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Friday, 03/01/2013, 03:34 pm

VIDEO | Diaz on GSP: I don’t give a f***, take me down | UFC NEWS

The first pre-fight video from the UFC offices featuring Nick Diaz has been released. See what he has to say about his upcoming bout against Georges St-Pierre.


132 Responses to “VIDEO | Diaz on GSP: I don’t give a f***, take me down | UFC NEWS”

  1. Nuitari X says:

    I totally agree with Diaz on the GSP and Silva issue. That’s why I like Diaz. He ain’t scared homie!!

  2. Fucktard says:

    The game plan is “Be better at everything”. yeah, you go with that Nick. good luck.

  3. Brah says:

    Can’t wait to see Diaz get slap like the he Diaz deseveres the belt!get some class retard..

    • BrahLovesChode says:

      Get some class? Look at what you’re saying. You’re worse than he is, you spaz hahaha

    • susan says:

      1st nick needs to go fuck himself. He is a thug wanna be, a tantrum throwing little bitch and if u want to fight in the “big show” then u need to follow ALL the fucking rules which include media shit. He is not the type of role model we as fans and the ufc need as a champ and gsp needs to hurt him badly and then dana needs to send him on his way forever.

  4. BringFitchBack says:

    I think Diaz has a good chance of beating GSP. Condit barely beat Diaz because he played the runaway game. He only did that because he didn’t want Diaz to get in close and dirty box-slap him or submit him. GSP doesn’t runaway from his opponents! He engages them and either out boxes them or out wrestles them. Unless he adopts a runaway game plan, I think Diaz gets close and if he can handle GSP’s top control, he has a good chance to beat him. I think Diaz wins a split in 5. If he can’t handle GSP’s wrestling, he loses a UD in 5.

  5. GRT3000 says:

    Diaz = scared…great Canadian beatdown on it’s way and he knows it. I’m more interested to see what level of toddler he regresses to once it’s over.

  6. Jay says:

    Diaz can beat George. If he can handle George’s top game and put him in some bad places he could make George second guess going to the ground. If Nick can make it a striking match he will have the advantage over George. Nick is just tougher than George, he embraces the war better than George does. This should be a good fight

  7. UFC 84 Forever says:

    Diaz will not even come close to beating GSP…

    GSP is far too smart to fall for any of the stupid traps Nick uses to get the upper hands in fights…

    BJ was beating him until he took too many hits and started to gas out, Condit definitively beat him (though fought a very unfavorable performance doing so).

    GSP wants to hurt him, GSP wants to beat him up; last time we really saw that was the Matt Serra fight (or arguably GSP vs. Penn II), I think we’ll see a complete domination…

    After all the only real thing Condit was able to get over GSP was the wild nasty head kick, and Diaz won’t be as dangerous…

    GSP can outclass Diaz, outsmart Diaz, outfight Diaz, outwork Diaz…

    Here’s the other great thing about Diaz; he’s a baby boy, the second a fight isn’t going his way or tailor made to how he wants it he’s whining like a baby, GSP won’t be egged on, he’ll simply look to destroy.

    Having said that GSP didn’t need to take the Silva fight, and Silva should stop trying to bully the smaller guy into a fight, going after Jon Jones is the more logical fight…

    • Patrick Jenkins says:

      Do you watch or follow MMA or is your knowledge based on a GSP highlight tape. Don’t get me wrong George’s is a terrific fighter, great athlete and with Greg Jackson helping him strategically to use his very unique skill set it is very hard to bet against GSP at welterweight that being said he is yet to fight somebody with the same tenacity as Diaz. He isn’t unbeatable on the ground he knows it that’s why he kept Shields and others standing. Problem Diaz is a lot more well rounded than other Jiu Jitsu practitioners GSP has fought. That being said GSP should win on paper but fights aren’t won on paper. As for Anderson and GSP it’ make more sense than any other super fights. Since Anderson and George’s have both dominated their division for roughly the same time rather than jones who has been champ for half the time.

    • daniel says:

      Ok, number one, Silva has never called GSP out. Not once. He said he would do the fight if it is what the ufc wants, but he has not been pressing for the fight in anyway, and he has not pressed for the Jones fight either. Outwork Diaz?? His main advantage over his opponents are volume and cardio. Diaz likes the war, GSP likes to ground and lounge. Penn got maybe a round and a half in that fight with diaz, and got the crap beat out of him in every sense of the word. GSP is an elite fighter, no doubt. He dominates everybody he faces, but to say Diaz won’t even come close is the statement of a GSP fanboy, not an mma fan.

  8. Charticus says:

    Respect Diaz as a fighter, but this stuff ain’t about scrapping its about putting together everything you have along w fighting! Diaz will lose..

  9. jay says:

    Diaz is so sick.

  10. Dee says:

    Diaz isn’t the most skilled athlete, the most athletic, or the best remodel, but the dude is legit. He’s real and come to fight. WIN OR LOSE I LIKE THE GUY. WAR DIAZ!!!

    • GRT 3000 says:

      He’s also a REAL little cry baby too; he holds that shit down for the temperamental toddlers and crabby wives out there. 2 legit to quit.

      • Trevor says:

        Oh I’m sorry have you done something notable GRT? No? Oh that’s weird. It’s almost like Diaz is fighting for a living, and fighting for the UFC welterweight belt.

      • GRT 3000 says:

        I have clown – you don’t know me. don’t compare your pathetic little life to mine. yes he’s getting an undeserved shot b/c the champ feels the need to beat this dude up. now you can where your Diaz undies with pride.

  11. car dee oh says:

    If Diaz can negate GSP’s can opener and quarter guard that he’s used on everyone it’s going to be an opportunity for that gogoplata again. GSP is the best at 170 but man Diaz is ridiculous off his back.

  12. zack says:

    I think nick has better cardio, better bjj, and better standup than gsp. Gsp will have to try to employ a ben henderson vs diaz gameplan. Gsp needs to use his kicks and jab and get takedowns in the last minute of the round. Diaz needs to make it a brawl. Be aggressive standing and he needs to put gsp in trouble on the ground so gsp will start second guessing shooting in. Diaz can win this. This is one of the few fights i will be putting money on the underdog. It will be a nice payout.

  13. John says:

    Anyone who says Diaz can’t win this hasn’t been watching MMA long enough to voice an honest or bias opinion. GSP is the man, one of my favs and its hard to bet against him, but Diaz has the skills on the feet and floor along with insane cardio to go 5 rounds easy. Atleast i’m not going into another GSP fight knowing he will dominate. This should be a great fight.. and I’ll go with Diaz to win. Im a huge fan of GSP and DIAZ bros! If GSP wins he needs to challenge Silva. In the end, I just hope we don’t see another Condit marathon.. lol yes i did have to make that jab! :)

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