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Thursday, 06/21/2012, 08:13 am

VIDEO | Countdown to UFC 147: Full Episode | UFC NEWS

Former UFC middleweight champ Rich Franklin and former Pride middleweight champ Wanderlei Silva rematch. Elite heavyweight contender Fabricio Werdum continues his run to the ttle against 15 and 1 Mike Russow, and new Ultimate Fighter champs in the featherweight and middleweight divisions will be crowned.


2 Responses to “VIDEO | Countdown to UFC 147: Full Episode | UFC NEWS”

  1. WrestlingRules says:

    Time for school kids…
    you know, as far as wrestling goes, all I can say is that I saw the sign one day…I opened up my eyes and saw the sign. So lets get down to the Ace of Base…I was playing poker one day with my boys yah know, had some Gaga pumpin in the background (which song?! c’mon) ne-whos – this dude starts getting all mad, starts calling me a cheat, says I’m winning all the time…eventually he gets so pissed that he actually wants to fight – so he came at me HARD (and this dude could fight – punches kicks you name it) and all I could do is what came naturally…I scratched that motherfucker in the face. ME-OW that dude was scratched up…but no matter how much I clawed he just kept on punching me…it was awful.

    Fast forward a few weeks later…
    I hopped off by buddy after a good session, we were laying there having a cigarette, and he says to me, “why don’t you bear hug like that when someone attacks you next time. you have an AMAZING grip.” WOW! It was like a light bulb went off in my head. I knew exactly what I needed to do. I’ll never forget that session, never.

    2 days later…
    I seen that fucker that beat me up…I walked straight up to him and gave him the five fingernail scrape across his face….again he came at me with everything he had, but NOW I had a master plan. I grabbed that mister man and held on for dear life. I just held him close and held him and held him aaaannnnd held him. After about 15 minutes of that the fight was broken up. (whew! I made it) The other guy was super pissed and saying wtf was that?! but I just stood my ground like the big man my mommy raised.

    1 day later…
    I overheard some mr. mens talking…one dude who didn’t see the fight asked another who won? I listened intently for the jackpot I knew was mine…The other guy said it was a super boring ass fight but if he had to pick a winner, he supposed it would be me…ME…and there you have it folks…I was so happy I bought a new thong that day – $150 bux! snap!

    so next time you see a couple of guys who are up to no good and they start making trouble in YOUR neighborhood…you know what to do. clawing will get you know where with someone who can fight. hug him grab him and for god sakes hold him down…

    schools out.

  2. MMA RoB says:

    Cool story bro

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