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Friday, 11/16/2012, 08:11 am

VIDEO | Carlos Condit: GSP Is Just A Man | UFC NEWS

Carlos Condit makes no bones about it – he respects Georges St-Pierre, and he’s honored to fight him for the undisputed welterweight title at UFC 154.


10 Responses to “VIDEO | Carlos Condit: GSP Is Just A Man | UFC NEWS”

  1. Me says:

    Bla bla bla blaaaaa. Damn this dude keeps on talkin and talkin, just sht up and prove that you wont run away this time. Thats it. Im tired of him ACTING humble and all that fake stuff. Natural born lier

    • Nuitari X says:

      No one made you watch the interview and listen to him fool. You obviously cared about what he had to say otherwise you wouldn’t have watched it. Also, he’s finished 93% of his fights. I wouldn’t call that running away. You idiots who judge this man based off the Diaz fight are stupid. You should be more worried about St. Pierre humping on him for five rounds. I like both fighters but Condit is a finisher and St. Pierre is not. I think Condit takes it.

      • Me says:

        C’mon son its , thats why i watch the whole vids, to respect the time they put in on making these videos, no credit to condit tho. I rather him being blanketed for 25 mins by GSP so he gets to taste his own point collecting medicin.

        • Mike b says:

          No disrespect,but u post the stupidest comments.Maybe u should think before u post something or just go find another website bro!!!!!!!

      • Mike b says:

        +1,condit is a killer he definitely finishes people.I really don’t have much to say?u were on the money!

        • Me says:

          Dude i watch the videos before i comment, thats legit. And yeah i respect the work and time they put into these videos on This is clearly a case of you being on my dick.

          Carlos will lose, get over it.

        • Nuitari X says:


  2. MMABRAIN! says:

    I lost a lot of respect for Condit after his last fight! With that said GSP will return in great shape and cement his name as number 2 P4P!

  3. DoubleDeuce says:

    He’s scared, if he has to make him mortal to keep his subconscience from pooping himself, like Diaz puffing his way out of pre-fight press conferences. Oh shit it’s GSP, puff the magic dragon lived by the sea huh Nick?

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