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Friday, 03/22/2013, 11:49 am

VIDEO | Did Officials Make Special Concessions for GSP At UFC 158? Hidden Cam Captures The Act | UFC NEWS

In this video we see the UFC’s Senior VP of Business and Legal Affairs and Assistant general Counsel, Michael Mersh, discuss with the Diaz camp a last-minute changing of the weigh-in rules, which he confirms is only applicable for the GSP vs. Diaz fight and no other fighters on the card.

While some of the clip is hard to hear, it is clear that this man conveys to Diaz that the commission has allotted a 0.9lb weigh-in allowance for both fighters. Something that is not common for a title fight. Additionally, he says that the two fighters have an additional hour to make their contracted weight of 170 pounds.

The convention of Mixed Martial Arts allows for a one-pound allowance for all fights, except when a belt is on the line. Champions and challengers are always required to make the exact limit the belt is being contested for.

So why the special treatment by the Canadian governing body for the GSP vs Diaz fight?

Is it right?

Here is some of the dialogue from the video:

“Here, they’re going to allow you and Georges to have an extra hour,” Mersch says. “Just in case somebody doesn’t make it.”

“But the good news is, they don’t count the decimal. If you’re 170.2 it’s 170. If it’s 170.9. it’s 170.”

A member of the Diaz camp responds, asking “why didn’t we know that before?”

Mersch continues.

“Should be fine, hopefully, other than that. Just so you guys are in the loop, if there’s …”

Again, a member of the Diaz camps responds, asking “why didn’t you tell us that yesterday?”

Mersch continues.

“Well, no,” he says. “It’s just something to keep in mind. That’s kind of an off the record type of thing. But keep that in mind. As long as he’s under 171, we should be good.

“But, there is a time period afterwards, for you and Georges only. All the other fighters have to make it the first time. Just letting you guys be in the loop, okay?”

“Good luck.”

A member of the Diaz camp quips, “that’s a loophole… A Canadian loophole.”

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0 Responses to “VIDEO | Did Officials Make Special Concessions for GSP At UFC 158? Hidden Cam Captures The Act | UFC NEWS”

  1. LOL@you! says:

    Diaz is still looking for excuses? Be a gracious loser, or just be a loser. It’s up to you, homie.

    • 209 says:

      Hey “homie”. released the video and article not Diaz. Pendejo! Translation – Stupid!

      • Thom says:

        lol yeah, what a retard.

        • LOL@you! says:

          LOL ok ladies, lets take Diaz balls out of our mouths. Then perhaps we can see a little more of the world.

          Perhaps you are going to tell me that BJ Penn was the one who actually video taped all that, right? Talk about retarded, huh?

          As for all the talk, Diaz doesn’t win either way. Wasn’t even close. In fact, he hugged GSP rather than throw his hands. He was a loser in every aspect of the fight, get over it. GSP took the easy fight to stay away from Hendricks for another fight. That’s the only reason he got a shot at all.

    • Mayor of Deviance says:

      This has -nothing- to do with who won or lost. This has everything to do with GSP getting “off-the-record” special treatment. The only reason to have approached Diaz about this is that GSP knew he wasn’t going to make 170 flat. GSP didn’t make weight. And you can’t say because they gave Diaz the same treatment it was fair. Diaz didn’t intend on or need any help making weight. It’s like 2 guys getting a million dollars but only one guy can actually spend it. BTW this is coming from a guy who hates the Diaz bros.

  2. Lelouch says:

    REMATCH !!! we demand rematch now i know why george was 170 probably 170.9 pumped for the fight 2 get 180 what a fake champ.

  3. gspjuice says:

    Gsp. Is fast becoming a joke

  4. UFC 84 Forever says:

    You’re all ridiculous; Diaz got handled, just deal with it.


      IT’S ABOUT THE MONEY!!! GSP misses weight and TWENTY PERCENT (20%)of his money ($400,000 or $200,000) GOES TO NICK DIAZ. That is $40,000 or $80,000, whichever figure you look at. Yeah, GSP pretty much destroyed Diaz, okay, I saw that. But he gets to keep his money too for being overweight? .1, .9, 100 lbs, it doesn’t matter. The decision was made without all parties involved in the decision making. And that was Diaz’s camp’s mistake.

      That extra money could’ve paid for Diaz’s tax bill!

      It’s always about money first!

      • jonnyrambone says:

        Agree completely. It’s abt the money. It’s abt potential corruption to favour one fighter over another. That 20% shd be in diaz’s pocket, whatever you think abt him.

  5. Keithy says:

    Same rules for both guys. This is getting silly. Nick lost. George’s won.

  6. Um says:

    The issue isn’t about the outcome of the fight people. If you listen to Nate later on in the video, he explains that title shot weigh-ins have to be the exact weight, no exceptions. However, for some reason, Georges was allowed some leeway.

  7. real homies says:

    yeah watch the weigh in again, Georges steps on and quickly steps off of the scale, something fishy is going on in Montreal! I don’t want GSP to fight in his hometown for the Hendricks fight.

  8. doc says:

    This sounds exactly like they are giving GSP an out for not being able to make the weight.

    Either way he still would have beat Diaz. But I think because he was feeling “sick” or “injured” it would stand to reason that they were afraid to not get down to 170.

    But again; Either way Diaz was losing that fight.

    I bet a re-match would be closer. But he still should not get one after that lop-sided decision.

  9. Ddddddd says:

    Diaz might be a whiner but what? This is hoakie and especially considering Goerges was sick. If I’m gonna pay 60$ for a fight and it is fake in anyway that fu??in makes me super pissed. If this shits true people need to sack up and demand they get what they pay for. I’ve never boycotted a fighter but I’m starting to wonder if I should and so should everyone else. If videos like this can be produced than we are owed an explanation. I haven’t missed a fight in a lot of years and I mean a lot. The only way to keep loyal fans is to not cheat them.

  10. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    This absolute home town BS going on here. Fukc these Canadian bastards for doing that. Weasels. The UFC better cause a stink over this otherwise what other rules are they bending for their boy. GSP should be outraged and embarrassed by this shit. Not that it would have mattered, but rules are to be followed or fukcing don’t have any at all!! They would NEVER get away with this crap in wrestling. This is the slimeball shit corrupting mma. Where is the integrity? Anybody who tolerates this crap is a loser moron.

    • GRT 3000 says:

      oh cry some more numb nuts. .9 lbs and they were both in on it. this isn’t Watergate.

      • Ddddddd says:

        Yes it is watergate stupid. Tell me when this happened before and the last time you paid for a fight. At least tell your mom she’s not getting what she’s paid for.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          +1. Lol. I’ll bet his mommy does buy all his ppv’s. That is Fing funny.

        • GRT 3000 says:

          OK it’s Watergate then, behold the scandal. You’ll need to light an extra candle on your Diaz shrine after he was ‘destroyed’ by GSP over that .9 lbs difference. (pfft) Maybe you and @Gayboy Wrestling can throw a little Calgon in your shared bath this eve. lol

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          In other words GRT 3000, Whaaaaa Whaaaaa, Whaaaaa. mommy wipe my ass and don’t take away my ppv’s…bwahahahahahahahaha

  11. Ddddddd says:

    It’s too bad Nate didn’t get that treatment against Benson I happen to remember him being naive to the fact of being at the most 70 and struggling to make it. That should piss his camp off and they deserve to be pissed.

  12. Sean says:

    Wonder what else he gets away with

  13. david "sharkman" says:

    dana “white don king” has deffo set this fight up! no way did he want diaz champ. he has paid diaz to loose that fight! and GSP is the most boring french twat ive ever seen fight in a cage! one skilled nipple rubbing wrestler who pulls the wool over idiots eyes making them think hes a MMA fighter. he cant finish a fight!!!

  14. Sergio Pettis says:

    F$ck the UFC! Watch my fight on Axis Tv tonight.

  15. Joye says:

    I just wonder what else they did for this fight do they let GSP get away with other stuff just because he is the biggest PPV draw?

    Every fighter and fight should be treated equally.

  16. YoMama says:

    STEROIDS! GSP was so gassed at the end because he is not natural. GSP had to hold him down because he isnt a well rounded Mixed Martial Artist. He is a pumped up athlete athlete.

  17. GRT 3000 says:

    Wholly fack! what a fuckin whiner Diaz is. Seriously, this guy acts all tough guy, but he’s a straight up whiner. Back in the day, there wasn’t ANY weight classes, and now we got tears over .9 fucking lbs?! That’s what did it kids! it was the .9 lb diff. that keep George in the win column. bitch please…

    • doc says:

      While I agree that the weight was not the deciding factor in GSP’s win over Diaz; I still think its BS that they amend the rules the way they did.

      The issue is that they did this so GSP could have the chance to get away with not making the weight and they knew this ahead of time. Diaz did NOT. So it was not an “equal” playing field and they were not both “in” on it.

      Diaz was already on mark. It is obvious that GSP was not.

      That is the issue here.

      • GRT 3000 says:

        bah. still .9 lbs and a 1 hour difference. Splitting cunt hairs here mate; I don’t see any real significance.

        • krafty11 says:

          title fights are supposed to be exact weight. Why was GSP given special consideration?

        • GRT 3000 says:

          Do you think the result would be any different if that whooping .9 lbs BOMB wasn’t dropped? Diaz got his ass kicked every second of every minute of that fight. were talking about the weight of a box of crayons here.

    • kong says:

      Hey retard, Diaz didn’t post this video.

    • Ddddddd says:

      Your still posting stupid sh!t.

    • jonnyrambone says:

      Ok, so if ur employer withheld 20% of ur rightful income, you’d just suck it up? This sport is a profession for elite fighters now, genius, I.e. how they earn a living. And we’re no longer ‘back in the day’. MMA is now a professional sport with contracts that need to be honoured so that professional fighters can work with fairness and certainty. Get it now? Good.

  18. Stupid is as stupid does says:

    The ignorance on here is amazing.if gsp didn’t make 170 it would not have been a title or lose Gsp would have kept his belt.key word lose!UFC and gsp did nick a favor.

  19. 123 says:

    Nick Diaz is a great fighter & his fitness is insane.. hes been 1 of my favourite mma fighters since he beat Paul Daley because im a massive Paul Daley fan & i thought he was going to take his head off, alot of his fans sound like idiots tho to be honest lol

  20. Kong says:

    I can tell a lot of people here don’t even fight. When u are cutting weight that very last pound can make a huge difference. In not saying it did here because I don’t know all the details but saying oh it’s just a pound big deal well it depends on who we are talking about. A pound for a guy like Cain is probably no big deal but a pound for gsp or Diaz when they are dehydrating and all that can make a huge difference- and those of u who say it doesn’t matter probably have never fought before and had to cut weight like that.

    • tj says:

      This is very true. It does, yeah I still think that gsp would have taken this fight but for the people who think it’s not a big deal, well it wouldn’t be a rule if it wasn’t. When you don’t have .9 of water to lose, its gonna be hell getting that weight off. Cutting weight has pros and cons. Gsp should have had to face the cons.

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      I’ve wrestled since I was 4 and cutting weight is difficult or easy depending on what is going on. I can tell you that 1 lb does not mean shit if that is all that is going on and you are not at your ropes end. But if other issues are happening and you are mentally breaking then 1 lb is huge. My guess is GSP was close to mental breaking due to his injuries and illness. This is all BS. Rules are rules and if you can’t follow them, then don’t have ANY fukcin rules at all!! GSP should be fined 20% of his take!!!

      • GRT 3000 says:

        bullllshit @Gayboy. gitch wrestling at your friends sleepovers doesn’t count as wrestling since 4. & bullllshit on @Kong (mellon) too. you haven’t fought shit; the only thing you’ve both cut is a fart in your own face.

      • GRT 3000 says:

        @Gayboy isn’t get burnt every 2 secs so he’s giggling at his Grandmas computer now.

        & Gay Retarded Titties? your best friend tell you that one at recess shithead? .9 lbs for the 2 internet weight cutting hero’s here. don’t cry cuz I called you on your fantasy bullshit. you fags haven’t fought since the beating you took in 6th grade.

        I’ll let you sweethearts two work it out, but do me a favor first…give yourself a bitch slap for me. hahahahaha

  21. tj says:

    This wouldn’t have changed the outcome gsp was going to own Diaz either way. What the point here is that gsp is getting an easy way out. You think if Diaz had this issue he would have gotten.9 extra in Canada? Nope. Gsp is lucky. He is a great fighter but scared to get knocked out and he fights safe and as I’ve said before he has loyal Canadian fans who like him. He wouldn’t make this much money and Dana wouldn’t want him to be champ if he wasn’t Canadian. Canadians make him and Dana’s money.

  22. Nunya says:

    Did the officials give special circumstances? I don’t think so. They gave an hour if needed if the fighter needed to drop to make weight which was not the case here. If it was GSP would be losing a bigger percentage of his purse. Did Diaz lose by getting his ass kicked, yes he did. I’m not a GSP fan but the Diaz fans are just as delusional as Diaz is. The fight is over, move on.

    • tj says:

      Well they gave him an extra hour and .9 so that is special. They didnt do it for Diaz it was for gsp. They just gave it to Diaz as well to make it seem like that. Im not a Diaz fan. Gsp got special treatment here imo. Its supposed to be handled professionally for a champ fight and it wasn’t.

    • krafty11 says:

      you obviously didn’t listen to the video. even if either fighter weighed in 170.9 to 170 it would be 170 regardless.. So he prob. knew he wasnt gonna make weight, and somehow was given “special circumstances” or a failsafe in case he did miss weight.

  23. Scotty says:

    Th rules were bent, plain and simple.. Rules are rules! U have to make exact weight for a title fight and GSP did not, he was .9 over.. The reason they gave him it is because if they cancelled the title fight, there would have been in outrage everywhere! God knows what Diaz camp would have done and all the fans who paid to go see a tile fight! Pretty much just protected their business and prize fighter.. But GSP has been given way to much special treatment.. Always fighting in Canada people believe cause of non steroid testing.. The greasing incident which there is a video of Dana saying he might be in trouble.. Even koscheck said something and Dana said “mind your own f’ing business”.. Now this! A lot of treatment goes to someone who makes your company a lot of money and that’s in EVERY business/Company.. But they have announced that GSP vs. Hendericks will be in Vegas.. But we’ll see if that happens..

    • Mike says:

      Money! Fights aren’t cancelled over missed weight, Diaz would have gotten a percentage of GSP’s money. The UFC should have stuck to the rules. They talk about always having treated Nick with respect… This is awful.

  24. overgrow00 says:





  25. Jesus says:

    Coming from a GSP fan, im saddened; I agree that it is bullshit to give him special treatment, and I agree that Diaz deserves a Title Shot once more, but the results will be the same. GSP was gassed by the third round, something unusual of GSP since he is usually top shape with cardio; Diaz had his best chance, a weakened GSP. I would love to see the statistics of how many fights GSP really screws up? Once with Matt Serra..Anderson Silva screwed up against Sonnen? so the two best pound for pound screwed up once…Diaz would get destroyed if he fought him again and GSP was in usual format.

  26. joe quirz says:

    Nick Diaz please stop smoking that prescribed weed that’s why, you can’t get GSP beat down over.

  27. Frank Schaefer says:

    If GSP not making weight matters at all… it would be because he would have to cough up 20% of his purse to Diaz for not making the contracted weight. Meanwhile, if GSP could have made the weight by simply removing his vale tudo shorts before stepping on the scale like his trainer says… why didn’t he just do that? Why even leave room for the Diaz camp to go down this road. Regardless if you are a fan of GSP or Diaz or both (which could easily be the case since they are both great fighters) this isn’t the first time ol’ Georges has been accused of trying to pull some slick shit.

  28. Frank Schaefer says:

    Another thing… it’s a clear undeniable fact that GSP dominated Diaz on the group but name a fighter in the division that GSP can’t get the better of with his wrestling. It also appeared that while the fight was standing GSP did land more punches in the exchanges between the two… but here’s a question… Where the fuck was the damage to Diaz? Nowhere. That’s where. Dude looked the same at the press confrence after the fight that he did at the one before the fight. So, GSP didn’t fuck up, beat the shit out of or even really seem to leave any significant damage on Diaz. If anything, If was up GSP to shut Diaz the fuck up which he could had he maybe finished him in the most brutal beating the UFC has ever seen, which he promised, but nowhere even remotely delivered, not even close. Hence why Diaz is still running his mouth, filing suits, and attempting to make a case for a rematch. Let’s all stop swinging of Georges nuts for a second and be real, and call this shit what it is… another boring ass point fight that GSP one against an outmatched opponent. Shit is tired no matter how you look at it.

  29. Jimmy Tosnia says:

    A fighter wearing the damage(s) from what his opponent did to him during the length of the bout itself is truly ‘neither here nor there’, meaning that it’s all relative. Some fighters just ‘seem to mark up’ differently than others. I’ve seen bouts were the fighter that ate big shots all night long hardly exhibited any damage at all during post fight talks, I’ve also seen guys that looked like they weren’t even close to being hit, post bout looked like they were attacked by a gang with baseball bats. Aside from all that talk, I can see how Nick Diaz deserves a rematch against George Saint Pierre. Like “Billie Jean” said, “Fair is Fair”, and I have to say, “Rules is Rules………………..for everyone”! Diaz definitely deserves some bank to be added to his account for the GSP camp not making proper weight. The past bout between these two incredible Mixed Martial Artists seemed to have two ‘flat’ combatants. They really couldn’t get off, and employ their strengths and exploit the other fighters weaknesses. I know that a re-match would draw silly numbers, in the arena of choice and especially on Pay Per View. Thanks for listening, God Bless All!!!

  30. realfighterfan says:

    GSP missed weight and the CANUCK commission covered it. well at least they don’t have to worry about covering anything up for GSP’s drug testing because there is NO drug testing Canada

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