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Tuesday, 08/14/2012, 10:18 am

VIDEO | Brock Lesnar attacks Shawn Michaels

Brock Lesnar breaks Shawn Michaels’ arm a week before SummerSlam.


47 Responses to “VIDEO | Brock Lesnar attacks Shawn Michaels”

  1. Sidekix says:


    Wrestlings not fake!!! This reminds me of that movie Ready to Rumble lol

  2. some dude says:

    And this is on an mma forum why?

  3. T.DADDY says:

    Beastmode.. war brock! Fukk the pussy ass haterz!!

  4. Bob says:

    Keep this shit up and Im gonna find a new MMA website for all my news. I am getting tired of these writers for your page B.J. They are either instigating a non drama situation or showing weak ass gay shit. I know its their job to report but its not their job to put fake ass WWE shit on here. Keep it up and im gone.

  5. F the WWE says:

    please stop posting WWE anything on this site

  6. mma fan says:

    Whoever put this story here should be caned

  7. Me says:

    Keep up the WWE stuff, I love how mad some keyboard warriors get…Seriously if your not interested in the article don’t click on it & even better don’t bother leaving a comment. Yes it is a MMA website BUT there’s a lot of guys here that would like to be updated about the WWE, If you don’t like it don’t click it. Simple :)

    • Bob says:

      If I dont like it dont click it? Last time I checked MMA was about real shit. I clicked it because I already assumed that it was going to be something real that went down. go to WWE website if you wanna see that fake shit

      • Me says:

        I’ll make something clear I’m not into the WWE but I respect the athletes that are on the road 300 days a year. They put their bodies on the line to entertain MILLIONS, and are role models to these kids. You don’t have the right to label the WWE as ”Fake Shit’ unless you have performed as a Pro Wrestler because I could guarentee you they don’t leave the ring without a scratch.

      • lolziez says:

        if you’re just here to read about anything and everything about MMA and see a caption about the WWE and you decide to click it cause you think theres “real” shit on it and then complain it was fake then YOU are one big dumbfuck and it was YOUR fault for clicking and reading….SMH at dumbass’

        • Bob says:

          @lolziez You made no damn sense at all. LMAO, Why do people reply with the dumbest shit then call people dumbass after they had no explanation to their comment whatsoever.

          Dumb fuck this is MMA and all the real shit that goes down. There were times when actual “fights” in WWE went down behind the scenes and thus I clicked to see if Brock lesnar really got into it yet again.. I later found out it was a scripted act coming from a MMA website(bj penn) So dont be quick to call someone a dumbass when you should look in the mirror and find the real idiot you refuse to accept! Stupid cunt

  8. Xaninho says:

    He broke it again?? Wow! Those WWE guys don’t play around!

  9. Joe Bidden says:

    Shittiest kimura I’ve ever seen.

    No wonder Brock sucks. Can’t even pull off a fake kimura.

    Shitty website is shitty. Done reading the horseshit people post now.

  10. LCM says:

    Using C-clamp instead of monkey grip. Fucking chump.

  11. edwards806 says:

    He didn’t use a monkey grip with his thumbs on top of the wrists, hes even a noob a faking…

  12. Xaninho says:

    Now Brock had graduated to beating up geriatric old men.

    Have another jack link

  13. Eric says:

    Ohh LARRRDD!! DAMM dat shiiet fake as hell…..

  14. Yo says:

    Seriously dont click on it if you dont like it,I got problems with some stuff they do on here to but to cry about this is just crybebe stuff to me.waaahhhh waaahhhh

  15. Brock lesner is gay says:

    Wow that has to be some of the gayest shit I’ve ever seen. No one cares about Brock, no one cares about WWE. This is supposed to be a MMA website. Let’s keep it that way.

  16. JayKay says:

    Lmfao..I tell you what these random videos are too frikking funny. Love it

  17. mma fan says:

    yeah and i’m sure some actors get hurt making movies so whats yours point? Is it MMA news when Tom Cruz has a fight scene in a movie?

  18. MMA fan says:

    MMA NEWS !!! MMA NEWS !!! actor have fight scene in movie

  19. salem says:

    Not again, please!

  20. Peef says:

    Please, please, please stop posting this wwe crap. Seriously… I’ve been reading news here for well over a year now. I’ve never commented on anything that I can remember cuz I don’t like putting my email out there, but this time I had to. I feel like you guys are watering the sport and it’s news down by putting this crap next to it. Most MMA fans are put off/opposed to wwe. It doesn’t mix well.

  21. JiuJitsuRules/BJJWhiz says:

    That’s not how a broken arm looks like.

  22. 223 says:

    Whats tus kind Of shit doing here????? MMA PEOPLE!!!

  23. Yo says:


  24. Pancho says:

    LOL someone’s mad. Don’t read the shit if you don’t like it. Nuff said dumb niggas.

  25. RJKaneao says:

    Ummm? MMA please! Not WWE! I admit I watch with my son cause he loves wrestling.. But this is a MMA site last I checked. And this has nothing to do with BJ or the sport.. I’m sorry Pedro you my boy.. But I don’t think this belongs here.. Btw triple H’s arm break totally real this one seemed bogus..

  26. mma crews 777 says:

    bull if people think this is real this is scripted ok ive seen a broken arm bye kimura watch frank mir vs minatauro noguera 2 that is a real arm brake and in a real fight lesner would kill everyone in the wwe and he would not pull guard for a kimura he would take them down and ground and pound wwe is real making mma look like bullshit i love mma but wwe is making it look bad.


    Thats not wrastling!!!

  28. what is with ppl on this site being obsessed with gays and calling ppl gays..fruits and faggots….you know its a proven fact that the ones who are homophobic and make fun of homosexuals are ¾ of the time either secretely gay or have gay tendencies and qualities. I just wonder how old you guys are…I am 28 and I haven’t heard ppl speak this childishly since I was 12-13 years old…you guys should really grow up. You are the ones ruining this forum and site….not Brock Lesnar articles.. Like the guy above said.. if you don’t like it/him then don’t click on it, & problem solved. If you’re a mature MMA fan then ignore this and it’s nice to know that there are some mature grown MMA fans on here!!!!!!!

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