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Thursday, 10/18/2012, 10:37 am

VIDEO | Chael Sonnen: “The Man Has Arrived” At 205 | UFC NEWS

‘The American Gangster’ Chael Sonnen joined Kenny Florian and Todd Harris on UFC Tonight to discuss the huge news about his new job coaching The Ultimate Fighter against Jon Jones. Sonnen lit into Jones and is staking his claim as the heir to the UFC light heavyweight throne.


6 Responses to “VIDEO | Chael Sonnen: “The Man Has Arrived” At 205 | UFC NEWS”

  1. Scott K says:

    Half of the TUF fighters will learn to fight. The other half are going to learn that you can be beat but as long as you keep stupid comments coming out of your ridiculous mouth you can get undeserving title shots. Didn’t he say the same types of things about Anderson Silva? Twice? How’d that work out for you Chael?

  2. YoungLove says:

    Lot’s of fighters out there that are more deserving than Sonnen, UFC is starting to suck when you only let Champions get easy meal tickets. But I guess that’s how Dana rolls when Sonnen has him in the North South position.

  3. Chris Sharpe says:

    Shael he no wespect notching!

  4. Wowzers says:

    Damn he looks fat as hell.

  5. Xcape68 says:

    Machida turned down the fight with Jones, and so did Rua… so who else is deserving? Jones ran through the past 4 champs. Who is deserving?

  6. 11thhour says:

    Daniel Cormier would woop dat ass, but he knows that that’s why he’s doing TUF with that ultimate douche bag chael.

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