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Saturday, 04/27/2013, 10:22 am

VIDEO: Chris Weidman Says He Is a “Nightmare” For Anderson Silva

Prior to yesterday’s UFC 159 weigh-ins, middleweight title challenger, Chris Weidman held a UFC Fight Club fan Q & A.

During his time on the stage he addressed several issues, one of which being his upcoming fight against reigning champion, Anderson Silva.

“I think the best thing that Anderson Silva does is mentally destroy people before they even get in the cage with him. Then once you get in the cage with him, he does a great job of making you feel like, “Yo, you do not belong in the cage with me. You’re terrible, I’m the man. You’re gonna find a way out of this fight.” I think the biggest thing is that I’m very confident. I know my skillset, I’ve seen what Chael (Sonnen) has done to him, I’ve seen his weaknesses and I think I can expose him again and look for a finish or a good performance. You just got be confident. You can say anything you want before the fight, but it’s all bout before you touch those gloves, do you still have that confidence? I’m gonna make sure I do.

On paper I’m a nightmare matchup for Anderson. You know, on paper you can’t deny it. I definitely have better wrestling and I definitely believe I have proven I have better jiu jitsu. I think I have the cardio the athleticism…I think there’s a lot of stuff that’s siding with me on this fight.”


11 Responses to “VIDEO: Chris Weidman Says He Is a “Nightmare” For Anderson Silva”

  1. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Hell yah he is. Silva is going to have a permanent nervous disorder after the beating Weidman is going to put on him. He’ll be seeing Freddie Kruger in his dreams with Weidman’s face. The era of lucky mediocre champs are over. Silva is the last to go.

    • Jeff Row says:

      You’re F’ing STUPID if you think Silva is mediocre

    • brandon says:

      Totally agree with you, mw is the weakest division and silva hasnt beat very man great fighters. He is definatly overated in my opinion, also i think gsp would beat him fairly easily. Im sure all you bj penn lovers will disagree, we all know how bitter you all are over the beating he received when he fought georges.

    • GRT 3000 says:

      hatin’ troll. stick to your twinkies fatboy, you know shit about MMA. Kinda like you thought Chael was going to take Jones…lol. that’s how this fight will turn out.

    • Dana White says:

      How is Anderson Silva mediocre? He has broken every single record the UFC has. You look like a moron when you say such silly comments like this. Weidman won’t make it to the championship rounds.

  2. confucius says:

    your dumb comment about silva not beating anybody great at MW is full of shit. explain his 3 first round KO at LHW with ease in the first round. he pawed forrest walking backwards with a jab and knocked him out, destroyed bonner with one knee to the chest, james irvin was shit so whatever he threw one punch and the shit was over. why people continuously talk negative about the spider blows my mind.

    • brandon says:

      All three lhw’s mentioned suck and where pretty much at the end of there careers. Silva is mostly hype and definatly overrated. Weidman will put an end to the arachnids streak and after that its all down hill for your hero. As far as his new fight deal, which was stupid, he will probably lose half of them unless they give him washed up fighters like bonnar and griffen

      • The Way Of The Dutchman says:

        Yeah because Weidman has beaten far better fighters than Silva right?

        Maia and Munoz are the best fighters Weidman fought so far, he needed a bullshit split decision to get a W over Maia, Munoz wasn’t ready and was looking soft with a spare tire around his waist. The rest of his opponents aren’t even worth mentioning…..Weidman is not a topcontender period.

        Bonnar and Griffin are younger than Silva. So you can scrap the washed up remarks.

  3. Trollseverywhere says:

    And who has weidman beat compared to silva lol your clearly just hating on anderson you trolls the spider will show you once again why he is the best ever and always will be

  4. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    Weidman is a walk in the park for Silva. He will find out the hard way along with his fanboys.

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