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Monday, 06/18/2012, 02:07 pm

VIDEO | Dana White: Tito Tried To Damage The UFC More Than Anyone Else | UFC NEWS

UFC President Dana White confirms Tito Ortiz will be the next UFC Hall of Fame inductee during the upcoming UFC fan expo July 6-7 in Las Vegas, NV at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.

“I think he’s a guy who pound-for-pound—at the time we were hurting—tried to do more damage to [the UFC] than anyone in the history of this company.  At the same time the storyline played out and it’s a part of our history –between me, Chuck(Liddell) and Tito.  And it’s definitely part of the history of the sport,” says Dana.

Q:  Mentioning Chuck there, do you see Tito taking a role like Chuck with UFC after he’s done?

Dana White:

 “Tito’s never been about the company of the UFC,” said White. “Tito’s been about his own brand, Punishment, and Tito Ortiz….  I got no beef with Tito.  Me and Tito are totally cool.”

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18 Responses to “VIDEO | Dana White: Tito Tried To Damage The UFC More Than Anyone Else | UFC NEWS”

  1. Bear says:

    Yea I agree. Tito wouldnt even take a UFC job like Chuck did. He’s always been about his crappy brand Punishment. They make the most crappy shirts and training shorts ever.

  2. BJJEXPERT says:

    @ Bear – It’s true Tito has always looked after himself after all no one else will… The UFC could careless about the fighters… How much do the UFC’s top fighters get paid??? 400k meanwhile the UFC makes over 300 million a year profit… And crappy shirts huh!!! What have u created in your life???

    • Glenn Beck says:

      If fighters only make 400K and fight once or twice a year well thats if you’re Anderson Silva or more times a year like Jones who are most of them millionaires…oh yea they have sponsors paying them as well for each of their fights and to do their advertisment or they get a part of the ppv buys and fight bonuses. Yea you know boxers are some of the highest pay combat sports athletes since assholes like Mayweather can make 38 million just to fight once a year but really how many sponsors does he have like 3 and he doesnt have to have his shorts look like a walking billboard. If I was a UFC I’m more than ok making 25 to 50K a fight and fight 2 or 3 times a year, and trust me I wouldn’t cry about my pay.

      • jones says:

        @ glenn beck…yes your if your look at the average boxer he makes less then the average ufc fight…there are maybe 10 fighter total in bocing now that make from 1-30 million a fight…ortiz onlyt got 2.5 million to mayweather 40 milion for there fight…anyways other the the 10 big name boxers the rest make like 100k or even less…on average really the ufc and boxer probly make near the same,,only the ufc fighter have much netter chances making more cuz they can fight for more often and there is far more matches and compitition…people always just wanna comnplain on ufc…

      • I agree to your analysis. Roger was tight even when he was to break of serves up and when he lost the first one, I thought may be the demons are returning back. But even in the second chance, he seemed very tight and that break when he was serving at 40-30 helped him a lot I thought.

  3. stephen riddle says:

    Did anyone waste their time on primetime white vs ortiz. Dana knows he wouldnt be the same these days and i dont like ortiz.

  4. bxer says:

    Crappy or not,he sales lots of them,and for your info if it wasn’t for Tito fighters still get paid shit, Tito and danas argumentation was about getting paid fair,even chuck Liddell need to thank Tito cause he is the reason chuck make the money he did,of course chuck was bad ass, but he was getting paid next to nothing,anyways I don’t expect you to know,you may be new to the sport,and yes Tito sucks todays days,but he represent modern MMA,hate him or love him Tito belongs in ufc hall of fame

  5. Clay says:

    Tito reminds me of the ‘wrestlingrules’ guy. He’s always reppin Mexico and shit but can’t even speak Spanish. It’s cool tho bro

  6. Michael hamlin says:

    Tito is s punk

  7. Flipper says:

    tito is a bitch he is one of the red headed stepkids the ufc hated to have because it made them look bad. Chuck has said it himself he was never in the UFC for the money he was there to kick ass and beat Titos ass most of all still wish Liddell-Ortiz III could of happened. i do have to say punishment clothing is called that because wearing it is a punishment, i have seen clothes made better in a chinese sweatshop that what he produces. but back to the money thing it was more tito and shamrock that were about fighters pay. shamrock to this day keeps talking about fighters pay yet he is the dumbass that has been dodging from paying the UFC for taking them to court. Dont Bite the hand that feeds ya. dont know why i wrote so much must liquor talkin

  8. Shit Skids says:

    You don’t win one fight in six years and keep getting booked unless you’re making somebody’s pockets a little heftier each time your name is on the bill.

  9. Ash G says:

    Tito’s gravedigger celebration alone is enough to get him in the HOF, love it!

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