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Wednesday, 03/27/2013, 11:10 am


VIDEO | Chael Sonnen Pre-Fight Interview | UFC NEWS

UFC 159 headliner Chael Sonnen on why he deserves the title shot, how he plans to win, and why he’s not apologizing for a thing on the way.


32 Comments to VIDEO | Chael Sonnen Pre-Fight Interview | UFC NEWS

  1. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Chael is going to put Bones on his ass. Let’s see how Jones responds to being on his back!!

  2. Ddddddd says:

    That would be cool to see^I don’t know if I want to see Chael fight or help the Republican party put traditional in terms that almost seem new again. I know he’s been shady but he can make it seem like it was for the best.

  3. 123 says:

    got a feeling chael sonnen will get the worst beating ever, hopefully he wins tho because i love him, hes a legend lol

  4. Dan Jenkins says:

    After watching tuf I’m starting to think chael’s not that bad he seems pretty genuine as a coach although I still think the insults about brazil and Andersons wife were over the line. But everyone makes mistakes I suppose, Ive heard all the reasons and I’m still not convinced he deserves a shot at Jones belt tho, I think Jones wins this easily and will probably want to make a statement to Silva and finish him in style

  5. Pee pee says:

    Crazy as this sounds im putting my money on chael man. The pee pee gods come from testicle heaven n bless me in yellow pee pee drizzle

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