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Friday, 08/17/2012, 10:28 am

VIDEO | Brock Lesnar On WWE: " This is 100% Real"

Brock Lesnar sends a stern message to his SummerSlam opponent, Triple H and let’s the haters know that “this is 100% real!”


55 Responses to “VIDEO | Brock Lesnar On WWE: " This is 100% Real"”

  1. Zack says:

    Wrestlings is about as real as Brock’s muscle.

  2. David says:

    Yeah keep telling yourself that brock *watches replays of brock folding up like a chair from punches and knees*

  3. Joe says:

    Yeah this is real alright, real fuckin fake!

    • WWEandMMAFan says:

      Yeah… real f’ing ENTERTAINING! LOL. Seriously tho, if you don’t like it CHANGE THE CHANNEL or SKOP THE ARTICLES! Some of us enjoy the entertainment of the WWE and the REAL SHIT of the UFC. It’s all about selling tickets and making money!

      • nemo says:

        Wrestling is entertaining, for children that don’t know its real. Why watch grown ass men gettin slapped around, ufc offers real physical contact, not fake ass actors prancing around thinking they the shit. (Aka the rock)

  4. To bad those 10 years of “Brock Lesner training standards” didn’t include script reading then he could maybe sell the promo

  5. Bob says:

    This is 100% real doggy doo doo

  6. jbeamazing says:

    hhh should join the ufc hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahah for sure!

  7. Tim Harper says:

    It’s so sad watching him try to act….

  8. Chrid says:

    he was shit in the ufc!!!

  9. 223 says:

    ROTFL THIS IS REAL, mean while he is trying not to LHAO!!!!

  10. John Adams says:

    The only thing real with this guy is the scar from the vagina Cain put on his face.

  11. Moseswhite says:

    “This is 100% REAL scripted Bullshit! This is not a game to me folks, because in a real game you don’t have a pre-determined winner, and I don’t like not knowing if I’m going to win.”

  12. mean170 says:

    It’s a shame JDS never got to box the shit out of this clowns face.

  13. Dusitn says:

    The fat guy next to him is more annoying than Brock. Who would have thought that could happen?

  14. scouser says:

    LOL cmon lol really?

  15. Ali Dearman says:

    You guys slagging of Brock for this comment are real sad cases. No one actually thinks WWE is real, its all hype and a bit of fun. Sure UFC is actually real and i watch it but CHILL YA SELVES.

  16. T.DADDY says:

    Brock wud murder all you haterz! If he came back to mma he wud still be top 5

  17. Biz says:

    It’s still real to me dammit lmfao!!!

  18. Me says:

    Some of you guys make me laugh saying he was shit in the UFC and that he folded like a chair from knees and kicks. First of all them kicks was not just kicks and knees, It was Overeems knees and kicks to the body the amount of force he gets with his strikes is like being hit by a sledgehammer and as for being shit in the UFC that’s stupid… He was a heavyweight champion for God sake, he knocked out Frank Mir, Randy Couture, Sumbitted Shane Carwin… So what if he lost to Cain and Overeem… They are the best fighters in the world, Peroid.

  19. cory says:

    Bet you’d shit your pants if he showed up to your door step with a problem with you lmao

  20. Jonpaulfool says:

    Brock those roids got ya feeling loose! Haha what’s real is the beating Caine gave you.

  21. ARR says:

    Brock Lesnar with ultimate training!

  22. Troy boy says:

    He could read the cue cards better:/

  23. Brett VonDouch says:

    Make’s me wonder how much he was payed to say that! Of course Brock knows it’s fake. He just makes himself the badguy because when he does that he makes a shitton of money. And idiots like you pay alot of money to watch him because you wanna see him lose so damn bad. Brock is one of the big reasons MMA got to where it is now. Brock for life I will always be a fan mainly because he is from my homestate!

    • David says:

      Your a complete fucking moron, brock is the reason mma got to where it is today? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA if you beleive that then your fucking stupid, get off brocks dick you moron he didnt do SHIT for mma, he made the ufc money he did NOT make mma more popular than it already was, fuck you are stupid and pathetic

      • You sir,are a moron. says:

        Actually you sir,are the moron.He said “one of the bigs reason” mma got got to where it is .which whether you like it or not, he is.Brock alone probably caused more people to start watching the ufc more than any other single person did.

      • Me says:

        I know about 5 people myself included that started watching UFC because of Brock… & This was just in college imagine how many people all over the world he got to watch the UFC to say he never did anything is stupid…

  24. Mike says:

    Love how he says “I’m am”

  25. Kirk says:

    Hey Bcock you are the biggest douche bag ever. That us real. Lmao

  26. WrestlingRules says:

    Brock is a supreme humanbeing. A real American! All you haters have no clue! You’re all faggots!

  27. chris says:

    Come on Pedro. Really?

  28. 209er says:

    If this BS was real wouldn’t WWE need a license to fight mma…..fake as fuck keep WWE BS outta MMA….

  29. Milkman says:

    Brock is such a dickface. Ya this is real, fuck off you actor!

  30. RitualOfBattle says:

    Lol the last wwe I ever watched was cactus jack vs triple h (those damn tacks were real). In a street fight at Madison square garden. The dudleys vs hardy boys. Shit was dope lol

  31. Tokofeigy says:

    Brock is still 100% loser

  32. Roger says:

    I remember when goin to ment something meaningful and important to the mma community. Or when Bj would say “Go to Bj Penn dot com”, after a win…i always would cuz I knew there would be important relevant mma/Bj news…
    Damn wat happend!….

    • Nick says:

      Yeah bro… I remember that. Before that I would always be on sherdog. This site still has some gold, but the biased opinions from the writers have really killed it. This is just the icing on the cake. I hope it returns back to normal now that bj is back in action

  33. Victor Zsasz says:

    OOOOOH! sooo, because brock was here, getting his ass kicked, and now that hes back in WWE, its just 100% real? lol yeah! nice try there brock! lol they said the same thing about ECW, that shit was still fake as hell, though, entertaining! lol nice try brock :) you even thought your “football” stint was real! lol

  34. stephen riddle says:

    Ecw was the shit no one can deny! Although i stopped watching wrasslin 12 years ago who could forget Sabu?

  35. Bjj BB says:

    I swear he was holding back a smile when he was saying its 100% real. Lmao!

  36. Gaylord Focker says:

    just wrestle Brock, while i fist fuck your damn hot slut wife’s pussy and ass. Nuff said.

  37. Drew says:

    Dear webmaster,
    Why do you like wrestling? Why do you keep posting this shit? Why don’t you work harder and bring out articles on up and rising stars… Mini videos of all the different disciplines of mma… I don’t think a male soap opera warrants at all weight to be on this site

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