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Monday, 03/05/2012, 04:41 pm

Video | Cruz And Faber Get Heated When Watching Their Last Fight "TOGETHER"

Dominick Cruz and Urijah Faber kick off their coaching gigs this Friday on “The Ultimate Fighter Live” on FX this Friday.

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38 Responses to “Video | Cruz And Faber Get Heated When Watching Their Last Fight "TOGETHER"”

  1. banks says:

    lmao faber is cheeeeesed

  2. Mike McMack says:

    Faber lost that fight, even if it was a crappy way to win by Cruz. Faber needs to stop whining and try to beat Cruz the way he keeps saying he’s going too. It’s Faber’s job to get in the cage and take it if he thinks he’s the better fighter.

    • bruts says:

      man if cruz would of won by tko, everyone would be saying it was a ‘crappy’ tko no matter what you lack luster pathetic fans will diss him no matter what. cruz is the best at his weight, fuck dislike it? go fight him and try to change it… dislike what im saying? fuck do us all a favor and get the fuck away from mma, because if you cant handle how the champ fights then you need to do something about it… rofl

      • daveeeeee says:

        yeah shutup goof///who are you topo tell anyone what to doo…this site has a comment board for people to voice there thoughts,,if u dont like it dont read the shit gooooof

  3. tank says:

    cruz is a big 135er who lost to both faber and johnson. His sorry ass keeps getting the decision but god damn at least step up to 145 cruz stop picking on the little guys.

    • bruts says:

      oh so gsp should move up to middleweight GOD YOUR FUCKING DUMB, get the fuck away from mma you joke ass fans!!!!!!!!!!

    • bruts says:

      ohhhh so we need all the smaller guys to move up one weight? yup what you said doesnt matter at all, wont happen so ROFL!!! glad cruz is in that weight, OH YEAH HES THERE CAUSE HES CHAMP ROFL OLROLFOLFOLFLFOLROFLOLROLROLFOL

      • Nitemare452 says:

        Dude GSP is one of the smallest welterweights in the division. It seems you really know little of MMA and the fact remains your trying to troll a site. Everyone is in-titled to there opinions. It just seems you have nothing better to do then get on here and try and start shit that we all know will solve nothing because you are a key board warrior who has probably never even stepped in a cage/ring. From the look of it your stupid is showing.

        • deez nuts says:

          u havent stepped in shit either pussy and gsp is HUGE for welterweight dude is 5 10, 195. stop bitchin and start recognizing

        • Jason N says:

          GSP is NOT a small WW. Seriously.

        • dbolts says:

          nate mardquat said gsp walks around heavier than him and nate is a big middleweight

        • Xaninho says:

          hahaha dude you shouldn’t tell other people they know little about MMA, cause you messed up big time. GSP is not a small WW, he is one of the biggest.

        • Namako says:

          GSP a small WW.. i must be watching the wrong GSP then 😛

    • Sweet game plan says:

      Dude, if anyone needs to go to 145 it’s Faber. Cruz cuts way less weight then Faber and Jorgansen. Dude do your homework..

    • GDP says:


    • Xaninho says:

      lol did you see the vid that was posted along with the article? Faber looks bigger than Cruz dude…

  4. Richie says:

    Dominick Cruz sounds like Owen Wilson

  5. tank says:

    Brut go watch watch wwe you stupid fuck. Fuck you and Cruz. You probrably like point fighting because all bitches do and your one big bitch. Step off fucker before I make you cry.

  6. Bertram says:

    Cruz won that fight; and if you think cruz didnt win that fight then all you ar doing is proving you know NOTHING about mma lol. People hat on him for not finishing; yet the guy is virtually untouchable. Haters gonnnnnnna hate no matter what.

    • joshuah says:

      Untouchable? Faber & Johnson both “touched” him

      I thought Faber & Johnson won, but as most EVERY <155 fight the guys r in such great shape will is hardly ever imposed & the decisions are mostly always narrow.

      No1 has BEAT the champ, which is y he still wears the strap

      Faber showed u can hit Cruz, DJ put a clinic on him, but he was too small & APPARENTLY holding someones legs in the air is winning a fight.

      If Faber thinks he's coming in & waiting in the pocket (again) he will lose. But Faber already said he learned from that. WE SHALL SEE

  7. true mma says:

    Hey nitemare452 juat because you bought a gracie video and now your rolling around your living room floor doesnt make you an mma fighter. its funny how people think their mma fighters now.

  8. Jason N says:

    cruz could never finish fabar. he doesn’t do that.

  9. Cjrrrrr says:

    Cruz is a bitch, dude runs away for 90 percent of the fight then slap boxes for the other 10, horrible to watch

    • Sweet game plan says:

      It’s funny you call Cruz a bitch, and the guy fighting him, Uriah absolute hates him but stills says he ‘s respects him and that Cruz is a good fighter.. Should we believe the guy that’s fought him twice going on three or your scrub ass?

    • Xaninho says:

      I rather watch a stick and move fighter like Cruz than one of those fucking blankets laying,praying and grinding to a decision. Lay n Pray wrestlers are the epitomy of boring.

    • daveeeeee says:

      agreed…he iss champ but he is the most boring fukin fighter to watch,,,and if they really scored fights on aggressivness and ring control and all the shit they say they do then cruz would neevr be champ..but its all a joke

  10. the lone rider says:

    LMAO cruz to win by a finish!

  11. Jason B says:

    “It seems like there needs to be some sort of finish” yeah well its not gonna come from cruz, cause thats not what he does to win. Punch, goofy ass dance, punch, repeat. That doesnt get him a finish but it got him the title with his long ass reach. Even jones who has the craziest reach advantage doesnt just go for the safe finishes. To bad Cruz picks the most pussy way to fight. Even GSP switches it up between jabfest decisions and takedown fest decisions. geeez.

  12. slacker says:

    That was a great fight. Similar to how Carlos fought Diaz. It’s always an interesting fight when you have an angles striker versus a guy who prefers to fight in a rectangle. Can hardly wait for their trilogy. If Faber is to win, he is going to have to work some takedowns.

  13. Sweet game plan says:

    You guys that say Edgar is boring are the same one’s that say Cruz is… Their ain’t nothing boring about those two…the thing is Edgar goes and beats your B.J so now he’s a boring fighter you guys say cause your mad, then Cruz beats your guys boy Uriah and same thing your mad, he’s a boring fighter. My Ass if those two are boring. Shit if bones beats one of your favorite’s let’s say Anderson, next thing you know it you guys will be posting: Bones sucks all he does his choke the guy out he’s boring…

  14. true mma says:

    If you really think edgar and cruz put on exciting fights you must live one boring ass life. Plus edgar got his ass kicked and now cruz will. Soon boring fighters will be long gone real fighters and I mean fighters will riegn as champs, benivedez, faber, aldo, Ben, condit, silvia, jones and jds.

  15. Tyler says:

    All I got to say is this. Everyone who complains about Cruz and other point fighters (meaning the people who fight them, in this case Faber) need to stop complaining and start fighting it differently. Sure Cruz has pillow hands, but he hits faster and more accurately than most guys in his weight class. Plus he’s taller than average so that helps him a lot in terms of reach. What people have to do (in my opinion) is cut off the cage so he can’t run away and take away his distance advantage and don’t let him fight at his pace. Personally I think wrestling him would be the best bet. I know he has some ok wrestling, but it’s gonna work a hell of a lot better for short guys like Faber so they don’t have to chase him down for five minutes, which didn’t work for Johnson or Faber at all.

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