dominick Cruz Mocks Urijah Faber's Awkward Moment In TUF

The Ultimate Fighter Live on FX: Urijah Faber freezes up when Dominick Cruz wins the first live fight and makes Faber choose an opponent for Team Cruz’s number 1 pick. This is the Champs response.

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33 Responses to “VIDEO | Dominick Cruz Mocks Urijah Faber's Awkward Moment In TUF”

  1. MD says:

    Hahahahahahahahahahaha! Spot on!

  2. Umad says:

    U mad Faber?

    Yea u mad.

  3. Jb says:

    That was awesome! I can’t believe no one raised there hands. That’s what surprised me.

  4. Hostile Hunter says:

    Retarded…It would be foolish to offer yourself to his number one pick… Faber should have made the pick and not made his team look like a bunch of pussies. That being Said… Team FABER all day!!!! Fuck the fag Cruz…

  5. lex walker says:

    lol he got him on that 1

  6. Paul P says:

    What a pathetic video. Bad editing, bad audio. Embarrassing and awkward for Cruz. Team Faber all the way!

  7. Eric El Beast says:

    lol at Mike Easton and Tyson Griffin

  8. Keith R. says:

    Lmao #TeamCruz all the way. I can’t wait for Cruz Vs. Faber III, @The Domin8r is gonna out counter Faber for the third time.

  9. true mma says:

    Cruz you skinny fuck. That shit wasnt even funny. Rampage had some funny shit on TUF. This shit was just fucking stupid like that bitch ass non finishing, point fighting, disco dancing, zumba fitness instructor cruz.

  10. Mayor of Deviance says:

    Ross Pearson can be in multiple places at once apparently.

    Also lol at the butt-chin.

  11. true mma says:

    Save all that drama fo yo mama cruz. You have been fighting little guys like mighty mouse. How is that everyone is quick to want Aldo to move up in weight. How about having cruz fight at 145. That bitch cruz needs to step up.

  12. the original steve says:

    pretty gay that he took time out of his day to do that

  13. Blair says:

    lol @ “come on guys, who wants to scrap” lmao

  14. 8oh8local says:

    That made me LMFAO. Little midget Faber played by Cruz, seem to be a F’n midget as he is looking up at everyone. LMFAO

  15. koolG says:

    nice i laughed my ass off when this happened.

  16. Jake says:

    It’s funny how all the faber nut huggers are mad in not s faber or Cruz fan but this video is fuckin halarious haha

  17. zetoe666 says:

    not really funny

  18. Xaninho says:

    haha classic!

  19. Keith R. says:

    @True Mma why r u hating on The Domin8r he is the best bantam weight in the world. He broke his hand on mighty mouse in the 1st round & still Dominated him all 5 rounds that’s what a real champion is made of #TeamCruz All the way. Faber is just a trash talker who thinks he’s the best, but hes not.

  20. Coos Coos says:

    Watch out don’t strike at Fabers chin or your hand will be sucked into that buttchin of his never to be seen again!

  21. wishbone says:

    that was some funny stuff…….funny when it really happened too…….I cant believe NOBODY stepped up……come on guys, who wants to scrap? hear the crickets…..hahahahahaha

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