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Wednesday, 08/22/2012, 12:07 pm

VIDEO | Daycare Shutdown, Three Arrested For Running Toddler Fight Club

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In Delaware three daycare workers have been arrested for setting up and filming toddlers engaging in fist fights.


21 Responses to “VIDEO | Daycare Shutdown, Three Arrested For Running Toddler Fight Club”

  1. Drew says:

    Wow hope they get ruined in prison

  2. Macheetah says:

    First rule of toddler fight club is, you do not talk about toddler fight club.

  3. Mark Munoz is a joke says:


  4. B-rad says:

    thats hilarious

  5. Derp says:

    Wrong video SON!

  6. Dick Diaz says:

    give it time, Dana will eventually “warm up to this idea” too.

  7. CamNumbahONE says:

    Hey remember when this site used to just report on things related to MMA and not just general media crap and Pro Wrestling??? neither do I

    • lolziez says:

      and i remember when people complained about topics unrelated to MMA yet feel the need to go check it out anyway because face it we know these tards were interested in seeing what was said and then were disappointed by the story therefore suddenly making them think posting there complaints about non MMA topics are shit and no one cared about it in the first place dot dot dot dot dot dumbass

      • Robby says:

        That might be the longest run-on sentencing ever. Congrats.

      • CamNumbahONE says:

        Didn’t post to impress anyone like you princess couldn’t give a shit what people like you think, just felt like saying this shit is nothing but tabloid journalism on a slow day , it just makes people angrier ,I don’t give a shit if a couple of ugly bitches are being sent to jail for child abuse if I wanted to know that I’d pick up a fucking newspaper I come to this site to find out about one of my general interests and that’s MMA , also this kind of tabloid journalism continues stupid people are going to formulate in their tiny brains that a Children’s fight club has something to do with the sport of MMA then the sport will never escape the negative images associated with it and never achieve it’s rightful place as the pinnacle of all combat sports because stupid people (like you) are in the majority and if something scares them then they have to eliminate it without any further knowledge of it , this sport will never be licensed and accepted all over the world till people get away from this negative imaging that it’s all fight club or the imaging that it’s just another form of Pro Wrestling what with the continuous reports of Shit-For-Brains Lesnar and his re-invigorated career as a glorified stuntman all over the fucking place , like I said people are stupid,uneducated fairweather MMA fans coming here will have the wrong impression that it’s all relative when it’s not so I and many others would prefer if retarded crap like this was kept off this site and it went back to just reporting about the sport of MMA ,suck my balls

  8. Devilock138 says:

    My son would have been the champion!

  9. Real_deal1047 says:

    There are no champions just winners and losers. Don’t for get the one who shit there pants. We all know the rules of fight club this is what happens when you brake them

  10. Sean says:

    At least they are being exposed to the world for what they did

  11. Jdiddy3844 says:

    I agree this article being placed in a high profile top google MMA media website is beyond ignorance! Horrible way to shoot massive negative attention to such a wonderful sport! I am a fein for the latest MMA news. I check in 4 times an hour thats how anxious i get for the latest updates no joke! The only sport i follow to be honest!! Then to hear some insane cruel horrific shit like this pisses me off intensely! Didnt watch the video or read any more than the headline! Couldnt allow myself to not sleep for half a year!!! What a bunch of fat CUNT WHORE SCALLYWAGGS!!!! Woman especially fullfledged allowing abuse to children!!! I hope they are given 400 plus years in prison in the most distant isolate cold rainy old prison there is!! Should lock em up in the chyrnoble nuclear disaster wasteland till they mutate to death!!! I am sympathetic to the victims and families beyond anything i can explain!! Children are our future! They are our everything! They are what we create to love and guide to fulfill positive energy to assist society to exist better than we were able! To give what we couldnt recieve and to teach what we have learned in hopes of not dealing with consequences we went through! I am mortified!! It will take me a while to come back to BJPENN.COM because of the asshole who forced this article for us to be disgusted with! Not sure what made the journalist think this would intrigue any of us hardcore fan junkies!!! I am so upset in so many ways! I dont post much but i couldnt resist on this one! Damn u journalist for making me hear about this!!! Poor children we probably so frightened!! They will be emotionally disturbed for life!!! God damn i fucking HATE HUMANS, as my grandfather would always say!!! Fuck all u scum who thought this was funny or amusing!!!!!

  12. Goliad8 says:

    You fucking hacks couldn’t even get the right video posted on the article. God you “journalists” are awful.

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