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Friday, 11/02/2012, 07:22 am

VIDEO | Catching up with BJ PENN 10/30/12: 5 Weeks Out, BJ Shows Off Diet, Tells Stories With Friends Of A 15 Year Old Penn Sparring | UFC NEWS

In the latest installment of “Catching up with BJ PENN” BJ and the boys take you around his hometown of Hilo, Hawaii while he prepares for his upcoming fight against Rory MacDonald on Dec. 8.


26 Responses to “VIDEO | Catching up with BJ PENN 10/30/12: 5 Weeks Out, BJ Shows Off Diet, Tells Stories With Friends Of A 15 Year Old Penn Sparring | UFC NEWS”

  1. Brend0magic says:

    Hopefully he gets the Silva fight so he can make some $$ and rebuild.

  2. magoo says:

    Losing your home would be devastating,especially if it wasn’t properly insured. Good luck Chris hope everything works out for you and your family.

  3. DaveyB says:

    A video of BJ hanging out and reminiscing…..what else is new? Too bad for his delusional supporters that he’s not training his ass off like there’s no tomorrow. Instead of signing autographs, he should be worrying about being unrecognizable to his daughter after the beating he’ll get in December. The desire to win just isn’t there anymore. In 5 weeks, after Rory embarasses him, he can go back to opening gyms, doing charity work, signing more gloves, and eating all the pork his lazy heart desires.

  4. Dan Jenkins says:

    I reckon you got this one bj good luck mate

  5. Nelsonx says:

    BJ look in good shape problily weighs about 180 to 185 with about 5 weeks out. I can’t wait to see the fight!!!!!!

    • Rudy V. says:

      SHANE DUDOO STAIN NELSON…….. nothing but an embarrasment to the islands! Stick to them Cane fields SUGAR, Spencer made your ground look generic like your heart!

  6. Xaninho says:

    Looks like BJ isn’t liking the diet. Make Roidy pay for it with his blood.

  7. Rudy V. says:

    RORY will be the first to leave baby jay unconsious in there, hate to say it! He is not even close to compete at the level he once was at, Cisneros would do better against AIRES………. Aina would too, he almost put diaz out & the Prodigy should of stayed retired after that beating Nick put on him! Babyjay left his prime behind and lives the curse he brought upon himself! I know BJ quite well and the truth hurts bradda

  8. josh kualana says:

    From watching this shitty blog im predicting Rory via TKO rd.1- this kid is sparring bones jones, edgar, & GSP every day! He is bigger than diaz & has more power= RETIREMENT for the prodigy!

  9. Brett says:

    I love BJ and I hope he can compete with Rory, and get a Victory, however, I just dont see it happening. I think BJ is gonna get roughed up pretty good and possibly even hurt bad. I desperately hope this isnt the case, but I do believe it will happen. Good Luck BJ!! I really think youre gonna need it!

  10. snoop froggy dogg says:

    LETS GO BJ!!!! You got this bruddah! This guy said he’s gna kill you make him eat his words!

  11. snoop froggy dogg says:

    LETS GO! BJ! This guy said he’s gna kill you make him eat his words!!

  12. Dick Diaz says:

    gotta love these Hawaiian accents! WAR BJ!

  13. Todd says:

    If BJ has not changed up his camp from the past and is doing the same training as before, Rory is going to kick his ass. I wish BJ would go back to his training he did before the Sanchez fight, that’s the BJ I’m a fan of.

  14. DEE says:

    I’m not watching another BJ Penn fight. He doesn’t train. He doesn’t take anything serious. He’s out of his weight class. I’m just not wasting my time anymore.

  15. MMA Junkie says:

    I’m a fan of BJ Penn but the thing about him is he can’t over come adversity. Check his fight record. When things are not going his way he tends to fold under pressure. Can you tell me a fight where BJ had over come adversity and won the fight?

  16. drew says:

    we got a lot of people questioning bj again…honestly bj has never really showed up his real training…ya he may show us the marv training from the diego kenny time but thats about it…am i convinced bj is going to win the fight, ya probably, thats one thing i dont understand about bj is he goes out and says oh me and marv wanted to train at different times or my corner wasnt down with it. honestly parillo is gone, rudy is gone, i dunno man im worried about who bj is training with…and rudy and parillo are gone why not fly the marvs in for a few weeks come on bj you know what your body was like then but u still got this in the bag becuase your a living legend and your just on a higher level

  17. mike says:

    it doesn’t look good for bj…I have been watching bj blogs for years now and this looks like his most amateur camp yet!…who is he training with?…it looks like a bunch of local hawaii guys!!!….whereas rory trains in tristar with gsp and other world class fighters and coaches!…plus bj is fighting outside his natural weight class…rory is 20-30 lbs heavier than him…and that is solid muscle too…rory does not have a budda belly!

    bj most be delusional (or very lazy!) to not want to train with marv anymore…as it is quite clear to anyone who has watched bj’s career that his best performance ever was against diego…he came out in the 5th round and was as fresh as the 1st…if that was the bj penn that showed up to every fight then wow!!!!…but that is not the case…

    I hope I am wrong…and these blog videos don’t show the full story…and maybe bj was suffering from adrenal fatigue…and he will come back fresher and better than his last outing against diaz…my heart says yes but head says no…

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