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Wednesday, 04/11/2012, 12:19 pm

VIDEO | Cro Cop Trains, Slaps, Gets AK Shot At Him… No Really, This Happened!

In this video MMA legend, Mirko Cro Cop, makes one of his training partners very angry.

Props goes to for the find.


21 Responses to “VIDEO | Cro Cop Trains, Slaps, Gets AK Shot At Him… No Really, This Happened!”

  1. mmafedor says:

    for the gays

  2. Brend0magic says:

    Couldn’t understand a word they said, but I still laughed when he ran out with the gun.

  3. Dude... says:

    big white Europeans know how to do a practical joke! Hilarious! the rest of the MMA world better be taking notes….

  4. Rafi Bomb says:

    I think this was a prank set up by Cro Cop, “angry training partner”, and the rest of the team.


    at first i thought it was serious until i didnt see anyone laying in a pool of their own blood

  6. Aaron says:

    Can a MF get some subtitles?!?!?

    • Rambling Gambit says:

      You don’t wanna know how many fucks and mother fuckers they were saying. I honestly thought it was real at first. Ps. The cat in the beater looks just like my uncle Mile. That was hilarious! No wonder HD spends his time out there.

      • YEAH RIGHT says:

        HAHA I was wanting subtitles too but watching their body language from the very start it was like Spanish all the sudden and I could understand what they were saying

  7. Xaninho says:

    Haha nice prank! The trainer with the belly almost had a heart attack.

  8. Mike Diaz says:

    Was that Cro Cop’s pops or a trainer? Never the less, when the shots rang off, he did a Carlos Condit! LOL TEAM PENN!!!!!

  9. Balls McGee says:

    Man that place is a shit hole maybe if he trained at a place with runnin water he could start winnin again

  10. Geeakturk says:

    It’s so good to see how humble CRO cop is when the guy launches at him knowing completely he could have hurt this guy. True martial arts spirit. Good prank though !

  11. Jason says:

    The best was when he was in Pride and Crocop made that announcer believe that he was going to beat him up……classic!

  12. retardo says:

    how can he be humble about “someone launching at him” when the whole thing was fake? lol. fucking idiots on here. because i dont speak third world i couldnt determine of it was real or fake until i heard the shots then didnt see anyone dead. at first i thought they were going to claim it was real but glad they didnt. because obviously if you shot an ak in a room this full…there would be aloooootttt of dead people. like in the movies where people run away and dodge machine guns, annoys the shit out of me! one spray is all it takes, you cannot dodge that shit

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