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Friday, 02/14/2014, 08:59 am

VIDEO | Cormier Goes At It With New Opponent On FOX Sports Live

Daniel Cormier gets into a heated exchange with former sparring partner and UFC newcomer Patrick Cummins.


0 Responses to “VIDEO | Cormier Goes At It With New Opponent On FOX Sports Live”

  1. Nick M. says:

    I hope Cormier dominates this dude like takes his head of. He’s to smug.

  2. Greg says:

    Anyone else think Dana is starting to hear the critics of how terrible 170s gonna be so he may be having these guys shit talk each other to buy more viewers?…. either way, entertaining stuff

  3. The Guesterizer says:

    Wow this guy deserves an @$$whipping.

  4. Thesire says:

    Yup it’s going to be the worst ppv buy rate, he’s literally relying on Rousey like she’s gsp or silva and although she is popular she’s not that popular. It’s going t to be bad, especially with fight pass taking all the prelims. As far as this dude, he’s clearly taken notes from chael. Either way I honestly am not looking forward to this ppv, I am more excited about fight night this weekend

  5. team backfist says:

    The shit talking is purely scripted. Isn’t it obvious?

  6. roki says:

    This looks like WWE..

  7. Thesire says:

    Just read an article where it states that Cormier dominated/shut out this guy in a competition in 07, where Cormier ended up taking the whole thing. This is all just another one of Dana’s ploys to sell tickets and not let 170 be a flop that we all know it will be.

  8. mike custer says:

    Cormier will beat the breaks off this kid. 1st round ko

  9. HXCSEAN says:

    Wolf Tickets!!!

  10. jayM says:

    Is this a joke ? UFC getting ridiculous taking someone from a coffee shop with no training camp and put him against probably the top 2 with a week notice ? what about Chael or other fighters… No that s not professional at all.

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