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Friday, 06/29/2012, 09:29 am

VIDEO | Chael Sonnen Goes Full Blast On Henderson VS. Rua | UFC NEWS

Chael Sonnen Goes Full Blast On Henderson VS. Rua

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37 Responses to “VIDEO | Chael Sonnen Goes Full Blast On Henderson VS. Rua | UFC NEWS”

  1. im batman says:

    Hendo would punch the snot out of sonnen for talk utter shit! Just like Silva will do it come the 7th of July! Believe it

  2. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Just watching that little clip of the fight brought me chills. That was one for the ages! Fuck Phael

  3. UFC says:

    Hendo won Rd 1-3(10/9) Shogun wond rd 4 (10/9) and round 5 (10/8) DRAW Both Men won the fight

  4. Clay says:

    The judges had Hendo winning rounds 1-3. I had shogun winning that fight because he was in the best position the last 2 rounds. But still an instant classic

  5. im batman says:

    So hendo still would of won the fight 3 rounds to 2 dumbarse

  6. Paul says:

    Stop fucking talking shite all the time ! Everybody thinks they know something , just watch and enjoy faggots!

  7. maurice says:

    that fight was either a draw or WIN FOR SHOGUN. imo dan won 2 and 3. i think the 1st rnd was extremelely close, hendo started the first like 2 mins big, shogun ended the last 3 mins big. so i gave the 1st round to shogun. i dont even have to mention who won the 4th and 5th rnd. either way, im not mad at hendo winning, cus hendos beast. WAR SHOGUN AND RUA. BEST FIGHT OF ALL TIME BY FAR.

  8. Milkman says:


  9. stephen riddle says:

    Does anybody watch ufc tonight i mean damn!

  10. WrestlingRules says:

    It’s gonna be awesome after Sonnen cleans out all the trash in the UFC and retires to become the UFC announcer. He is the BEST.

  11. im batman says:

    Who has trt sonnen beat that’s worth a mention?

  12. Truth says:

    Lol other than Maia Chael has swept division. Only guys he hasn’t fought is Chris W. Mark Munoz and Maia rematch. Lombard and Belcher are now in pic too. Like him or not Chael is the toughest SOB in MW Division and that’s the TRUTH Haters and WWE fans

  13. Jeremy says:

    Shogun got robbed in that fight!!!

    • Mike b says:

      What the fuck were u watching!u act like shogun was dominating the whole fight.a draw,maybe I could understand that,but ain’t no fucking robbery happen in that fight.

  14. People who say says:

    Shogun was robbed or Shogun won round 4 either didn’t watch the fight or saw it only once. Hendo won round 4. Why? He controlled the round until the 1:30 left mark, and that’s when Shogun made a comeback. But he didn’t totally dominate Hendo even though he did well for the last minute and a half. Hendo won 70% of that round. 10-9 Hendo, round 4. 10-9 Hendo rounds 1-3. Give Shogun 10-8 in the last round, he still los the fight. Hendo had a BJJ black belt in a crucifix, for Christ’s sake! LOL

  15. B-rad says:

    Anyone else find it funny he was sittin, chattin with Mark Munoz and they was suppose to fight back in april!

  16. B-rad says:

    derp january i mean

  17. Dee says:

    I originally had Hendo winning this fight, but these highlights made it look like Shogun won.

  18. Mike b says:

    Robbed!!!!i don’t think so.u act like shogun dominated that fight or some shit.i agree hendo won the fist three shogun won the last two.but I can also agree that the fight could’ve been a draw robbery happenend here.dont fuckin matter anyway the fight was epic.

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