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Tuesday, 01/07/2014, 04:32 pm

VIDEO | Brock Smash!!! Lesnar Breaks Olympians Arm With A Kimura

Leave it to former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar.

The man not only ascended to our sports pinnacle, but after leaving the UFC behind he has taken his MMA training to the WWE to dominant all.


0 Responses to “VIDEO | Brock Smash!!! Lesnar Breaks Olympians Arm With A Kimura”

  1. Ryan Kunty Doran says:

    Anybody who thinks of pro wrestling as ‘fake’ or ‘real’ is an idiot. Its neither. Its just pro wrestling. Its an art in itself. Stop being so butthurt.

    • Jeff Cordero says:

      Does everyone in your trailer park view this as an art or is it only the ones smoking meth?

      • Nathan says:

        ^ You sound exactly like those jag offs who won’t accept rap as art. You’ll accept paintings as art, but not comic books. You’ll accept ballet as art, but not pro wrestling. Open your mind a little and stop trying to judge things you don’t understand. All you’re doing is shutting yourself off from the variety of life.

        • WalnutCreekScott says:

          Did you just say Pro Wrestling was art? You sir, are funny as Hell.

        • screenshot says:

          How do I take a screen shot of this thread! Hilarious!!!

        • Ryan Kunty Doran says:

          You people are just ignorant. You dont understand what goes into becoming a professional wrestler. I’m still going to be the one who comes off like a dick, but I dont care. Because you’re retards who dont understand what hard work is.

        • Ryan Kunty Doran says:

          Think of it like this, if I punch you in the face, its going to hurt. However, if I try to punch you in the face and make it look convincing WITHOUT hurting you, thats much more difficult.

        • curtis says:

          Pro wrestling is an art. An art is something done in their love for it. An art is something creative; something that people try to perfect or succeed in. If your training, if your practicing to perfect something, if your trying to impress viewers, if your love is in it, if you entertain people, if it takes skill and technique; two words that are kind of interchangeable it has to be considered an ART.

      • Ryan Kunty Doran says:

        Millions of people share this view with me, Mr.UFC fanboy mate. Go and suck Dana Whites lying dick now please, faggot.

        • Jeff Cordero says:

          Wow what a tough guy, thanks for validating my point, yes millions of obese diabetic trailer park dwellers who make idle threats on the internet share your view Bubba. I’m not a UFC fan boy I actually COMPETE in Brazilian jiu jitsu tournaments and have trained muay thai for over 6 years. Do you “wrestle” or just live out your pseudo tough guy fantasy watching oiled up steroid bears in women’s underwear act our choreographed drama on TV? Because where I come from THAT is something a “dick sucking faggot” would do.

        • Adam Schooler says:

          Or maybe a dick sucking faggot likes to watch oiled up steroid bears fight in an octagon… Either way you’re watching men roll around on tv.

      • Trent Hilker says:

        HAHA exactly what I was going to ask him Jeff

    • Joe says:

      It’s not pro wrestling, it’s sports entertainment! Pro wrestling died decades ago slap nuts

      • Ryan Kunty Doran says:

        Its pro wrestling. WWE call it sports entertainment. The sport however is still called pro wrestling, slap nuts.

        • Kenny says:

          It isn’t pro wrestling, and it certainly isn’t a sport. That’s not to say what these guys do isn’t difficult, they have an extremely difficult job, but it’s pantomime, plain and simple.

        • Trent Hilker says:

          Lol, well if you want to get techincal, the name should be switched to “fake wrestling”…..FAKE, FAKE , FAKE. The WWE switched it from “pro wrestling” to “sports enterainment” because people were getting OFFENDED of fake as wrestlers trying to act like they are in a fight

  2. Jonathan A. says:

    If I remember correctly, Kimuras hurt my shoulders…never my elbows….

  3. Ryan Kunty Doran says:

    All you guys saying pro wrestling is fake, go and eat Dana White’s lying cum. You gang of stupid faggots. Professional level sports are just as fixed as pro wrestling! Retards!

  4. David D. says:

    ehmm theater?

  5. BrainSmasher says:

    WTF? All I saw was typical fake wrestling. Nothing was broken. Just because you make a jerking motion real quick for the camera so people cant see and let go. Doesn’t mean anything was broken. I am very close to unfollowing BJ

  6. Keith says:

    Stop giving us news on WWE, nobody gives a fuck and we all know the shit is fake. Stop wasting our time!!

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