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Wednesday, 11/14/2012, 09:28 am

VIDEO | Carlos Condit: “GSP’s Knee Is Not Off Limits”

“Georges is such a dynamic fighter. He is an incredible athlete. He is a powerful, explosive guy. Between takedowns and strikes, there is a lot to deal with. I really feel like Georges is the undisputed champion. He has been so dominant in the division for the last several years, he has been undefeated and until someone defeats him, he is the champion.Yeah man, I think so. If someone in the cage, you can’t say ‘hey man that is off limits.’ There are no time outs, there are no substitutions. I wouldn’t say that I’ve been leg kicking any more or less than before.

“I’ve really made a point to work on my overall athletic ability. I’m really working hard on my strength and conditioning. I’ve filled in some holes in my game I knew I would need to fix before I fight Georges. I’ve trained with some of the best guys in the world on a daily basis, and it’s not a fight, but it’s pretty close. I’m really not too concerned. This fight is something I have been working toward for 10-12-15 years since I first started competing, and not even competing but training in mixed martial arts. This is a dream of mine. To fight GSP for the title in his home town for the undisputed belt is both surreal and an opportunity of a lifetime.”


11 Responses to “VIDEO | Carlos Condit: “GSP’s Knee Is Not Off Limits””

  1. TheTude says:

    Dont fight dirty Condit, the knee is not off limits but why would you try to end a mans career, strike at it and move on. If it affects George alot stick the knee and then go for a takedown or KO. A bad knee is definitely an advantage but it shouldnt be a gameplan

  2. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Oh I see its ok for Jon Jones to smash Rampages knee and Shoguns knee and every otehr fighter he fights and same goes with A.Silva he does same thing as Jones he intentionall trys to blow out his opponents knees. So if Condit lands a knee strike he will be a cheap shot artist. You GSP nuthuggers are the worst. GSP should just retire. 570 days since hsi last fight is an outright disgrace. Maybe 6 months or 8 on outside not 2 years. GSP fights less than any otehr champ. Even 42 yr old Hendo fights 5 times as much as GSP

  3. mannski says:

    Hope GSP destroys carlos. Much respect to him but trying to retire someone with kicks that I see being illegal in a couple years doesn’t make sense. This dude ain’t no champion. He ran from Diaz and won questionably. I’m looking forward to Hendricks vs GSP

  4. Aaron says:

    Yeah, the knee isn’t off limits because Condit knows it is the only chance he has.

  5. jes1 says:

    Condit is a scrub n better hope gsp comes back less tjen he was , or hes gna catch a sick beating..if he didnt run like a fag he would have gotten whooped by diaz n we would all b seeing a much better more entertaining fight.

  6. SinCe 2004 says:

    Condit is as close to the top as he will ever be.

  7. Well says:

    I feel like GSP is at the disadvantage in this fight, he will be rusty inevitably and he doesn’t have this godlike level of skill people seem to think he does. Although I do hope he wins.

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