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Tuesday, 10/16/2012, 09:48 am

VIDEO | Cormier Urges Fans To Not Lose Interest In Strikeforce, Still Hopes For Mir Fight | MMA NEWS

“I don’t have an opponent. But with the two-month delay, hopefully Frank Mir is healed up and ready to go. I haven’t been told I’m fighting for sure, but if they’re promising a stacked card, I’m hoping I’m one of the guys they look at and you put [me] on the card and it becomes a little bit better. This last Strikeforce fight was never a negative to me. It’s what I owe to that organization and Showtime for all they’ve done for me. It wasn’t a negative. But now it’s drifting along, drifting along. I’m ready for it to get done… January’s show is happening. Let’s not lose interest in Strikefore. It’s a great organization.”

Check out the full video interview provided by AXS.TV below:


6 Responses to “VIDEO | Cormier Urges Fans To Not Lose Interest In Strikeforce, Still Hopes For Mir Fight | MMA NEWS”

  1. the original steve says:

    what interest?

  2. The natural says:

    Stikeforce is dead fuck gm the only reason I would watch is Daniel cromiers fights or maybe a cyborg vs rousey but besides that it’s dead

  3. Dick Diaz says:

    doesn’t matter if we lose interest or not… if it’s on its way out, then our “interest” isn’t going to save it

  4. Not You says:

    The organiztaion is on its way out because Showtine isn’t seeing the ratings they want to see. So yeah, showing more interest would help keep Strikeforce afloat.

  5. MrOuiji says:

    Yo I’ll watch that whole show just to watch cormier do his thang. Helluva talent and I can’t wait to see him get unleashed on the UFC roster because he is a great fighter who only gets better every fight and he reps for the dirty dirty

  6. punchkick says:

    cormier should fight overeem, winner get’s to fight jds. that way the ufc can unify both heavyweight titles

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