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Monday, 06/11/2012, 03:12 am

VIDEO | Condit Preparing For GSP In November, Still Wants Kampmann As A Backup | UFC NEWS

“Martin Kampmann was my first loss in the UFC, my only loss, my only loss in the last six years or so. Not taking anything away from Johny Hendricks, he’s obviously a top contender and had some great wins recently, but (Kampmann) is a more compelling fight. It’s a fight that I would absolutely be motivated for if Georges isn’t ready. Georges is a guy I’ve had my eye on and as far as I know, he’s going to be ready to go in November.”

UFC interim welterweight champion Carlos Condit dropped in to speak with FUEL TV’s Ariel Helwani about his quest to fight Georges St-Pierre. Condit discussed the injury to GSP, as well as possibly facing off against Martin Kampmann in the meantime.


19 Responses to “VIDEO | Condit Preparing For GSP In November, Still Wants Kampmann As A Backup | UFC NEWS”

  1. jones says:

    this guy is already changing his face expressions like he big shot champ…buddy you not even real interem champ u ran away like little bitch girl…u make me sick…gsp is just going hump you ass dry all night ….this guy is not near champ..diaz beat his ass..if he fought martin he will lose again,,,hendrex would hump his ass…and he got pure lucky with rory mcdonald…the only thing this guy did that surpised me in the diaz fight was not fight like a man,,,,i thoought thus guy was the natural born killer..the diaz condit fight was a clear mistake just lke pacman bradley fight

    • Natural says:

      This guy gets too call all the shots ha. What’s his name again did he beat anyone for that right Diaz looked pretty good after fight. Please tell me who he beat if he lost to lamp man and the guys he beat that u name please they shld have at least more then two wins in UFC wen he faced them so please name a top guy with more then two wins in the UFC that this guy beat calling all the shots from his ass captain chair ur not even best fighter in ur gym let alone world

    • GRT 3000 says:

      I wouldn’t say he got lucky with Rory…he was down two rounds…yes, then he beat the shit out of him for the entire third until the ref stopped it. simple as that.

      …but I do agree he was game plannin’ with Diaz. That’s a black stroke for sure.

  2. slacker says:

    Condit schooled that gym, punching bag, fence – fighter Diaz. He is the Strikeforce Queen. Send him back there. He can’t handle the UFC – he is 7 – 5.

    Condit will have a tough time stuffing Georges take – downs, but the guy is so talented, he may just pull it off. He is mentally tougher than Georges and has better stand – up. With the reach being equal and Condit’s power and combinations, it’s going to be a very tough fight for Georges as well.

  3. CoCiO says:

    Even coming off of an injury, GSP is probably going to smash Condit. Not really impressed with him personally and if he rematched Kampmann he’d probably lose again, also would most likely not beat Rory again either. He fought Diaz in a way that definitely would NOT work against GSP. If Carlos is taken down it’s over. GSP can keep the pace going and wear Carlos out on the ground then probably batter him on the feet for the remainder of the fight (seeing as how he looked really tired after running from Diaz for the duration of that fight)..unless he submits him or something.

    • slacker says:

      Interesting. Well, the Kampmann fight was real close first time round, so I would love to see them in a 5 rounder, since they are both tough as nails. Rory is a great talent, but he still has to prove he can put it all together against equally talented guys who are more seasoned fighters. We will see what kind of strategy Carlos comes up with for Georges. It definitely won’t be the same as what he did with Diaz, because GSP is not a fence – hugger like Nick.

      • jones says:

        diaz is not a fence fighter moroon…guys just get tired and cant run out the ring so they back themself on the fence…there is a chance that condit can take gsp if his leg is still hurt he wont be able run after condit ffor 5 rounds…if carlos comes out running around in circles again then gsp could have problems with that bum leg catching him,,,but i dont think gsp will comme in unless he 100 percent cuz he know he has to be in top running shape to catcvh condit

        • slacker says:

          A fence – fighter is exactly what Diaz is, which is why Condit beat him. Stick and move was the perfect strategy. How do you think Diaz beat B.J.? Got him up against the fence. And if Condit was running so much like you say, then it’s Diaz job to cut off the ring. But he couldn’t because he was too high to have a sense of urgency, as well as his dumbass corner telling him he won the first 3 rounds! With a good corner, he could have actually won that fight.

  4. maurice says:

    some of these guys are saying shit like condit was tired after the fight and diaz looked fine after the fight. wtf fight were u guys watching?

  5. Rodriguez says:

    Condit beat Diaz dumb shits! Don’t be mad because he won and Diaz quit like a bitch afterwards! And also, Condit is smart to wait for GSP cause every body waits a good amount of timebefore they fight! Don’t be mad cause he didn’t put his title on the line the day after!

  6. B-rad says:

    He doesnt want anything to do with kampmann. Martin beat him when he was in the days of being ko’d by paul daley (who does have some nice hands, but still) but hes a completly different fighter now, and condit knows it. not sure if anyone really wants to fight him after stopping the juggernaut like he did.. condit is just lookin to sound like hes interested in that fight but in reality, he wants to cling for his one chance to get OWNED by gsp… gsp gonna beat him worse than he beat penn the 2nd time (greasin0)

    • slacker says:

      Kampmann is a completely different fighter is he? He just barely missed getting KO’ed in his last 2 fights. Condit has improved more than Kampmann since their first fight. A 5 rounder would be great, but definitely give the edge to Condit. More ways to hurt you in the stand – up and a more poised, intelligent fighter beginning with the Hardy fight.

  7. Dick Diaz says:

    since no one else mentioned it; HAIRCUT OF THE YEAR!!!

  8. ed90813 says:

    First off, Condit did rob Diaz in that fight. Whether you choose to believe that he actually “won” the fight just shows your definition of what a fight is and what a fighter should be. Did he execute a game plan, yes. Did he fight, no. Secondly, GSP will only need to take down Condit once, not many fighters are able to get back up once GSP takes top control. Condit is a paper champ, found a way around fighting and literally RAN with it.

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