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Thursday, 07/19/2012, 08:17 am

VIDEO | Chael and Rampage: Spitting Fire At Eachother | UFC NEWS

The gloves come off in this war of words when Chael Sonnen responds to Rampage Jackson’s hard hitting critique.


33 Responses to “VIDEO | Chael and Rampage: Spitting Fire At Eachother | UFC NEWS”

  1. Xaninho says:

    This fight will happen.

  2. Roy G BivDICKS says:

    Sonnen would take him straight to the ground and win a decision. Why even bother setting this lame ass fight up.

  3. Chaelisdead says:

    Rampage is right, Chael should have retired as he promised he would

  4. Diaz209 says:

    Chael would win by KO or actually TKO because one elbow to rampages oragutan nose and he’d cover up waiting for the ref to step in

  5. That Guy says:

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  6. McLovin says:

    I’m not a Chael fan, but Chael would dominate Rampage with his wrestling. Rampage has little to no take down defense. Rampage also hasn’t won a round, let alone a fight in quite some time.

    • jaedr says:

      LITTLE TO NO TDD? you are a moron, watch the jones fight you will see it’s not easy to take him down unless he has two blown out knees aka the bader fight.

  7. Tim says:

    I dont like Chael but Chael would destroy Rampage. Chael has the perfect style for a boxing slugger like Rampage. Chael would simply take him down and ground and pound him for 3 rounds and win a decision.. Rampage’s only chance is for a KO but I doubt that would happen.. Someone like Machida would smash Chael because Machida is too quick and wouldnt allow chael to get a hold of him and would pick Chael apart.

  8. Guss says:

    “If you smellllllll-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l what the Chael…is…” lol This guy would be awesome in WWE. He definitely has the talent for badger and one liners, even rants. This is a fight I would love to see just for shitz and giggles. Love Rampage, but as of late, he’s been a little disappointing. Would be great to see these two go at it in the octagon. Hell, I’d love to see them against each other in a street fight. lol

  9. ernesto hoost says:

    rampage actualy has great takedown defense if you watched him fight matt hammil you would know that.rampage has that old school sprawl and brawl technique.he stuffs takedowns and keeps it standing just like chuck liddell. have you ever seen rampage in his pride days that dude had great wrestiling and the best slams in mma.he wrestled all thru highschool but lately when he is on his back he is a turtle.i think if he fought chael and stuffed takedowns like bisping did chael would get caught with a nasty rolling left hook and he would wake up to a flashlight in his face asking where he was

  10. nick soule says:

    Cheal is the man, no matter what anyone says lol, you can not laugh at that

  11. ucantbeserious says:

    what everyone seems to miss is chael said he would that time no deal was set for him to fight anderson..when the deal finally went thru and he was asked will u still retire thats when he came up with this well that was the first deal..anderson didnt accept so no im not retiring..lmao GTFOH..he was talking shit like he always does he knew he would lose against anderson thats why he retracted his statement..lame..dont talk shit u cant back up..PERIOD!..oh those of u talking about the page and bader fight..come on lets be real bader got lucky with this way is he a better fighter than was injured and if anybody studies the way he fights would have noticed that..all of u uneducated MMAfans STFU!!!

  12. johnlehr says:

    Once Chael becomes a champion by defeating the best of his time in the division he fights in (Chuck Lidell for Rampage) then he can talk shit. Rampage beat Chuck at his peak. Bottom line. Fuck Chael.

  13. jdog says:

    1 Last fight for Rampage in the UFC
    2 Sonnen and Rampage are NOT in the same weight class
    3 Rampage HATES wrestlers

    So how do all of you think this fight would happen?

  14. maurice says:

    the fact ppl even think chael deserves a rampage fight is beyond me. who the fuck is chael? chael takedowns failed miserably against anderson and bisping, what the fuck you think will happen when he shoots on a big lhw with outstanding takedown defense? chael couldnt compete at 205, simply because when he did he was just way too small. chael cheats to nearly beat anderson. talks nonsense for 2 yrs straight, beats stann and gets gifted a win over bisping…and suddenly this guy is a badass? rampage hasnt looked exactly good as of late, but rampage on his worse day would beat chael on his best day. this isnt even a fight ppl wanna see. rampage is a stylistic nightmare for chael at lhw. i truly cant believe ppl r actually thinking chael could compete with rampage. this site is becoming a complete joke. rampage is a former champ, future hall of famer. one of the best personality and sprawl in brawlers in mma. chael is a joke. a never was. the dumbass who couldnt defend triangles.

  15. Everyone knows they are in two different weight classes right? Are you all just stupid?

  16. ernesto hoost says:

    chael fought in the wec at 205.he just went to 185 when he went to the ufc because he knew he would get man handled like a bitch.

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