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Tuesday, 12/31/2013, 10:17 am

VIDEO | Brock Lesnar Returns, Slam K.O.’s 400lb Man

Former UFC heavyweight champion, Brock Lesnar returned to action last night for the WWE where he F5’d Mark Henry into unconsciousness.


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  1. kender says:

    Isn’t this an MMA site?

  2. Night-Wind says:

    This defines gay.

  3. Derek Petro Petrowski says:

    Dumb asses…. If yall don’t like it then remove yourselves

  4. dafuqbro says:

    you can see it in his eyes, “i’m too much of a pussy to stand mma this will do, my princess face won’t get hurt anymore, but god damn i’ve stooped low to come back here”

    • really says:

      Brock Lesnar had no reason to go to mma, or go back to wrestling for that mater. He’s made plenty of money and could make plenty of money doing other things, the reason he’s wrestling is because he likes to do it. Quit being a cunt. And too much of a pussy? He came back after getting a life threatening disease and fought Cain, and then Overeem. I was the biggest hater of Brock when he first entered the UFC because of his disrespectful antics and the fact he came from WWE. But as a true MMA fan, he’s proven himself a fighter to me, not just some behemoth who can hold people down.

  5. Sean Jardine says:

    He screams like a little bitch.

  6. George P says:

    Ummmm, i thought this site was about MMA?? not fake ass wrestlers! Lesnar is a chump, a has been…he would get destroyed if he tried to come back to UFC! There arent Frank Mirs anymore….Cain Velasquez holds the strap…and we all remember what Cain did to Lesnar!

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