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Friday, 08/31/2012, 10:21 am

VIDEO | Carlos Condit Underwater Workout | UFC NEWS

UFC interim welterweight champion Carlos Condit shows off his water workout as he prepares for his unification bout against GSP.


14 Responses to “VIDEO | Carlos Condit Underwater Workout | UFC NEWS”

  1. MMACRAVER says:

    Wow! My grandpa does this same workout every sunday!

  2. Team buffalo says:

    Yah that was weak. BJ was jumping out the shallow end onto the pool deck. This cat had floaties on and could barely punch.

  3. Majestyk says:

    Of course he could barely punch, dumbass. That’s the whole point: The underwater resistance is 10 times greater than air resistance. It’s the equivalent of pulling a weighted sled (or a parachute) through grass to increase one’s sprinting ability.

  4. Axeholes says:

    I know he’s in a nice cool swimming pool in the hot mid-day sun, but that swimming pool session doesn’t seem refreshing at all.

    • Axeholes says:

      I’m simply jest, by the way. Water resistance is killer. I’m sure Carlos Condit will reap the rewards of this training the next time he fights! He’ll have all kinds of power, speed, and recovery.
      I can only imagine the benefits he’d get from doing this for 5 rounds, 5 minutes each in the pool, the doing 5 & 5 in the ring.

  5. Run Carlos Run says:

    How does this help him run faster?

  6. DAFFY says:

    Damn. I’m sore just watching that!

  7. dave says:

    i cant believe he is training to fight,,,i thought his training would mostly consist of jogging backwards and avoiding violence…carlos coward condit..gsp or kampmen will smash him,,diaz is the true champ

  8. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Condit won’t be throwing in kicks against GSP because he doesn’t want to get atken down and ” FITCHED” for 25 minutes. I hope old mean relentless Condit shpws up to win and throw KO punches like he did against hardy. GSP’s chin is very suspect so it would only take a glancing blow

  9. MPhelps says:

    Although that’s one way to try to increase handspeed, it really looks like he’s intentionally inducing the benz effect, to get out of the fight. It takes 2 to muay tai, even in the water, so his training isn’t tailored to his opponent, else it be would be under water muay taiing on his his back, unless he’s expecting GSP to get injured and Hardy to be the replacement.

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