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Tuesday, 08/07/2012, 03:51 am

Video | Cerrone Talks Guillard, Diaz And Plans To Call Pettis And Tell Him He's A 'Pu**y' | UFC News

Donald Cerrone is preparing to step into the ring with longtime friend and former training partner Melvin Guillard, ready to kick his legs off and punch him in the face.

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11 Responses to “Video | Cerrone Talks Guillard, Diaz And Plans To Call Pettis And Tell Him He's A 'Pu**y' | UFC News”

  1. Rory says:

    I cheat,DAS WASSUP…….CHEATING FO LIFE.CANADA BABY…Good Luck cerrone :)

  2. mahs says:

    two of my favorite LW’s.

    honestly i’d hate to see either guy lose. i want them both to get on track and start climbing the ladder.

    FOTN! get that money!!!!

  3. MackMiller says:

    Yeah Cerrone you remember that Diaz guy who you state you were going to beat down. Your sure did a job on his hand with your face, set a record if I recall correctly. This guy has had a woody for Pettis for some time now. Be carefull what you wish for.

    • Nuitari X says:

      Of course he said he was gonna beat Diaz down, he’s a fighter. What do you expect him to say? The man was humble in defeat and admitted that Diaz fucked him up. That’s some real shit right there. Show some respect.

  4. the original steve says:

    cerrone is bad at creating fake hype

  5. maurice says:

    i still get a good laugh when donald was hyping the diaz fight. “feed my fucking flame.” hahahahaha. cerrones good, ill even say great, but he’ll never beat nate, pettis or benson.

  6. Troy boy says:

    He knows petis is in line for a tittle shot, n is hoping he can fight him to possibly get one, but would get kicked in the face for a quick knock out. This dude is gunna loose back to back n get cut from the ufc.

  7. scotty says:

    Love Cerrone one o my favorite lightweights.. He is going to win by submission and take home another submission of the night check! Its planned out for him cause Melvin cant stop a submission.. 9 of his 10 career losses have been by submission! Cerrone is going to stand with him, take him down, beat em up abit then submit him! Take home that bonus check!

  8. Kenshiro says:

    Be careful what u wish for… Pettis is gonna punish this fool!!

  9. Pancho says:

    He’ll go through Melvin easily and I think he can take Pettis too tbh. I love Pettis though so I’d root for him.

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