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Monday, 05/14/2012, 08:40 am

Video | Chael Sonnen Enlists Stone Cold Steve Austin For Training | UFC NEWS

Chael Sonnen admits training with former WWE star Stone Cold Steve Austin for  his last 3 fights which was against Michael Bisping, Brain Stann and Anderson Silva.

“Part of my arrangement with Mr. Austin is that I don’t get too into it. But look, this isn’t anything new. I’ve worked with him for the last three fights. He’s strength and conditioning coach, he has me out to the ranch, and he puts me through hell for 30 days. That’s what we use to jump start our training, basically. That’s it. He doesn’t want to be involved and I’m not going to involve him.”

Chael admits calling “The Rattlesnake” to let him know about his press conference in Brazil and asks Stone Cold for advise

“How would you handle this?” asks Sonnen

Stone Cold responded

“I would how up, Raise hell and leave.”

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