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Tuesday, 07/10/2012, 02:09 am

Video | Dana White States That Chael Is Now Back At The End Of The Line | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
UFC President Dana White comments when asked about a third bout between Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen.

“[Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen] is the biggest everything in UFC history. It’s the biggest rivalry, the biggest fight. We broke every record as far as the business goes that we’ve ever had this weekend…. This one was pretty decisive. He’s beat him twice. It’s not like this is the rubber match. He beat him twice. He beat him. Chael is in a position that most guys are — when you go on a run at the title, and you lost two times, back at the end of the line.”

However this has not stopped Sonnen’s team from lobbying for a rematch. The request is based Anderson Silva gaining unfair advantages in the UFC 148 main event through rubbing Vaseline on his chest and shoulders and grabbing Sonnen’s shorts. They also claim that the knee Silva hit Sonnen with when he was down did actually strike the face of the challenger.

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29 Responses to “Video | Dana White States That Chael Is Now Back At The End Of The Line | UFC News”

  1. diehard ufcer says:

    Danas mind is made up back up the mountain for chael

  2. dogfart says:

    And there we have it folks

  3. Xaninho says:

    They can claim what they want. The knee is filmed and clearly not hitting the face. The shortgrabbing came from both sides. The vaseline did make me frown, but that wasn’t a factor in the fight, it was wiped off before the fight started.

    I wonder if this rematch lobby was Sonnen’s own idea, because he was very honest about this stuff during the postfight pressconference.

    • Xaninho says:

      Sonnen should wait until Bones finishes Anderson before he tries for him again. Then, Anderson won’t have all his confidence and Chael can fight him with a weakened mentality.

    • merp says:

      Anderson wiped vasaline on his body at the begining of the fight, and the ref made him wipe it off, but if you go back and watch it closely, when the ref broke them up he wiped it on himself again and inbetween rounds he did it again. He grabbed sonnen shorts repeatedly, and kneed him in the face (the strike landed on the face and travelled down sonnens elbows to his chest, if sonnen didn’t gaurd himself it would’ve been a lot clearer to see) using the cage. I used to be an anderson fan, but after all that I can’t respect him anymore.

      • Xaninho says:

        The knee did not hit his face. You’re either lying or blind.

      • Chaelisdead says:

        Haha dont say you used to be a silva fan we can tell you’re chael little bitch and now that you lost TWICE you cry like a 5 yr old girl.. Didnt sonnen say he was going to retire if he lost???? Im waiting for his retirement so all you pussies who love wrestling can watch him do his circus in wwe

      • Dante Niro says:

        before being anybodies “fan”, get some glasses u jackass
        all the clown sonnen fan boys get over it your boy got his ass handed to him( he said it himself)

    • jwise says:

      It wasn’t his idea it was his fight coaches. But he does make some valid points. The knee had ill intentions and would have struck his face had his hands not been up and did cause him to get 8 stitches in his tongue and the short grabbing did come from both sides but silva did it multiple times and landed several punches which were significant strikes. Just saying

  4. Gabi says:

    Good. Maybe now he won’t be so favored. The money train came and is now long gone. Special treatment is over back to reality. Bet it was a nice luxury.
    Btw is it me or do suits not fit (especually ex fighters and as well as new FOX football type presentation?). UFC and MMA should stick to dudes w jeans and a button up Rogan, you know what I mean? I get it for press conferences and awards, those type of things. Get Dana wearing them and the business side, but let everyone else not worry about fitting a certain model down to its tees, because it worked for the NFL and FOX. (totally different sports, idk why people associate them together) doesn’t mean it will work. Let MMA be relax, real like the sport is. MMA is not like any other sport (even boxing), it shouldn’t follow any type of tv model for presentation. I really don’t like MMA being presented as football, it’s so complex it needs it own. MMA is the realist sport there is, most basic yet complex, a fight is extremely honest and an actual art. Do not give it an image of another sports, especially team sports w a close nuthugging of the FOX presentation on football. What do you think? Mostly talking about commentators and suits, new FOX “face”.

    • B-rad says:

      yeah i hate when they use the same song they use for football and baseball games -__-

    • WrestlingRules says:

      Would you change your name to Gabe…every-time I see your essays, and your name Gabi, I think you are a big butted Puerto Rican girl!! And then I remember you said you were a guy named Gabe but that it isn’t Spanish enough to use Gabe so you decide to use Gabi….which is a girls name… Come to think of it, you use the same kind of logic in your analysis too!! btw: I love Puerto Rico!!

  5. MC says:

    Chael will fight the winner of Rockhold-Kennedy take the Strikeforce belt, retire and commentate fulltime

  6. You Cant Be Serious says:

    LMAO@ the idiots saying Silva greased himself up. Obviously none of you have ever stepped foot in an octagon for a fight. I have, and the amount of vasoline it would take to grease up an entire midsection is nowhere near the amount they put your face. Silva wipes the excess off on himself, shorts, legs, chest an waist before every fight. It had no weight on the outcome. The knee he threw wasnt illegal by any means. See Bisping v Rivera for an example of one. Get over it. Sonnen got stomped out, end of story. Hell never fight for the MW title as long as Silva owns it. Hes officially a GATEKEEPER

  7. Dee says:

    1st how many people saw Anderson Silva wipe himself with Vaseline oppose to just hearing Joe Rogan blow it out of proportion?
    2. Do you know how much Vaseline you need on someone’s face for there to be an effective wipe one someone’s body? And if Anderson Silva had Vaseline on his fingers wouldn’t that put him in a bigger disadvantage than Chael Sonnen considering he wouldn’t be able to grap Chael?
    3. How do we know if the knee caused Chael’s tongue to be split and not one of the many punches that Silva threw?
    4. The fight is over let’s talk about Frank Edgar and Benson Henderson.

  8. Chael Sonnen Threw The Fight says:

    Chael is at the end of the line. So what. The MW division is weak as it is, it won’t take but three fights to get back to Championship contention. Silva may be gone? If so, then it’ll be less than that. Silva’s leaving the division or retiring. What will any other fight mean to Silva in the MW division? Absolutely nothing. Who wants to see Silva/Munoz or Silva/Weidman or Silva/Belfort II ? No one except fans of Silva’s opponent. I bet Silva/Sonnen III would be more interesting than any other opponent you put in front of Silva. That’s Silva’s and the UFC’s dilemma right now. What are they gonna do now with the best fighter in history of fighting??? We’ll find out when the hype of this past weekend lessens.

  9. GRT 3000 says:

    yup, back to the end of the line dipshit.

  10. actually put chael in the front of the line says:

    and have them run a train on his ass again. fuck sonnen, and fuck his fans. crybaby little bitches. go back to selling shit homes, in shit oregon, and fade into obscurity, sonnen.

  11. WrestlingRules says:

    Sonnen will beat up Munoz and be BACK at the front in a year. I’m calling it first Silva-Sonnen III July 2013 at a Brazilian soccer stadium near you….Booooom……$$$$$$…..Unless Silva grows some and fights Jones….NOPE……

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