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Thursday, 05/31/2012, 10:28 am

VIDEO | Brazil's "Pele" Hates Anderson Silva More Than Sonnen Does | UFC NEWS

Listen to one of Brazil’s best fighters in history describe his relationship and disgust for the UFC middleweight champion, Anderson Silva.


53 Responses to “VIDEO | Brazil's "Pele" Hates Anderson Silva More Than Sonnen Does | UFC NEWS”

  1. true mma says:

    Fuck this sorry ass no name fool.

    • lol he’s far from a “no name”.. I find it ironic that your screen name is True MMA and you didn’t know that. Please use the copout and tell me i didn’t pick up on your sarcasm..

      • BowtieAssassin says:

        I’m with this guy, if it’s the same true MMA this clown actually has a MMA show on the fightnetwork and he calls a legend like Pele a no name, that’s fucking hilarious. The shows called true MMA and I have no idea how it got on tv cause the host doesn’t no fuck all.

  2. Joe "High Kick" Rogan says:

    Hey dick rider, how come you’re not in the UFC? You’re old news garbage go sweep the gym floor. =/

  3. Ko_King says:

    Looks like someone’s trying 2 get paid!

    • GRT 3000 says:

      Yeah just what I was thinking; ride on the coat-tails of (legitimate & deserved) notoriety by mouthing off the G.O.A.T. talk about a page straight oughta’ the “Phael Handbook for Crooked Weasels.”

  4. james says:

    who is this bum?

    • GRT 3000 says:

      He’s the Uni-browed Warrior! lol, he’s actually had some good fights, but he’s a shit stain nxt to Andy. right now, he’s got $$$ in his eyes and shit in his pants while he’s mouthing off. Hey the GOAT mentioned me in his book (lucky me) time to try and cash-in on that – what a fuckin’ joke.

  5. wank says:

    thought u meant football pele
    screw u nd this misleading article name

  6. pdub says:

    somebody’s butthurt.

  7. I'll have another says:

    Don’t worry chael will give him another beating. Can’t be the best in the world with no wrestling

  8. I'll have another says:

    He may go down i mean its a fight. However it’s highly unlikely that Anderson will pull of another sub. Chael has the best wrestling in the ufc so silva will be fighting off his back

    • thetude says:

      its been proven, put a champion wrestler in the ring with a BJJ blackbelt, BJJ wins 7 times out of 10, i would love to see Anderson submit Chael again, its more likely than you think Ill have another. of course chael is gonna want to take it to the ground, thats giving Silva another great opportunity to show off his submission skills, ill call it 50/50 on the ground and there is no way Chael will outstrike the Spider standing up, I give the edge to silva 3/1 but of course anything can happen!

    • I'll have another??? WHAT?? cock? u faggot!!! says:

      shut your chael sucker!!!

    • Dick Niaz says:

      You – “It’s highly unlikely that Anderson will pull off another sub”

      Me- “no it isn’t”

      It’s actually VERY VERY likely.

      Chael Sonnen gets choked out more than Frank Trigg when he tries on scarfs.

  9. thetude says:

    Pele is just a broke ass mother fucker trying to stir up a fight with Andy so that he can lose and still get a big pay day, but sorry jose, that shit aint gonna happen, Silva is out of your league, he out-classes you, your a loser at the end of your carreer looking for one more big pay-off. I guarentee he would turn down a street fight with silva, unless there is money involved he doest weant to go near the spider. Keep dreaming man cause you have never and you never will be a UFC fighter. Fucking cheap shit loser

  10. 543534 says:

    He is actually a very good muay thai fighter as well just like anderson that would actually be a really interesting fight considering anderson would probably take it to the ground because pele would be rushing him like sonnen but not for a take down just to take his head off.

  11. 543534 says:

    lol never mind I take that comment back anderson would knock him out I just watched the jake ellenberger vs pele and that say’s it all right there

  12. Meco says:

    Obviously most of these kids don’t have a clue who Pele is. I watched him in his prime. Anderson didn’t exist in those days. Pele was the shit. A wild man.

    • Reality says:

      That was in the past. He’s talking trash in the current time. Yes, he was great in his time but he’s trying to take on Anderson NOW. NOW is not a good time for him to take on Anderson. 😀

  13. MrGrooveSSC says:

    Pele was the shit but why is he trying to stir the pot now? I would love to see this fight because they are both lengthy fighters and Pele was a mad man back in the days.

  14. Brend0magic says:

    He’s admitting he needs money, which throws off the entire thing.

  15. maurice says:

    u guys need to pull ur heads out or ur ass. he’s definently admitting he needs the money, but the dude is legit pissed at anderson. anytime someone shows raw emotion like that the SHITS REAL! i luv anderson to death. i think he’s the greatest mma fighter ive ever set eyes on. but this shit seems real to me. u can tell this guy has some serious hate for anderson and believes deep down that anderson is a talented pussy. lol. its really weird, and i hate saying this, but i believe everything dude said. especially the part about anderson bitching out and wat not. with that said, if they fight now, anderson would do work.

    • Anderson Silva is G.O.A.T. says:

      You know… people start hating you for no reason when you start succeeding in life. This guy is probably jealous of Anderson’s success. He probably expects Anderson to give him some of the money he made, hence the “i take care of my family, you don’t.” It’s really hard to imagine that this guy knocked Anderson down… Have you seen his record? Anderson fights the best of the best and he makes them look like a fool.

  16. Mike cannon jr says:

    This guy is awesome ….. The ignorance displayed in these comments…. Tells me just how spineless and weak u looserz r…. This guy … Wow…. All … And I mean … All mma fans who know their ass from a hole in the ground knows who this guy is….. And exactly how dangerous he is…… U betr take pele serious….. Would love to see this fight …. Again….. Ps…. Go back to the WWE … U loud mouth bitcheZ … Pele… Just a monster…. Man… The idea… Of this fight….. Wow…. … All u shit talkin wussies …. Are fuqn clueless…. … U all talk like bad asses…. It’s very amusing …. I can’t get over the … Lack of respect for a legend like this man….

  17. DMAC says:

    Pele trying to get a pay check. Anderson can’t please everyone. He doesn’t come off as a confrontational person so I can see why he was saying calm down etc. and the tough guys always take it as your a pussy. Bottom line he’s been fighting the best in the world in the best organization in the world so all that he said she said means nothing. There’s two sides to every story then the truth, none of us were there so who knows and who cares.

  18. I'll have another says:

    Bunch of young immature kids on this site. They talk a lot of shot behind there computer and don’t realize they are not impressive to anybody. Nobody thinks your cool. Grow up.

  19. Jab to the face says:

    This dude took a page of Chael soonen s book, thinking he can make a name by talking trash,anybody really think Anderson Silva gives a rats ass,this guy is a scumbag,if he was half of what he said he is, he don’t need to make a YouTube video,I have liked Brazilian fighters but,the more I read about their drama and excuses when they loose a fight,just came to the conclusion they are a bunch of bitches and crying assholes,if you wan to make a name in MMA do it fighting not talking trash,he said he beat Anderson Silva,that’s so funny a few years latter the spider is the champ rich and famus,and he is a nobody just a shit talker full of jealousy.

  20. Dick Diaz says:

    i have no idea who the hell this guy is…

  21. Balls McGee says:

    I can’t get over your faggoty use of periods……………

  22. monkey juice says:

    Pele barks loud, but no bite. Anderson barks like a chihuahua, but bites like a fuckin hyena.

  23. Dana Black says:

    This dude was awesome, when mma was still in his childshoes. I really don’t understand that baldheaded freak dana white, how can you give that lay and pray fighter thats like 6-4 an other title shot?? That just makes the ufc as a wwe joke shit. Jim Miller had a 9 fight win streak, but didn’t even get a title shot, why ? because he aint that marketable. sonnen talks a lot of shit, disresptfull against people that he doesn’t even fight and dana laughs about like a lil child, stupid fock don’t realise that sonnen is turning it into a wwe style show, just like that faggot brock did, but that are wrestlers, no respect, no martial artist, not real fighters, wrestling “fighting” without punches and kicks hahaha fags and that’s the problem with those usa wrestlers, back in the days they wanted to be like that fake hulk hogan, fight acting with a big mouth, now the wanne became real fighters and turn to mma, lay and pray with baby ounches and acting tuff. And Anderson had like 8 title defensies when he owned dudes that are better fighters then sonnen will ever be, he had 1 off fight against sonnen and he thinks he’s the champ typicall stereotype american that sonnen, thinking he’s a gift to the world.

    • Jp says:

      Hahahah you my friend are dumb as fuck. Anderson has fought push overs for half of his fights and then he fought Chael and just happened to have a bad fight? give me a break! You may hate wrestling, but I can tell right now you do not train MMA because wrestling is one of the key styles to learn. Hate on wrestling all you want, but fight a good wrestler and you will get pounded out.

  24. Nick says:

    This guy is acting the same way as Ken Shamrock and James Toney, Give me attention!!

  25. David says:

    one big fat fag lol anderson rules

  26. Chris says:

    Did anybody watch the video? I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. Towards the end Pele’s Anderson impersonation is priceless, and pretty believable knowing how fake Anderson is.

  27. Chris says:

    and Pele also states in the video that he IS in need of money lol, so at least he was honest

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