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Saturday, 10/20/2012, 10:14 am

VIDEO | Carlos Condit on GSP Fight: We’re Both Missing Greg Jackson, Ready To Beat GSP In His Hometown | UFC NEWS

“The Natural Born Killer” Carlos Condit currently holds UFC gold as the UFC interim welterweight champion of the world.

In order to drop the “interim” and become the true king of the UFC’s welterweight division he must get past Georges St-Pierre at UFC 154. GSP will have home court advantage but according to this video interview with Condit isn’t concerned with fighting in front of the Montreal crowd.

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4 Responses to “VIDEO | Carlos Condit on GSP Fight: We’re Both Missing Greg Jackson, Ready To Beat GSP In His Hometown | UFC NEWS”

  1. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    I still think somehow Greg “NO ACTION” Jackson will figure out how to make this fight not happen. I mean he has shown time and time again that there is no end to how sleazy he can be. Do i hope i’m wrong? hell yeah but even if fight happens theres nothing in concrete to say that somehow Greg Jackson didn’t fix this fight in some fashion. My guess is one of them GSP or Condit will get injured prob a week out and then Kampmann will replace whoever is injured. I’m pretty sure even Dana wouldn’t care if GSP just waited and fought Nick Diaz in Feb 2013. I don’t see GSP winning unless he uses his best “FITCH” impression. I see GSP/Condit going down alot like GSP/Hardy except Condit is good off his back

  2. 123 says:

    I agree but i see.. George St Pierre vs either Carlos Condit or Nick Diaz being like the Dan Hardy fight.. Every time George St Pierre fights a good striker he controls them on the ground.

  3. soccerchago209 says:

    FUCK GSP AND CONDIT if they put on an action fight that the fans would want to see I will be fans of them but GSP is to smart and Condit is a bitch, lost respect for him for not fighting since February

  4. KIDD433 says:

    I Hope these guys show up to fight and not run from each other or Fitch and make love to each other

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