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Thursday, 01/30/2014, 06:24 pm

VIDEO | Dana White Confirms That Lesnar Wants Back & Surprise! Surprise! The UFC Will Have Him


UFC prez Dana White tells TMZ Sports … Brock Lesnar wants to RETURN to the Octogon … and White says he’d LOVE to have him back.

Dana was in NYC today getting ready for UFC’s Super Saturday … and told us Brock’s still bummed his fighting career ended short due to injury … and says “he’d like to take another run” in the UFC.

The former UFC heavyweight champ left the world of MMA in 2011 … after a string of losses that he chalked up to his battle with a potentially life threatening case of diverticulitis (a digestive disease).

Lesnar recently returned to the WWE … but White says that doesn’t mean UFC is off the table — “I think he wants to do both. When his schedule opens up I think he’d like to fight.”


0 Responses to “VIDEO | Dana White Confirms That Lesnar Wants Back & Surprise! Surprise! The UFC Will Have Him”

  1. David Hersh says:

    More drivel straight from the horse’s ass… err I mean mouth. Lesnar has no interest in exacerbating his condition. Even his WWE performances are limited. It’s obvious.

    • James Whitehead says:

      Actually if you do the research, he only has to make a very few appearances a year. He has one of the best deals ever signed by Vince McMahon. He trains and has been seeing a doctor since he left the UFC monitoring his healing. And according to him, he feels better than ever after the whole process. If he has truly recovered he could be a serious threat in the UFC again. But I would want to see him fight Allistar again and make him prove himself. And to bad Carwin retired. He put one hell of a beating on Lesnar. I would pay for that one again. lol

      • David Hersh says:

        Don’t get me wrong I’d love to see him return. I just don’t see it happening. I’ve seen what diverticulitis can do to someone. Unless he has a death wish he should never fight MMA again.

  2. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Yah Baby…The Baddest Man on the Planet is Back in the UFC!! Just exactly what is needed now.

  3. garciagym says:

    Just book him already.. Give Lesnar an feeder fight and be done with it, jeesh..

  4. Sean Fram says:

    I would love to see big country fight Brock Lesnar cause country would whoop his ass

  5. Tiz says:

    Can’t take a punch? Did you see the Carwin fight?

  6. James Whitehead says:

    If Brock Lesnar is fully healed now, and dedicates himself to a return, he could be a real threat. He has shown weakness and strength. If the digestive disease was really the issue, and he has fully recovered, then I say he will make a huge impact. As for the fans, some will love him, some will hate him, thats what sells PPV’s

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