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Monday, 01/21/2013, 12:13 pm

VIDEO | Chael Sonnen Opens Up School For Trash Talking | UFC NEWS

The best trash-talker in MMA and co-host of the 2012 World MMA Awards, Chael Sonnen, offers professional verbal training for only $9.99!


15 Responses to “VIDEO | Chael Sonnen Opens Up School For Trash Talking | UFC NEWS”

  1. 11thhour says:

    fuck this shit is pathetic.. focus on fighting no wonder this retard loses all the time.

  2. 757 says:

    This dude is stupid. He talks trash and loses. Vitor won’t have to fight him actually JBJ is going to beat him down. He is stupid

  3. Time To Wrestle says:

    Awesome. Sonnen putting the ULTIMATE in the UFC!!

  4. spiritsplice says:

    Looks like Chael is doing massive HGH these days. His face is getting huge.

    • Time To Wrestle says:

      It’s just the lighting and camera angle. But talking about HGH morphism, did you see the size of Belfort’s nose??? That dude has been doing so much HGH is going to start looking like Bigfoot.

  5. Sonnenisaclown says:

    The problem that I have with this douche is not his fighting ability. I mean we all know he’s way overrated.
    No the problem is that his jokes are NOT funny! What’s funny about a dude making rhymes and claiming he is the best? Seriously anyone who thinks he is funny should get a life and go see a stand up comedian or watch a good comedy and learn about humor.

  6. KOSonnen says:

    Sonnen sucks as a MMA fighter WWE is better for him he is really good at being annoying and reading scripts he spends most of his life writing.

    Jon Jones is going have to take it easy on this idiot because if not he may end Sonnen for good but that doesn’t matter because I see what UFC are up to here.

    Jones beats Sonnen then Sonnen Vs Belfort after Belfort beats Sonnen Sonnen will retire from fighting and be left with a mic in his hands until everyone finally gets bored of listening to his stupid mouth.

  7. Goku says:

    Its like he already knows that he will lose. Putting his time and efforts into these things insted of the actual fight. As good as Jones is it seems like Jones is puttig in work not doin these time consuming things, and Chael still doesnt put in every single moment into training. Chael will get his ass woooooped so bad its not even going to be a fun fight

  8. 757 says:

    He’s a clown and nobody takes him serious now. When JBJ pounds him out he is done period……Thank God. He isn’t funny, he doesn’t win nearly as much as he talks and he is boring. JBJ will pound him and he will fade away.

  9. Kender says:

    He is always entertaining

  10. brad says:

    the reason he looks bigger is because he went up a weight class idiot

  11. Trevor says:

    Holy shit this was hilarious to me.

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