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Thursday, 05/03/2012, 04:54 pm

VIDEO | Chael Sonnen Says Anderson Silva Lives In A Beverly Hills Mansion, Not In Brazil


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74 Responses to “VIDEO | Chael Sonnen Says Anderson Silva Lives In A Beverly Hills Mansion, Not In Brazil”

  1. Jorge Rocha says:

    he’s an idiot!

  2. The natural says:

    Fuck this kid for even interviewing this deushe

  3. MW CHAMP says:


  4. jpeech says:

    You are both idiots…. He is right wandy is washed up…

    • danielrchargers says:

      I dont talk crap on ppl for there comments but you are fucking stupid. Wand is a decade long veteran, been battling in wars a lot longer than Chael, he just wants to fight becuase it is what he loves to do. you have no respect for true MMA warriors. you just love some big mouth who’s playing you to get you’re $$$.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Regardless if Wandy is washed up or not he is one of the most exciting fighters ever to fight in MMA. Wandy stepped up and fought in Pride HW Grand Prix. Sonnen wouldn’t have had balls in m,illion years to fight all the legends WAndy has fought in his career. Wandy was (IS) more exciting in one round than PHAELS entire career combined of lay pray pitter patter. WAndy is a legend and Sonnen will always be known for being a ROIDED OUT scumbag Felon with ZERO morals. look back at any fight in Wandys career and he will have more highlight exciting moments than sumbag Sonnen could ever dream of having.

  5. danielrchargers says:

    Plus Chael we all already know he lives in LA. he is the #1 fighter in the UFC he deserves to have a Mansion in one of the nicest places in the World. dont be jealous, just be glad that big mouth and wrestling pedigree got you as far as you are.

  6. Michael hamlin says:


  7. Chartmonster says:

    Chael is the fkn man..period! An American hero..the punisher!

    • Anthony says:

      no hes not . (period) end of story. AN AMERICAN HERO? HES NO WARE CLOSE TO BEING AN AMERICAN HERO!! quit insulting me and america.

    • CMolina says:

      Since when the hell has a boring MMA fighter been an American hero? An exciting wrestler yeah I see that. An American Hero is someone who has done something good for the sake of America. Brian Stann is the only true American Hero in the UFC.

      • ben barba says:

        you fool.. like him or not Chael is far from boring.

        • Reality says:

          I’m not a Chael fan or anything but the beating he put on Brian Stann was entertaining to me. He says some witty things and some stupid things but his delivery is entertaining enough to keep us listening. On another note though, I hope Anderson Silva gives him the beat down of his career and shuts him up.

  8. He actually makes a good point. How can you take so much pride in a country you just abandoned?

    • GRT 3000 says:

      uh, cuz they fight in an organization that’s based out of the U.S. & might I add all three of these guys helped BUILD the organization to make it what it is today. Where did Rampage live when he fought in Pride? Does that make him anti-american?! Don’t buy into Phael’s bullshit/he’s praying on the weak minded WWE sorts, which unfortunately happens to be the majority.

      • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

        GRT 3000 well put my man. Just amazes me all the power drinken, adolescent felons on this website that are same mentality as that sumbag Sonnen. Like I said before if he committed that FEDERAL FELONY in my home town he would have been run out of town in total discrace. Shows waht kind of poeple live in West Linn Oregon. I have read so many times on different MMA websites where people have gotten on there and talked about knowing Sonnen since back in his highschool days and that everyone in his home town knew he was steroid abuser since early 1990’s and it was no big deal and he never really tried to hide it. These idiot fans come on here and say things like Sonnen’s totally legit an dhe only uses TRT to get his levels abck up to normal cause he was born with a disease. When are all you sonnen nuthuggen idiots going to realize what causes LOW T in almost any athlete in early 30’s. HELLLLOOO same damn reason Nate “THE CHEAT” marquardt needs it from 10-15 years of steroid abuse. ask any friggen doctor how rare hypogonadism that Sonnen claims is legit. so full of shit. The mans charactor in everything he has ever done in lifve should be enough to tell you the man is a walking talking pile of FRUAD. Nothing that has ever come out of his mouth is true. I just hope now that the A Silva rematch with Sonnen has been moved to Vegas that the Nevada athletic commisson does the right thing and actually does their job and drop in on him totally unexpected right smack in middle of his training camp and nail his ass for CHEATING with massive elavated levels of testosterone just like he has done in every one of his fights since 2008. I’m sure since they nailed Overeem Dana warned him to be ready cause if anyone that derserves to be randomly tested its a KNOWN cheat like him and his buddy nate “THE CHEAT” Even dana said thatsw aht all these guys on TRT do is abuse it during training camps then taper down as they get closer to fight. Testing is almost a waste of time when its done at fight time. until they get more money for testing all these cheaters like Sonnen and GSP, nate are going to get away with using HGH and EPO’s which makes average athletes into super athletes

      • @GRT 3000

        Please stop with the jabs at WWE fans. I’ve been a fan of The UFC since 1992 and have watched “Wrestling” since I was 2 freakin years old, and I’m 40 years old! I am an avid fan of both still and probably know more about both than most people walking around. All WWE fans are not morons. Some of us actually know more than you about MMA, so unless some hillbilly wrestling fan comes on here and makes claims about it being real and better than MMA, please shut up about a group of people (worldwide now) that you obviously know nothing about. And oh yea, Chael needs to STFU about Wand. He is a legend and has been in some of the most amazing wars I’ve ever witnessed. He needs to concentrate on Anderson before he gets choked da f@#k out again!

        • GRT 3000 says:

          ok fine, I can admit that not all WWE fans are morons…I realize that some people just enjoy the show. But it’s not a legitimate sport, it’s just what I said, a show. What I’m saying is that Phael is taking a page straight out of that organization – defaming legitimate hard working professional athletes to gain attention for himself, fans, and of course more money. I think it’s a smear on all those who have worked their ass off to be where there at today; don’t ride on the shoulders of legendary MMA fighters (Vitor, Wandy, Silva – who helped build the sport and the UFC) by trashing them and their country. especially when your claim to such opposition came while you were high off your ass on roids. (that’s just bullshit disrespectful cheating)

          When I see Phael, I see a con man. & the majority of people who buy into that kinda showmanship enjoy watching roided out dudes play parts in a wrestling soap opera. It sways attention away from legitimate athletes unfairly, and sets the precedent for young fighters to do the same.

    • Xaninho says:

      Maybe they still feel Brazilian, because the american redneck morons keep chanting USA! USA! every fucking time they’re winning an exciting fight.

      The American fans(thankfully not all of them) aren’t exactly doing their best to make these guys feel welcome are they?

  9. TRUTH says:

    Chael is fearless, he wont make same mistake 2X look at Paulo Filho fight. Other than subs Silva cant do shit, his striking is no good cause he always gets taken down, kind of what Jones does to opponents. Chael is the man and he will take the title and become the “UNDISPUTED” MW Champion. haha he is the best MW in the world.

    • James says:

      idk about that Silva’s strikes are way stronger than his subs imo

    • Chartmonster says:

      Damn straight! Andy can’t strike laying on his back taking a beating!

      • GRT 3000 says:

        Fartmonster can’t mouth off getting banged by Sonnen and smoochied at the same time. lol. get ready to shut your can for good July 7th. oink oink.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      You can sure tell the age and charactor of Sonnen fans on this site. EVERYONE knows the only reason Sonnen was able to lay n pray pitter patter Silva was because he was JUICED up beyond what any of you losers can comperhend. Even at 6 to 1 or 6 times more testosterone than average male Sonnne showed how he performs with out being ROIDED UP in Bisping fight. Sonnen barely won where as Bisping wouldn’t have lasted one round with A. Silva. I’m not even a big A Silva fan but compared to Sonnen he is the pope. Sonnen is the biggest sumbag in all MMA so how anyone with any morals could possibly root for such a CHEATING piece of shit i will never understand. Who cares if he;s american i’m embarressed that Sonnen is from here. The last thing in world i want peopel from otehr countrys to think is we americans actually root for someone with such lack of descency. This man was convicted of a Federal Felony and also convcited of having the most steroids in MMA history in bhis system during a championship fight. If that deosn;t tell you something about this scumbags life i don’t know what would. Sonnen should have been banned from MMA or he should have for sure gotten his CHEATER-STEROID card taken away fro life. My own doctor told me Sonnen should have been arrested by the DEA and put in jail and ordered to show judge where he got the massive amounts of testosterone to have tested 16.9 or 3400 testosterone level. FREAKOID bodybuilders in magazines have only tested as high as 2500. If that right there doesn’t tell you something about this idiot. Th e only reason Sonnen did as good as he did that night was because he was JUICED UP out of his mind. I can’t wait to Sonnen show up against Silva without being able to be as JUICED up as he was last time. I predict A. Silva KO’s Sonnen round one or within 3 minutes. Sonnen will be a bloody mess mark my words

      • Anthony says:

        agreed and amen @GET RID OF FITCH (forever)

      • GRT 3000 says:

        In the end it all works out for the champ anyway; we know he’s a fuckin’ fraud and so does Andy…now he gets to make an example out of him.

      • Turkeykneck fun chav says:

        silva fought with broken ribs but continued as he didnt want to let the fans down.
        he fought with 2 broken ribs against a juicer he was laid on him for 5 rounds and submitted him.
        phael quit, there was litterally seconds left and he would have won the title, although he would have been stripped of it due to the suspension lol

      • jersey says:

        get rid of fitch loves bringing up the bisping fight, well what about the stann fight, u ever think maybe he had a bad weight cut you tart

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          Everyone knows Stann is a turtle on his back. Just ask Phil Davis

        • Anthony says:

          Did you ever think that Stann had a bad weight cut or that it doesn’t mater about a weight cut because if your going to be a professional you should make weight all the time? Even if you have to fight in a weight class where you don’t have to cut weight. Especially when when you give people shit about not making weight and being professional like Phael you “tart”

      • TRUTH says:


    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      You are actually going to try and compare the best fighter in world A. Silva to a washed up Paulo Philo as your comparison. Take a minute and look at Sonnen’s win loss record NUF SAID, 10 losses via triangle, 3 losses to Jeremy horn

    • Brooklyn says:

      Wow, I dont normally say this but, youre fucking dumb. His stand up? striking is no good? He is the most accurate, precision striker in mixed martial arts. Being taken down has nothing to do with striking ability. And if hes is so horrible, how does he hold the longest win streak in UFC history? & the most title defenses in the organizations history as well? You clearly didnt watch him embarrass and dismantle forrest with his “horrible striking”. Go kick rocks, barefoot.

    • Xaninho says:

      Take a good look at their faces after the first fight. Silva didn’t have a mark on him. I think Anderson did pretty good off his back, he made Sonnen’s face look like he was hit by a bus and in the end he got the submission he was after all along.

    • Turkeykneck fun chav says:

      youve been brainwashed by his hypnotic tv appearences .

      chael is fearless? thats why he did nothing against bisping for 3 rounds?
      they should make co main events 5 rounds too. chael would have lost

      chael is a chump and people will realise this soon and feel dumb as fuck

      i cant wait to come back here and see no more coments about the retarded douchbag posted as his cult like fans will have done a communal suicide at his loss.


  10. SlimCharles says:

    Chael is going to answer all the questions July 7th…. all these Anderson Silva fanboys are going to have to find a new hero.

    Either that or they can start making excuses as to why The American Gangster is going to ragdoll Anderson Silva all over the octagon.

    • James says:

      So you like The Wire eh? Too bad Anderson is gonna run through Chael faster than Omar runs through a stash house.

      • Chartmonster says:

        Keep dreaming princess!

      • hayden says:

        the only way silva is going to win is the same way he did the first time he is going too have to work hard for this win the same goes for sonnen. this fight is taking place on the ground and its a tough fight for both guys period. no guy is just gonna walk in and out with the win. also sonnen is working with magalhaes(bjj world champ) and silva works with seagal(do i really have to say anything?) so just by that fact alone the odds are not really in silva’s favor and also sonnen was defending the triangle well except for using his arm to push his way up. silva has not chance of keeping this fight anyone besides in his guard.

        • GRT 3000 says:

          Did you factor in that Phael’s going to fight WITHOUT a Kentucky Derby Race horse jammed up his ass? Shit – hop me up 17:1 – I might be able to fight the champ too. If Phael goes in clean, the show is OVER for him – fast. If he goes in juiced…well we seen what happened last time – he’ll go Fitcheriffic and then get subbed. It’s his M.O. fanboys. quit being dazzled by his cheap parlor tricks – the guy is a con.

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          that was good. great analogy Phael had a kentucky race horse shoved up his ass. awesome damn young minds work great.

          ha ha I needed a good laugh thank you

      • Xaninho says:

        haha classic!

  11. James says:

    Also Chael isn’t a gangster, he is a straight up snitch.

  12. Balls McGee says:

    I like chael cause healed stuff Interesting look how many comments on here no other topics ever have as many as anything involving chael . It’s wwe except someone really gets ass kicked in the end

    • GRT 3000 says:

      exactly, Chael. and super fuckin sad that he’s turning a legitimate sport into a circus for roided out phonies.

      • Anthony says:

        agreed I hate when they post shit he says. I know I still read it but before you say something about that its so whenever someone talks about it i’m not out of the loop and confused.

      • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

        GRT 3000 you sir hit the nail on the head yet (AGAIN) you made me realize what it is that I hate most about CHEAT Sonnen. He has turned an otherwise legit exciitng sport in a circus and showed the world how the UFC Brass/Dana white supports the biggest cheater steroid freak in the sport. How Dana would even hire back Sonnen after testing positive for a boat load steroids in a UFC championship fight i will never comprehend. Not to mention at the exact same time Sonnen was convicted of a federal offense by none otehr than the united states governement. this was’t some DUI case in vegas. this was bigtime crime in the federal system and without Fertita and dana pulling strings for sonnen anyone else would have been sentenced to 10 years in federal prison. how the UFC/Dana would ever consider supporting someone with Sonnens charactor is an outrage. This same person daan white thinks its ok for someone to rob a lending institution for almost a 100k like sonnnen did but then Dana will prosecute POOR mma fans for watching free UFC streams on internet. Please someone with twitter please forward this to Dana

  13. K says:

    What does P. men?

    Ahnold: … Pussy. :))

  14. K says:

    What does P. mean?

    Ahnold: … Pussy. :))

  15. Lol says:

    Chael fans are the ones who grew up in broken homes. You have to be dysfunctional to like a guy who would suck some dick just to promote. Most of his fans are fedor fans. What happen to fedor fans? Oh wait they vanished now they sucking chaels little balls. Once silva beats little nut chael he will be history and the fans will go suck on another dysfunctional or over rated fighters dick. Chael promised he will quit if he losses but of course hes a liar just like his fans. Lol

  16. DMAC says:

    It’s funny to hear him continuously talk shit about wand yet when they were riding in the van (YT vid) he was quite as a mouse after wand told him to watch his mouth or he’ll end up missing. I don’t mind him talking shit about spider because they got a fight but to hear him talk about guys that built the sport he feeds his family on just doesn’t sit right with me.

  17. @GRT 3000

    Please stop with the jabs at WWE fans. I’ve been a fan of The UFC since 1992 and have watched “Wrestling” since I was 2 freakin years old, and I’m 40 years old! I am an avid fan of both still and probably know more about both than most people walking around. All WWE fans are not morons. Some of us actually know more than you about MMA, so unless some hillbilly wrestling fan comes on here and makes claims about it being real and better than MMA, please shut up about a group of people (worldwide now) that you obviously know nothing about. And oh yea, Chael needs to STFU about Wand. He is a legend and has been in some of the most amazing wars I’ve ever witnessed. He needs to concentrate on Anderson before he gets choked da f@#k out again!

  18. upunk says:

    chael is the man !

  19. Brend0magic says:

    Idc about what you guys say about Chael, dude is funny.

  20. Infantryman11babgbang says:


  21. Numba1Ghani says:

    sonnen is a complete fucking joke if you want to see how well he really fights roidless watch his fight against demain maia. He was juiced out of his mind for the title fight, anderson had broken ribs, he executed dryhump for 4 rounds while getting his face pulverized and then got finished by a triangle for the 40th time I bet phael cried himself to sleep that night while spooning with ben askren and jon fitch. All of you phael dickriders can suck a fart from my asshole and hold it in like a bong toke.

    @Numba1Ghani , get rid of fitch, gtr 300= +100

    @Fartmaster = 0

  22. jbeamazing says:

    if you hate sonnon or love him that means he has did his job lol it’s like he has a carrot on a rope next to your computer while your typing. He is a act to get your attention there’s a thing called selling fights and selling yourself to the fans he does both very well besides if he didn’t he wouldn’t be fighting for a title would he tools

    • Xaninho says:

      Fighters should sell fights and theirselves by fighting well WITHOUT roiding up. If a fighter needs to say disrespectful racist things to get attention he’s disrespected by true MMA fans.

      Ofcourse there are the other group of WWE bandwagon fanboys who love that kinda shit…

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