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Friday, 09/09/2011, 12:00 pm

VIDEO: Chael Sonnen on being public enemy number one in Brazil


49 Responses to “VIDEO: Chael Sonnen on being public enemy number one in Brazil”

  1. Fortyb4five says:

    lets play a game…who can name everyy fighter on that desk!

  2. bruts says:

    chael till the end! fuck hope he beats anderson after he smashes brian stann!

  3. Alrekur says:


  4. CALI says:

    Anybody know of the video Ariel mentioned, about the Blackhouse guys ‘crying’ backstage after Minotauro knocked out Brendan? @ 13:15 mark.

    • bizzle says:

      I’m not sure, but Anderson,JDS,and Maia all claimed they cried..

    • ratchola says:

      i saw the video of anderson crying just when minotauro won….it was before anderson fight in the locker room…it was in the internet=====he was crying like a 6 year old when his dog is dead…no joking….he was crying like when u cant even breathe….strange…..maybe was the tension just before his fight….

      • bizzle says:

        Well he admitted it himself, in an interview he said he cried like a baby.. No shame in that, he proves what he is capable of in the cage.. Minotauro is a good man and if it wasn’t for him their would be no anderson silva..(Silva wanted to retire mma and open a car wash, Minotauro convinced him otherwise)

  5. jason N says:

    On the subject of fellow Americans rooting for Anderson Silva over Chael Sonnan. If you were’nt a disrespectful jerk with a loud mouth, I would have rooted for you. At this point I would root for Michael Bisping over him. And that is sad to me. Was a fan of his until he started running his mouth. Removing his tongue is the only way I would like this guy again

  6. JOHN D says:

    on chaels country support topic, maybe because their countrymen actually admire their fellow fighters. I support Brian Stann but I dont support cheating chael scumbag sonnen and never will. I am an AMERICAN soldier but you mr sonnen are nowhere near the person i would want to represent my country. you are just a huge peice of shit.

    • Jeff says:

      Ditto, except for the soldier part!

    • henry Kobasky says:

      Stann will get crushed. Anything can happen, but he just doesn’t have the tools to prevent Chael from steamrolling him. Really sad that there are so many people out there that don’t give the guy the credit he deserves. The guy is THE MOST articulate, well-spoken, humorous, thought-provoking, and insightful fighter around today. He is also the guy that will finish what he started by taking Silva’s belt in the rematch. To all the idiots that think that steroids had anything to do with Sonnen’s performance against Silva: What steroid did he take that gave him the TIMING to take Silva down at will? What steroid gave him the SKILL to smash Anderson to the mat for 5 rounds? I’ve said it before: He only lost because he lost his focus for 2 seconds. It happens. Silva has as much of a chance of winning the next fight against Sonnen as Serra has of knocking out out GSP a 2nd time.

      • JOHN D says:

        Anabolic steroids enhance your focus by the numbers so if he lost because he lost his focus for “2 seconds” what makes you think he’ll have enough focus without steroids? Steroids do improve your decision making as well as your timing. I don’t say that chael sonnen has no talent, but that he’s a scumbag. Articulate and well-spoken are pretty much the same thing. I don’t see that in chael all he does is talk trash and try to make you feel like you owe him something for his so called “entertainment”, and I do give him credit for being humorous. Insightful? I guess so if you are a dbag as well then yeah he can be. You are calling people idiots yet you know very little of what you speak about and have the audacity to say that undefeated, undisputed UFC champion has a fighters chance of beating chael sonnen. I want you to understand how ridiculous your statements are.

        • henry Kobasky says:

          First, “well-spoken” and “articulate” are NOT “pretty much the same thing”. To be “articulate” is to to speak fluently, whereas “well-spoken” refers to the depth of someone’s lexicon. They do go hand-in-hand. That’s why I used both words. They do NOT have the same meaning. Second, I’d be interested in knowing exactly what steroids “enhance your focus”. I’m a former competitive bodybuilder who has stacked up to 4 drugs during various cycles over the years. I have never personally experienced nor read any anecdotal evidence regarding “enhanced focus”. You are correct about just one thing: I AM asserting that SIlva only has a fighter’s chance of winning the rematch. That is EXACTLY HOW he won the first match. How else would you describe a fight where one person gets beaten like a little girl for 23 minutes, and only gets the upper hand for the last 15 seconds of the fight?

        • JOHN D says:

          So you’re a former roider bodybuilder. Good to know. Why do you think people who need TRT become sluggish when they don’t get their treatment? Pre-workouts claim to enhance your focus, I’ve experienced THAT first hand. Even though I’ve never taken roids, I’ve done enough research and trained enough people on steroids to know how anabolic steroids improve your performance. If you have a bruised rib and get beaten for 23 mins and then pull something off to win a fight, I’d say you’re an amazing specimen, and I’d never question your heart as a fighter. As opposed to someone who is dominating a championship fight and then chooses to tap out when your position has been compromised for 15 seconds. 15 seconds right? You could have all the credentials in the world… doesn’t mean you have the slightest clue.

        • Johnny says:

          your american boy wont beat anderson in the rematch keep dreaming gay boi hahaha

        • henry Kobasky says:

          As I predicted, you didn’t have an answer as to exactly what steroid “enhances focus”. That’s because there is no such steroid. Your belief that Silva’s win is reflective of his being an “amazing specimen” is an interesting one. Did George Foreman demonstrate that he was an amazing specimen when he knocked out Moorer? Is that what you took away from Serra’s win over GSP? Guess what? It’s called luck. Foreman, Serra, and Anderson Silva were all able to pull off sudden and unexpected wins against opponents who were CLEARLY BETTER. Lightening won’t strike twice, so you can start inventing some convoluted explanations as to why Silva lost to a drug-free Sonnen in the rematch.

        • Johnny says:

          wow henry someone has some personal issues towards anderson and some of the greats… whats wrong? you mad you aint one of these guys?, i know life is unfair for a pussy like yourself. im sorry but your blind american eyes wont ever see anderson lose to chael. so keep typing like a fag. LIKE THE FAMOUS BAS RUTTEN SAID – STEROIDS ARE FOR FAGGOTS SO I GUESS YOU AND CHEAL SHARE SOMETHING FAAAAAAGG

        • henry Kobasky says:

          You did not make even one intelligent counterpoint to ANY of my well though-out assertions. Thanks, though, for pointing out that Bas Rutten is “FAMOUS”. Dumbass!

      • Brian says:

        Hmm lets see steroids make you faster and stronger so whatever steroid he took gave him the timing to be able to ” take him down and smash him” do everyone a favor and make comments that make sense

      • Eric Logic says:

        wow henry,that was literally the dumbest shit I ever heard,how bout when you take Chael’s dick out your mouth tell him that this is mma not gay ass boxing & you can’t afford to lose focus not even for 2 seconds what the fuck you think this is you could’t do it in war & you can do it “Inside The Octogon” dammit

        • henry Kobasky says:

          Unfortunately, I can’t grasp the point you are trying (unsuccessfully) to make. I only speak English. You make Nick Diaz sound like a Harvard grad,

  7. bruts says:

    “he did beat the bald Russian guy” whatta guy chael

  8. Chael the Conqueror of Brazil! How can someone with brains not like the Chaelster..after his illustrious career in the UFC, he will be the next big commentator along side Joe Rogan or better. As always Chael Sonnen FTW…bradduh is a GENIUS.

  9. bruts says:

    you guys just suck, always on anderson nutz just suckin em, sorry i like the guy who is heavily hated, he puts on show WHICH MAKES YOU GUYS SOO MAD, and makes me laugh!!! at the fact thats kids are getting mad AT WHAT HES SAYING!!, didnt people in elementary tell you to walk away from situations be the bigger man LOOK AT ALL YOU PUSSYS COMPLAINING LASHING BACK!!! ITS FUCKING HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no wonder why chael calls himself champ LOOK HOW MAD YOU KIDS GET BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH, hes obviously just loving all the feed back he said him self he dont care, ROFL AT THE PEOPLE WHO CARE ABOUT WHAT HE SAYS ROFL ROFL LOL HHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHHAAHHA grow up babies!!!!!! and chael paid for his wrong doings FORGOT?!?! everyone deserves a seconds chance, remember people you have also gotten them… i know i have.. but chael doesnt deserve it? why not?! cause you guys are completely ignorant and pretty stupid… wonder why he was let back into the ufc BECAUSE IDIOTS LIKE YOU GUYS AINT RUNNIN THE SHOW!!! thank god for that!!!! PRAISE THE LORD THAT IDIOTS AINT RUNNIN THE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2nd chance is all part of life, but according to these people hes still cheating!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha GOOD LUCK ON YOUR TITLE DEFENSE AGAINST BRIAN STANN CHAEL, hopefully you make alot more people mad by defeating a hero! fuck yeah!!!!!!!!

  10. Johnny Régis says:

    Chael Sonne filho da puta

  11. DW says:


  12. Jmad says:

    CHAEL CONQUERER OF BRAZIL?? same ole delirious Chael fans, are you guys brainwashed? I hope Stann really hurts that dude.

  13. Jim says:

    Man, Ariel is kind of annoying. I could even see the loaded questions coming…

  14. Tony says:

    Brazil fans boo and hate Chael because he constantly insults and called out their country. Love how he puts a new spin to these questions to sidestep them

  15. chris says:

    man ariel is a fuckin joke.. he starts so much shit

    also, chael doesnt make sense.. sayin anderson isnt impressive, he surely cannot believe the words that come out of his mouth!!! and if he does, hes delusional as fck!

    • chris says:

      also, notice chael only things wrestlers are good fighters? every wrestler he says are amazing!!!….. hes so bias, cant stand dude!! talkin shit bout andersons fight bein boring, cause he only landed 2 punches, WOULD YOU RATHER WATCH SOMEONE PUNCHIN SOMEONE OVER 300 TIMES AND NOT EVEN DAMAGE EM?

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