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Saturday, 08/25/2012, 09:41 am

VIDEO: Chael Sonnen's Special Episode Of UFC Tonight, Insults Jones Again | UFC NEWS

Fearless light heavyweight Chael Sonnen came on an urgent special edition of UFC Tonight after the cancellation of UFC 151. Sonnen proceeded to verbally tear champion Jon Jones apart, bashing him for refusing to fight and save the event.

Check out the video below:


43 Responses to “VIDEO: Chael Sonnen's Special Episode Of UFC Tonight, Insults Jones Again | UFC NEWS”

    • Don't Drink The Kool-Aid says:

      This is all b.s. Why? All the fights are being re-scheduled to other cards. No fighter is losing money. I repeat, NO FIGHTER IS LOSING MONEY. Their payday is being delayed. Chael is a politician. Chael is repeating what was said to other reporters here in this interview.

      You’d think Jon Jones controlled the entire population. He doesn’t. Think about it.

  1. finally says:

    finally, he talks straight like a human being

  2. Kevin says:

    Don’t blame Jon Jones for UFC 151 cancellation,0,823084.story?fb_action_ids=10151194455227803&fb_action_types=og.recommends&fb_source=timeline_og&action_object_map={%2210151194455227803%22%3A10151141803663361}&action_type_map={%2210151194455227803%22%3A%22og.recommends%22}&action_ref_map=[]

    • What? says:

      Yes it wasn’t jones who cancelled the event but there is no way the event was able to be salvaged on ppv because nobody was gonna pay for anything but a big name fight. That being said jones fucked the card by not accepting a fight that people would love to see. Of course zuffa had no plan b because it’s not like they can have a back up main event every card. And like everybody has said already no fighter has refused a fight in this position. Jones was ready to fight no matter what. He wouldn’t have lost to Chael. Fuck being a brand because he is a DUI loser already and a piece of shit. If I was Nike I would have dropped him because he isn’t representing his sport very well by the way he acts. Just saying…

      • Drew says:

        How is it Jon Jone’s fault that Dana White and the UFC set up a horrible card that couldn’t survive one fight being pulled? There have been numerous main events cancelled or relocated to a later date due to injury and normally the card is strong enough to allow this. Jon Jones didn’t cancel 151, Dana White and the UFC did by trying to squeeze too much PPV money out of a terrible card. Hopefully in the future they will make sure set up cards that will not crumble with an injury.

        • says:

          Drew… that is partically true….. one fight?? Thats the fucking name of the fight Jones vs henderson man……. thats like say…. watching a movie with lets put adam sandler…. in it……. and he isnt in it and you see it…. im like those actors are cool but adam sandler was on the cover of it ect.. you know? but chael wanted to fight jones idk joens said no? lyoto said no to jones? and some how jones vs vitor came up? idk owell thati s lame tho it ruined the card man the card sucked ass anyways so but still i’de rather see A FUCKING PPV THE 1ST OF the 9tH THEN THE 19 or whenver of the 9th fuck that shit now where 1 ppv? behind or 1 fight card or whatever man thats lame So every fight card will be delayed 2 weeks now?

    • Don't Drink The Kool-Aid says:

      This article is brilliant. And it has a solution to the problem. Brililant.

  3. Jon Jones didn’t cancel the card Dana White did moron!! Zuffa made that decision not Jon Jones.

    • Not You says:

      Suggs HAD to make the decision BECAUSE of Jones. You idiots are getting out of hand. “OMGOMG STOP HIRTN JONES FEELING. DANA IS INCHEARG OF UFC. HE CANSELL FITE. NOT JOENS. I LUV JOEN. I LIV GRAIG JAKSUN CAMP.”

  4. Big Ed says:

    I was all waiting for a big 5 minute wrap up. He hit us with a “kaboom”

  5. lambeezy says:

    this guy just lost a title shot in middle weight and went up to heavy and would willing to give him another title shot?? ass backwards… there is more light heavyweights more deserving of a title shot then chael..he is always whining so far those words have not been backed up in a while.

    • You sir,are a moron says:

      Hey dipshit….do your research…none of those other “deserving” light heavy weight’s were willing to take the fight.chael and weidman were willing to…get off of bones’ nuts….he is the biggest fraud in mma after this little stunt.

      • y r u y u r says:

        key word deserving chaels not deserving alot of 205er would jump at a chance at jones dipshit!!!
        if u think dana offered them the fight your high chael only wants publicity even he knows he would finished do your research call some 205er ask if dana called them . you wont u will post another comment unresearched

        • Airborne says:

          Your a fucking retard, ” a lot of other LHWs” we’re asked they said no! Charl was the only one to say yes. He said yes to a fight with the best fighter in the UFC with ZERO camp! Jesus how do you breath with Bones dick in your mouth all day!?

        • y r u y u r says:

          yes idiocracy is airborne another unresearched comment chael wasent asked he opened his mouth for publicity u ass wiedman too but i would give him a shot before chael at least he wins fights chaels not a man of his word or he would have left the ufc after the last silva loss thats what the real “fight” fans want to see chael in the wwe not mma

        • You sir,are a moron says:

          Another jones nuthugger surfaces…machida was offered, said no…shogun was offered, said no….and those are the only ones that i know of were offered to fight and didnt because they wanted more prep time.dont tell me to do my research when you clearly havent done yours…by the way how does it to gargle jones’ balls in your mohth all day long

        • You sir,are a moron says:

          * how does it feel to gargle jones’ balls in your mouth all day long?

        • Dan Jenkins says:

          Shoguns still on medical suspension even if he said yes the athletic commission would have said no come on mate chaels a fraud he knew henderson was injured three weeks ago this was his chance to skip the line you shouldn’t get a title shot (at a heavier weight no less) after losing your last two by getting finished without even fighting at that weight u serious or what??

  6. lambeezy says:

    they should have just replaced the main card instead of
    cancelling the whole fight

  7. sidekix says:

    All of you crying don’t blame Jones are idiots, when your the champ you fight who ever they put in front of you that’s why your the champ your suppose to smash anyone he was in shape and ready to fight and said no, so much talent with such a poor attitude.

    • Airborne says:

      Fact!!! ICEMAN would have taken a fight with fucking Frankenstein… That’s why he was loved. All the jones cheerleaders are the type of guys that only talk shit and show pride in their favorite football teams when they’re winning!! God your grown men, take Bones dick out your mouth!

  8. Bob'O says:

    Bones really screwed the pooch on this one. Now everyone will be gunning for him.

    Yep, it’s true. No more nut-sack bouncing by the majority of new UFC fans. Can you imagine th boos the next time he crawls into the octagon?

    Wait, Could NIKE cancel Bones contract for fear of a backlash? Hate to see any boycotts from disgruntled MMA fans, not to mention fighters.

    I just purchased a $100.00 dollar blue NIKE sweatsuit from CHAMPS. I don’t know why other than at the time I wanted to look like Kevin Garnet and all. Sorry LeBron.

    Seriously though.This could be the beginning of the rise and fall of Jonny Bones Jones, the new T.O (Pulling for Owens though).

    It’s Jonny vs The World now. He’s like Hitler in the bunker, going down hard.

    Negative energy entices change. The end of the Bones era coming soon to an arena near you! ~Bob’O

    • Sasquatch says:

      I can’t help but agree with you Bob’O. I became a fan of Jon’s when I seen him ragdoll Bonner live at UFC 94 and was probably one of his biggest supporters before this sh!t storm. I spent alot of wasted time defending him online and in person to only have been proven wrong… needless to say I won’t be doing that anymore. Anyone want a mint black Silver Star Jon “Bones” Jones t-shirt??… if not I’m going to cut it into nice sh!t tickets for wiping my arse.

      • magoo says:

        Yea Mang I’ll take it if it’s an XL….lol.Why all the hate for Jones. Is it because there’s no UFC card next Sat and everyone’s going through withdrawls cause the last fight Chael was in he had like 10 supporters on this site. I think as fans of Jones or not your all over reacting.What if Stephan Bonnar said he’d like a little redemption and was willing to fill the void of the number1 contender,would everyone still be busting Jones ball for declining that fight as well? I highly doubt it! Its all good though fly by night Jones fans were never really fans anyway!!

        • Sasquatch says:

          I guess everything that’s been going on in the JBJ’s novel has been adding up for me Magoo. I’m not going to deny that he’s one of the best MMA practitioners in the world today but for me if someone disrespects you the way Chael has to Jon you should want to kick the sh!t out of him! And believe me I wanted so bad for it to happen so Jones saying no just blew me away and pissed me off. Not to mention I truly believe a “Champ” should take on ALL challengers whether they beserve it or not… no if’s and’s or but’s,

        • Sasquatch says:

          About the shirt… sorry man it’s a large and I was just blowing smoke, think I’ll keep it. You never know his stock might go up again someday but right now it’s at an all-time low. Maybe he’ll superhero out again and catch some more muggers or something… one can only hope.

  9. Brend0magic says:


  10. Drew says:

    I find it interesting that Jon Jones won’t fight Chael Sonnen on 8 days notice and everyone wants to hate and call him a coward, but Machida was given the first shot to step in and take the fight, with the same 8 says notice, and he declined. Then, they set the fight up for 3 weeks later, which makes a month of preparation, and Machida turns the fight down again. And everyone is still talking about how Jones turned down a fight that didn’t make sense for him without saying a word about Machida. I’m not calling Machida a coward, but let’s try to think things through people.

    • Ur not too bright says:

      The reason people are mad at JBJ is that he did not take a fight against a replacement fighter on the night he was already scheduled to fight. It was a replacement for him; he had a full camp. He did this despite knowing that by not taking the fight the whole card would be cancelled.

      Oppositely, people aren’t mad at Machida (though some are calling him a Diva) because he really would only have had 8 days to prepare (less considering the weight cut and media tour). Further, regarding the fight in three weeks, people aren’t mad at Machida as he only hurt himself (he’s prolly at the back of the line as it will be Belfort, Henderson, and possibly even Sonnen in front of him now. Moreover, even if he would have accepted the fight, I wouldn’t have done anything re: the cancelled card next Saturday.

      • magoo says:

        Machida doesn’t want to fight Jon Jones again,it’ll be like Rich against Silva all over and he knows it! If Vitor loses to Bones which I believe he will Machida will move down to MW,if Vitor somehow finds a way to beat Jones, Machida will stay at LHW. No one that’s “worthy” wants to fight Jones that my friends is the harsh truth!

  11. Ur not too bright says:

    Your comment is premised on the idea that a fighter who has lost decisively wouldn’t want a rematch for the title.

    Ask Faber if he’d take on Cruz or Barao. Not dominant enough, ask him if he’d fight Aldo again!

    Ask BJ or Maynard if they’d fight Edgar for the title. Ask Edgar if he would fight Henderson.

    Ask BJ, Koscheck, Hardy, or even Hughes if they’d fight GSP for the title.

    If you are especially hard headed, ask Chael if he would fight Anderson.

    Ask Cain or even Mir if they wants JDS.

    Take all those “hell yeah”s and put them in a box and tie that box to you waist. Hopefully all that weight will pull you away from Jones’ nuts.

    If you’re still on the fence, even in your own example, ask Rich Franklin if he wants AS again. You can just google that Shiiiiiit because he said he’d like to make one more title run and face as in a recent interview.

    The harsh truth my friend, is you don’t get that fighters are alphas! These guys, no matter how tooled they were in the first fight, don’t think any man will always have their number. So if given the chance, they’d live the glory of UFC gold. And if that were not enough, they’d certainly love the payday of another title fight.

    Machida thinks he can beat “little JJ”. If he didn’t, he would have just taken the quick payday. He wants time to prep, get in shape and adjust his game plan.

    However, u guess you are the expert. I mean you really went out on a limb saying you believe Jones will beat Belfort… Odds are only at 1600

    • You sir,are a moron says:


    • magoo says:

      I’m impressed you typed all that for me! Bottom line is Machida fought Bader less the a month ago and didn’t get hit once, he came ouuta the fight the same way he went into it. He had a 3month training camp the guy looked great, probably the best I’ve ever seen him. So why should the alpha male decline? You just finished ranting it was about UFC gold, paydays, and redemption well guess what he’s not gonna get any one of the three cause he’s afraid to get humiliated again by Jon Jones and like I said earlier Machida will move down to 185 before he fights Jones again, that’s how I see it anyhow. As for most of the other fighters you mentioned yes most of them would have jumped at the opportunity, why wouldn’t you!

  12. Mike Cannon jr. says:

    I must be the only person here.. Who was a adult when ufc1 happened.. And watched it.. When it happened… All u kids should re watch.. Or most likely watch for the first time.. The first 20 er so ufc’s … These early UFC events.. Are my most treasured… Of the now sport… Calling it’s self fighting.. Learn.. From the fighters… Not the management … Jones is a prick…? Hello!? And Dana fuqn white.. Is the queen of prix.. HELLO?!!? who didn’t know this?.. Oh yeah… Prix just likem ..wouldn’t would they..

  13. pc says:

    Chael sonnen and greedy ass dana are ruining the ufc. Who has ever gotten a title shot after losing in lighter division. this is bullshit. Where the fuck is gustafsson.

    • Mike Cannon jr. says:

      Ur totally rite… Lol.. And half wrong.. Ahaha.. I hate chael .. Who doesn’t know he woulda gotten beat by jones?… But he meaning chael was totally rite.. About his big mouth.. Ahem I mean name.. Coulda saved the card… So being the butt nugget that he is… DAMMIT!!. I hate to agree with him… Lol he and jones coulda made a great fight for the casual fan.. Who doesn’t know how badly jones would beat chael.. I don’t get it either… Dana is and always be the new guy running the UFC to me… And it’s hugely popular now… But that was never because of him.. And only the damnedest kinda fool would think it was… It’s the fighters… That did it.. It’s the arts it originally represented… And to scrap the hole card cause of Dana and jones throwing temper tantrums.. With Greg Jackson thrown in the mix.. It makes for a bad jersey shore kinda vibe.. For me…

      • Mike Cannon Jr. says:

        I’ve got it figured out… I think. Lol.. Here’s a Perty good damn theory.. Tho.. It’s about gambling.. .. People won’t bet on chael.. For good friggin reason.. Ahaha.. So it would cost all the casinos way way way more money.. Paying off to all the people.. Betting.. On jones… This is all just a friggin card shark hustle.. They wanna make money.. Not pay it… In one nite.. Vegas would go outta business .. Lmao… Can we say money.. ?.. Lmao..

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