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Sunday, 06/24/2012, 10:43 am

VIDEO | Dana White "I Want More Fighters To Get Involved In Judging" | UFC NEWS

UFC President Dana White spoke with UFC Tonight correspondent Karyn Bryant after a thrilling night of fights at UFC 147. Dana expressed interest in getting more fighters involved in the judging and reffing aspect of the UFC. In addition he spoke about Wanderlei Silva’s performance as well as Anderson Silva’s upcoming bout.

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6 Responses to “VIDEO | Dana White "I Want More Fighters To Get Involved In Judging" | UFC NEWS”

  1. Clay says:

    Pretty good idea. I would like to see the credentials of some of these judges. Sometimes they are terrible.

  2. no judges says:

    There should be no judges, that encourages point fighting and boringness…should be two fighters and a ref, fight is done when one taps or is unconcious or can’t intelligentally defend themselves…replace the refs with former fighters who know what they are looking at inside the cage or ring and the fight is over when its over, not when a bell rings and then allow judges to screw fighters out of wins and win bonuses….plain and simple, no judges equals no screwy scoring and every single fight is finished by a clear winner….sounds simple enough to me but I’m just a fan, what do I know….only arguement is some fighters are so closely skilled….well guess what, if two great athletes go for after each other, someones getting the win, someones body will quit first so just dump the judges.

    • Josh says:

      and when you see 2 heavyweights both gassed in the 2nd and 3rd round then what? when they both dont have power in their punches and clearly arent gonna finish each other. they just both pack it up and call it a draw? Plus what would you do for the tv? if a fight lasts 30 minutes and you got 4 more fights that night, can’t do it.

  3. Unarmed Spectator says:

    @ No Judges Sounds like you wanna watch some knock down dragged out bar brawl. Throw some blunt instruments into the mix and occasional broken bottles, and we’ll have some bloody fun!

    Although Judges in MMA have not been great decision makers it looks like they might be coming around, because they saw what I saw in the Maynard vs Guida fight. Also look at Pac-man vs Bradley on the Boxing side of the spectrum those f**ken Judges screwed the Pooch! It happens and it sucks in all aspects of Judgement calls, and that’s why Dana wants fighters to be more involved so they can change things for the better. I sound like a douche…. Haha

    • B-rad says:

      lol yeah for real. although the judges have fucked up so many fights, they are a necesicty. because these fox and fx cards and shit are on a timed schedule, so if there wasnt any judges and one couldnt finish the other the fight would just keep going, both guys would be so fatigued it wouldnt be entertaining. plus with the tv slot they have if this happend they might only get to show one fight. i like the idea but it will never happen

  4. Noel says:

    Still a bit dubious on this as a few (not all!) fighters won’t fight a training partner, so how could they also be trusted to be impartial along with fighters who have a genuine beef with another? Yes they have the experience ov knowing when a fighters in trouble, how hard/technical certain subs and strikes are n when a takedown is weak n the getting back to feet deserves more credit and could elevate the scoring system by looking at a fight from that aspect rather than looking at a persons face for damage or who’s ‘had octogan control’ which to some judges basically is who’s stood in the centre the longest!

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