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Wednesday, 05/30/2012, 07:47 am

VIDEO | Dana White Says he Will Not Honor Prescriptions from 'Dr. Reefer' | UFC NEWS


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23 Responses to “VIDEO | Dana White Says he Will Not Honor Prescriptions from 'Dr. Reefer' | UFC NEWS”

  1. Xaninho says:

    And yet enhancing testosterone levels to 6:1 is condoned by both the NSAC and the UFC.

    Hypocritic assholes!

  2. Greg says:

    I’m assuming they don’t test Joe Rogan?

    • Mach00man says:

      Joe is probably high as hell while he’s commentating. That’s why he says some of the off-the-wall shit he says sometimes.

      • trololol says:

        i agree. he always looks high

      • Blow Rogain says:

        I am 99% sure I saw one of his podcast where he says he gets high’d up before almost all comedy shows and fights that he does. Him being a huge advocate of weed and being high all the time really does not matter to Dana since the NSAC has nothing to do with anyone not fighting. It is pretty F’d up that you can have a Dr’s note for TRT but not weed. What a bunch of half wits….

  3. Mach00man says:

    He says this just days after NSAC gives Sonnen permission to juice again? Say what you want, TRT is juicing! If you can’t fight with normal testosterone levels, then you shouldn’t be fighting!

  4. Damnu says:

    Put a dick in your mouth Dana! He’s barely mentioning juice mainly commenting on weed going after Diaz the one guy standing up for himself not playing their “game”! I hope the real fucking court comes in an tells the nsac to blow it out their ass

    • Thom says:

      yup, the AC sucks so much they should be investigated… I mean Diaz comes in for his hearing on marijuana metabolites and one of the first things the AC asks DURING is: ”What are metabolites?”…. WTF?! Then Diaz let’s his DOCTOR explain it, and they just shrug it off and give him his 12 month suspension, they already made their tiny minds up weeks before the hearing because the AC are a bunch of fkn morons who only care about money.

  5. DMAC says:

    No weed but if you wanna juice go right ahead as long as you got a perscription by dr juice it’s okay. Go eat dick! The guy that made this sport will be the guy who runs this sport in the dirt.

  6. Artstunna says:

    I call BS on this, the commission are nothing but a bunch of racist ignorant midis,I do agree if you do something illegal you need to be discipline,but when you let a asshole use testosterone and you suspend a fighter for weed,seems like a bunch of crap suspend both of the fighters and be fair,that’s why I don’t consider a MMA as a sport is just pure entertainment,wondering how much money Dana white paid for chael not to get suspended so it won’t ruin the fight with Anderson Silva,the athletic commission is a fucking joke

  7. B-rad says:

    well this tells us something we already knew…..dana white is a douche!

  8. Mike cannon jr says:

    After,,, reading what he said…..i think hes saying that in california…he has no problem with it….just in nevada…lol….he worded that pretty cleverly……..alls i do is talk shit about this guy…im pretty sure hes was being clever…..nevsr thought i would say thT…lmao

    • day day says:

      wtf that was pretty damn hard to read took a few rereads and adding some words but yeah he was just saying he won’t allow it in vegas but cali is just whatever he was being coy about it and using a play on words…a certian turn-a-phrase. it was a very cleaver move done by dana.

  9. Mike cannon jr says:

    Re•Read it more carefully…it seems pretty obvious…

  10. Ken Shamrock says:

    But Dr. Reefer gives the best perscribitions. They make me feel so good inside.

  11. lex walker says:

    Dana is a cake, if its legal for nick to smoke weed what’s the problem….this is bs but chael got his trt approved the athletic commision is a joke

  12. Thurgood Jenkins says:

    I wonder what a state athletic commission or the UFC would do if, by some miracle, a fighter won a fight while piss drunk.

  13. jbeamazing says:

    you know Dana smokes almost all do these days I hear almost all the bjj guys do but If I was a ufc fighter I might think twice. It’s cool if Nick does but why not stop 30 days before your fight maybe even less since he is skinny it’s like he just wants a excuse to stop fighting or something maybe because he knows almost any fighter he faces in the ufc will hold him down like he likes to complain about

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