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Friday, 10/07/2011, 10:00 am

VIDEO: Chael Sonnen – "No Man Has Ever Outstruck Me"


52 Responses to “VIDEO: Chael Sonnen – "No Man Has Ever Outstruck Me"”

  1. Kalaeboi! says:

    man he grew on me…. great for the fight world! Fuk it, go Chael!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. DEATH-MAC says:

    demian maia outstrike him and took him down and submitted his bitchass haha xD

  3. du kid says:

    I really used to hate this guy… But I like em more every time I see him fight or talk to the media…. He’s too fuckin funny to hate… Haha

  4. 3ric says:

    Its really easy for people to hate him if they are nut huggers of Anderson Silva. Its just people being ignorant thats all. Chael is a damn good guy and I have mad respect for him. Its nice to see other people are warming up to him now.

    • chris says:

      hes a good guy? he talks shit about silvas wifes, and disrepsects a whole country.. hes a decent fighter, very tough guy… but not a high class dude and definitely not a GOOD guy.


      Are you sure you mean what you said? He is a very ignorant person and a pathological liar..

      But I still like him because of that fact.. but don’t be a fool and say stupid shi**

      • Creature says:

        I think hes a good guy, hes pretty respectful to most people and even though sometimes some of the things he says are questionable, He tells everyone straight up what he thinks and how he feels. Yes he tends to take some things a bit far to hype fights, but someone has to do it. If everyone was like GSP and never talked any shit. Things would be extremely boring. Think about how boring MW was just a year or 2 ago compared to now. Rather you watch to cheer him on or watch to see him get destroyed you watch him, and he has made MW exciting as hell.

        And to the fraud thing, its not like the dude killed someone, or raped someone or did something completely screwed up and evil. Everyone makes mistakes and does stupid shit at least once. Doesnt make them a bad person.

  5. Xaninho says:

    So according to some people on here whenever I state Anderson Silva is the better fighter, it’s being Anderson Silva’s nuthugger and not just stating the obvious?

    C’mon man if you really believe Sonnen is a better fighter, you should be in a mental hospital.

    And never been outstruck? He hits like a ffing girl! If he would hit my 5yo niece she would laugh in his face…

    • MMA Doctor says:

      yea he hits like a five year old girl thats why he dropped silva…u idiot get off this site

    • Creature says:

      He did rock Silva you cant take that from him.. He may not hit as hard as someone like Hendo, Rampage, or Carwin. But he still has some decent power. More than Bisping thats for sure lol

    • Hey x-ho.. Chael a better, Chael is a more affective fighter! You’ll see AGAIN!

      • Xaninho says:

        CHART…the’re so clever “x-ho” huh? How long did that take you to come up with? keep sucking Chaels dick bitch, and let sensible people talk about MMA here.

        MMA Doctor , learn to read dumb fuck…. I said he hits like a girl, and my 5yo niece would laugh in his face if he would hit her…I would never say that about you cause you would hurt your hand hitting her, and your comments would be greatly missed around here keyboard warrior.

        Silva wasn’t rocked, and if he was it just shows that Sonnen couldn’t finish a rocked Silva…

        • MMA Doctor says:

          where u at dog…i’ll show you how i hit….lol yea i miss read it homie…but i still stand behind sonnen and he really hasn’t been out boxed, i’ll give him that but he has been out struck over all

        • X-ho.. Lmao! Isn’t that a shortcut for your name.. didn’t mean to offend u buddy. Cumeater .. that’s a good one but not quite at the level of X-ho. Remember CHAEL FTW!

  6. Jpeech says:

    Xaninho stop talking you obviously did not watch the Sonnen vs Silva fight where he dropped him.
    Chael is a Great fighter and anyone who says they dont want to see him fight Silva again is not a fan of mma or dont want Silva to lose his belt lol

    • Xaninho says:

      Everyone who wants to see Sonnen , likes to see men humping other men.

      • Xaninho says:

        People that have a selective memory that makes them keep forgetting Sonnen CHEATED are delusional……

        Sonnen was on ROÏDS! He’s not the better fighter he’s the better cheater. Sonnen couldn’t even finish him on roïds, what makes you think he can without it?

        Silva wasn’t in any real danger, he didn’t even have so much as a black eye.

        Next time Silva will destroy Sonnen and the Silva haters will keep on coming with some fantastic storyline saying Sonnen was dominating Silva.

  7. Random Person says:

    Chael Sonnen for PRESIDENT OF THE USA.

  8. Joegun says:

    Chael whooped andersons ass and will,take his belt next time,lets see if he can get past the all american first.

  9. Joegun says:

    Chaels gonna mow him down like autumn wheat.

  10. Xaninho says:

    @Henry Kobasky

    First of all, Sonnen laying on top of Silva was because Silva ALLOWED him to.

    The reason for that was Sonnen talking smack about BJJ, so Silva was out to prove him wrong and make him eat his words by submitting him. And what did he do? Oh yeah he choked Sonnen out. It did took a while before Silva put a triangle on Sonnen, but in the end Sonnen tapped out.

    Furthermore having Octagoncontrol is not about laying on top of your opponent and not doing anything substantial like submission attempts or strikes( yes Sonnen has supposedly struck him 300 times, but you can hardly call those strikes). Silva hasn’t got superhuman damage resistance, Sonnen just isn’t able to strike like a man.

  11. zack says:

    I want stann to beat him but then again I want anderson to put a clinic on this douche

  12. Joegun says:

    Im with henry,whos x ho n e way?? New guy with lots 2 say. Silva got his ass handed to him in that fight but like a great fighter that he is,he pulled off a victory.when he defeats stann tonight he’ll get another shot @ the title and capture him or hate him you gotta admit that he took it to the spider like no one else did and showed some holes in his fight will be the same or completely opposite. ALL CHAEL!

  13. Chaelmonster is the executioner..

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