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Tuesday, 05/07/2013, 10:19 am

VIDEO | Chris Weidman Believes He Has Better Jiu Jitsu Than Anderson Silva

UFC middleweight number-one-contender, Chris Weidman, details his advantage over Anderson Silva in the grappling range.

Is he right?


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  1. Jhonny Blaze says:

    Blah Blah Blah Blah Weidman mouthing off again yawn.Hope Anderson breaks his jaw.

  2. Jhonny Blaze says:

    Hahaha Weidman thinks he can knock Anderson out in the 1st 40 seconds.Hahahahahahahahahahahahah

  3. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Weidman has better everything than Silva. Better skills, better personality and a better human being.

    • GRT 3000 says:

      kinda like Chael was going to whip JBJ right? look how that turned out. you don’t know shit in other words…church fatty.

    • Patrick Jenkins says:

      Will everyone just calm down about Weidman he has 9 fights and somehow he is a middleweight stud. Anderson has more title defenses than that. The inexperience might not come into play against some other fighters but Anderson has proven to be a champion time after time against all comers. How do you figure Weidman is better at everything. Weidman isn’t going to bring anything to the octagon that Anderson hasn’t seen before. I’m not saying Weidman can’t win it’s a fight and he always has a chance. I’m just sick of people talking about the fighters like Weidman has some sort of overwhelming mental and physical edge on Silva. During his reign he has proven to have one of the strongest minds inside the cage and it being almost consensus on Anderson being most talented fighters in UFC history.

  4. Ddddddd says:

    I know Anderson could jump up on the funkin ceiling fan, high five Jackie Chan,give Sylvester Stalone a lesson in parachuting as he floats down too the mat and then make two complete circles on the inside of the cage wall as he caps it off with a Showtime knee that sets up a Showtime kick to you guys. But Chris Wiedmans gonna win that fight.
    I might be wrong,,,but I’m not.

  5. KIDD433 says:

    @Gaygoyle ,,,u sir are hilarious

  6. confucius says:

    gargoyle is obviously chael sonnen in disguise. theres a reason the olympics are getting rid of wrestling buddy.

  7. confucius says:

    and for anybodys information. weidman has 2 subs in the UFC, one who isnt even ranked in BJJ and tom lawlor whos a blue belt. Yeah id say weidman accusations that he has better BJJ then silva makes sense, then he woke up.

  8. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    Better BJJ hahaha Weidman never fails to amaze me with his complete nonsense.

  9. traycer says:

    Obviously none of you know any back story on weidman. He is a thouroghbread. Yer all silly for counting him out.

    • The Way Of The Dutchman says:

      I’ve seen his fights and it wasn’t great. To beat one of the greatest MMA fighters you need to be great as well. He isn’t so unless he’s going to land a fluke ko or manages to Lay n Pray, Silva will demolish him.

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