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Wednesday, 03/07/2012, 10:40 am

Video | Chael Sonnen Apologizes To Anderson Silva For All The Harsh Words

Then he immediately takes it back…

“I’ve taken the time to write Anderson Silva a letter. ‘UFC Tonight’ has afforded me a few moments to share it with him. I wrote this myself.

Anderson, over the last several months, I’ve disparaged your name in an attempt to garner respect and attention for my own. That was wrong and I apologize. My actions were unsportsmanlike, they were uncalled for. Though they weren’t mean-spirited, I do regret them. As you know, I’ve recently become the number one contender, which is a position that respectfully and immediately I am resigning from. I wish no further confrontation with you in the Octagon or through the media. In short, I surrender.


Chael P. Sonnen

(music stops)

P.S. I changed my mind. Anderson, you can kiss my ass.”

Wanna see the full video of Sonnen’s speach? Click on page 2 below.

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50 Responses to “Video | Chael Sonnen Apologizes To Anderson Silva For All The Harsh Words”

  1. 'Ekahi says:

    lol. Classic Chael !

  2. Jason says:

    LOL he’s going to get his ass kicked

  3. Finish IT says:

    Lets see how good you are this time around without PED’s and a 100% Silva. Without PED’s Bisping almost kicked your ass haha. Good luck buddy boy!

  4. Zack says:

    Haha wow. Now that was kinda funny

  5. Big Show says:

    last time he promised to sub you, and he did…. and know he promised to kick your ass and KO lmfao and guess what? he will!!! I think you are gonna need more testosteron this time lol hahahahahahahaha YOU R THE BIGGEST JACKASS EVER, and you are going down bitch…. PS.. that´s the truth and nothing but the true

  6. voice in the desert says:

    Forget about the match with Bisping. Michael does have good TD defense and is also good on his feet.

    As far as Anderson Silva goes, he should get ready for another long night of getting a butt-kicking for the second time. Silva has no TD defense other than his offense.

    • Finish IT says:

      Lets see who else has taken him down since hes been champ? The only one I can think of is Hendo and how did that end for him? Thats right tapping out.

      • Shawn says:

        Let’s not forget Sonnen used his special sauce to be ABLE to take Silva down in his last fight. But even then, AND a bruised rib Silva had, he still couldn’t beat him. And if memory serves me right, Sonnen’s face got pretty mangled in the process too. Silva almost looked unscathed. Sonnen is definitely in for a long night, or short if Silva decides to take him out early and not punish him first. LOL (obnoxious laugh)

        • Caleb says:

          special sauce?? lol it’s TRT dude. He has a medical condition. By the time the fight actually happened, his testosterone levels were back to normal. No excuses. Silva got owned and he will again, but this time Chael will get his hand raised.

  7. AK says:

    ^-1 Anderson has good takedown defense, better submissions, and WAY better striking. Chael work on Sub defense, and don’t fight like u did against Bisping. Anderson by KO within the first 2 rounds suffering a Rich Franklin type pummeling

  8. leafy says:

    all these anderson silva ars3 kissers lol

  9. slacker says:

    I don’t like Chael a a person too much, but that was pretty funny. I just hope he can manage to make it a fight.

  10. GRT 3000 says:

    obsessed with Anderson Silva much? he needs to give a bit more respect to the guy that actually made his career. Chael was a fuckin’ stain in MMA b-4 Anderson, now he’s a household name…& with no record (whatsoever) to be regarded as such.

  11. true mma says:

    That shit was stupid. I can’t believe people find that funny. Grow up cheal pussy Sonnen ,real fighters let there fighting do the talking not there big ass mouth.

  12. Xaninho says:

    Go ahead make him even more pissed off than he already is! He really wants to retire after the fight cause Anderson will break every bone he has in his body.

  13. Mike T says:

    Hoping that Phael ain’t gettin’ into Anderson’s head. Looking forward to seeing this loud mouth get pwned.

  14. bryanfury85 says:

    Sonnen is a real nigga! Lmfao smh

  15. meh says:

    i got Chael winning via triangle..

  16. Kieran says:

    honestly I dont want to see a flash knockout from anderson i want a long drawn out beating inside Andersons clinch. Partly because it’s been a while since hes done that but also because Chael deserves it.

  17. Myndephuqer says:

    What’s a “speach”? You guys need to hire people who can spell, or at least get spell-check.

  18. jim says:

    he sounds like Billy the Kid, in Young Guns…jus sayin

  19. Enscribe says:

    Uh Oh, Phael’s been watching Young Guns again….Un-original and not that funny.

  20. Da Cocoa Kid says:

    Nice forced laugh…

  21. James Troy says:

    3 captain obvious posts above me. also 3 chael haters. get over it you jelly douche bags.

    chael sonnen is the greatest human being to ever grace gods green earth.

  22. Stephen says:

    Him talking sh#t makes the fight more exciting. That why I say the first fight can’t wait for the rematch… Chael makes me laugh.

  23. The Godfather says:

    Chael P. Sonnen is a true gangster, you have my word.

    Vito Corleone


  24. KingPoacher says:

    So lame and unoriginal. He ripped that off from young guns. Great movie ripped off by an annoying chump

  25. TheBricks says:

    This is straight from Young Guns.

  26. true mma says:

    Fuck Sonnen would suck a dick to get on t.v.

  27. true mma says:

    I guess he has to do any thing he can so that people can watch him get submitted.

  28. jonsey says:

    i really hope that anderson was injured with his bad ribs ..and i hope tat those trt shits really helpt cheal cuz if not anderson is goiung get it again…

  29. chaelsatappingbitch says:

    i truely believe (and hope) that silva is going to turn chael’s face into a mess of broken bones and blood after all that crap. i really wanna see that.

  30. Beaner says:

    If Chael manages to beat Silva how are you guys gonna feel about it? Depending on the fashion he wins by we know that if he wins there will be a 3rd match

  31. Sean Cassidy says:

    I hope its a crushing defeat maybe not even a knockout but like a chael stops getting up or oh crap I went blind due to strikes to my head. Or he just takes one and taps cause he realizes he us outclassed. Chael is a great wrestler I just dont see him doing enough damage to put silva away and 5 rounds is a long time to get caught in a submission or knocked out. I think silva will perform alot better then last time but even if he doesnt I dont think Chael can seal the deal. I say silva knocks him out in the 3rd with 2 minutes left on the clock.

  32. dougie says:

    Chael Sonnen is just digging a hole for himself. Anderson can finish burying him.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Video not available in Canada ,,i,,

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