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Monday, 01/21/2013, 09:24 am

VIDEO | Chael Sonnen Says He Will Arrange Meeting Between Belfort And Jesus | UFC NEWS

A fired up Vitor Belfort called out UFC Tonight analyst and TUF coach Chael Sonnen after his KO win over Michael Bisping. Sonnen had two words for Belfort, “I Accept!”


20 Responses to “VIDEO | Chael Sonnen Says He Will Arrange Meeting Between Belfort And Jesus | UFC NEWS”

  1. dave says:

    Chuckles-the-Clown you don’t get it, it wasn’t a challenge it was a reality check.

  2. DRomeo says:

    get fuckin real vitor…u beat bisping…who have u beat thats worthy this century? nobody! a shot at Jones? yeah okay, so u can join the ranks of other fighters who shouldve stopped fighting 10yrs ago by getting your ass beat…i dont think u could even beat chael…u need to go fight in brazil where they pay u in bananas

  3. Drew says:

    Vitor vs sonnen tough call … I’d probably give it to chael cuz of cardio and wrestling but vitor is fast and pretty scrappy off his back hence the black belt ummm I could see vitor maybe catching chael on the way in… I think it would be a good fight. He did finish Franklin in like 3 minutes and almost did break bones’s Arm, but of course u wouldn’t say that to vitors face of course

  4. Andrew says:

    Uploader made this unavailable in your Country, bunch of BS!

  5. dave says:

    2 title shots in a row. After getting clean knocked the f#$k out..give me a break..dana let this clown fight for a title shot like everyone else do! Belfort vs Sonnen..winner gets title shot makes more since….

  6. eatajohnson says:

    Incase u forgot belfort is the only one who almost beat jbj @dromeo just thought I’d refresh ur memory

  7. Rick James Bioch says:

    Say what you want about Chael but at least you can never say he’s afraid to fight anyone… Unlike so many other pretenders that claim they need a full camp to fight.

  8. T.DADDY says:

    Sonnen will wipe the mat with vitor after he takes the belt from stretch arm strong… . American Gangster all day bitches!

    • Time To Wrestle says:

      As much as I support your sentiment, Sonnen is done. And he knows it and so do ALL his fans. The dude is in the studio getting makeup put on for an international show, instead if preparing mentally and physically for the biggest challenge he has ever had in the octagon!!! He’s fighting Jones because all the other pussy’s at 05 were afraid too. He’s making a huge payday as he moves into his next career in the studio. But if he ever does get a chance to fight Vitor, yah he’ll use him like a mop and sop up all of Belfort’s blood from the mat. lmao.

  9. 757 says:

    Dromeo your boy Chael is weak. After JBJ beats him down his racist ass is not going to have a job as a fighter and better hope they keep him commentating. If nothing will be coaching high school wrestling in Oregon. As for your racist comment about Vitor getting paid in bananas well I’m sure he has made a hell of allot of money not bananas for his fighting while you sit here on this site busting on him…ha ha you racist dork

  10. 757 says:

    Your boy chael has been caught in a triangle and choked by more people. Damian Mia embarrassed him, Anderson embarrassed him by tapping his bitch ass in the last 15 seconds, not to mention knocking his ass out in the 2nd fight…..oh yeah that was two shots at a title and now # 3 will bring another stoppage. Get the f^&* out you don’t even know what your talking about. You make as much sense as this fool you are following around….ha ha chael the american gangster

  11. Geoff says:

    Can the server please allow us to watch these in Canada?

  12. todd says:

    wish the videos were still available in Canada? :(

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