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Friday, 07/06/2012, 02:17 am

Video | Chael Sonnen: Up Close And Personal | UFC News

Paula Sack probes Chael Sonnen on his training, who he wants to face next in the Octagon, and who the real Chael Sonnen is. Watch Sonnen face Anderson Silva once again at UFC® 148: Silva vs Sonnen II, live on Pay-Per-View, Saturday, July 7th at 10PM/7PM.


11 Responses to “Video | Chael Sonnen: Up Close And Personal | UFC News”

  1. Gabi says:

    That’s funny he’s been bet quite a few times. Lol.

  2. classic says:

    I bet that interviewer bangs him later on.

  3. KO says:

    Damn she is smoking hot

  4. DMAC says:

    I’ve honestly never seen or heard a caucasian man with a mouth piece this damn cold..

  5. Monkey juice says:

    I, you, breakie you face man! I BREAKIE YOU FAAACE!!!!!!

  6. iStone247 says:

    i’d love to hear how paula sack moans with that accent. i’d eat her box all day long

  7. MartelW says:

    “Paula Sack probes Chael Sonnen” Hope that was a typo error.

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