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Saturday, 11/03/2012, 06:15 am

VIDEO | Brazilian Media Takes Stab At Sonnen With Exploding Head Cartoon | UFC NEWS

Brazi’s Muno Canibal has taken an interesting approach with their latest comedic cartoon featuring UFC middleweight champion, Anderson Silva, as he stands opposite Brazilian antagonist, Chael Sonnen.

Unfortunately if you do not speak Portuguese you may not understand the episode, but your eyes will not be disappointed with the on-screen performance of the Chael Sonnen character.

Enjoy and have a good Saturday!


16 Responses to “VIDEO | Brazilian Media Takes Stab At Sonnen With Exploding Head Cartoon | UFC NEWS”

  1. korean jesus says:

    lol thats some retarded brazilian animation

  2. Chris Weidman is best p4p fighter of all time says:

    First off these Brazilian monkey’s should name Chael speaks English, and thats the saddest display off diss towards chael. Brazilians are nothing more than bunch off hooligan monkeys who escaped zoo.

    • Max says:

      Monkeys? a country that 70% of the population is white? i dont get it

      anyway, I’d rather be a monkey than an American racist scumbag, not all American, but Americans like you deserve all the hate they you guys receive!

      Chris Weidman is best p4p fighter of all time? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA how old are you? 12?

    • Chessuss says:

      hahahahaha monkey is your mom, retard !! come to brazil I will show you my dick of monkey , without anderson silva and all brazilians your UFC should be a fake like wwc you all like …

      What we can do if we have the best`s monkeys take kick out you all americans from UFC

  3. Jbj vs sonnen is BS says:

    Haha that cartoon is too funny!

  4. Mike says:

    Brazilians should show some respect towards america because without us and the ufc their idol anderson would be living in a favela.

    • thiago says:

      Really dude you should really do some research because you are a moron Brazilian have plenty of historic athletes not to mention we have plenty of technology that America is trying to buy into so think about who is disrespecting who it was a joke Saturday night live jokes but only soft ass’s take it personal and to the other bigot monkeys really? You ought kill yourself dude if it wasnt for those monkeys you wouldn’t know what a fighter looks like its 2012 advance yourself

      • Mike Cannon Jr. says:

        National pride is for dummies… That’s what our governments want… Us to be yelling back and forth at each other… So we won’t notice what they’re doing…

        • Xaninho says:

          You get it. Well said!

        • Iceman says:

          Agree,they want us to argue and kill each other so they don’t have to worry about decreasing the population themselves.They also give us tv and entertainment to distract us also so we don’t study them and recognize their evil agenda.Anybody that says America is the best country….Ha Ha.thats a load of shit.

      • Irie Nation says:

        If you want to bring the word athlete up as broad as possible lets compare medals won by America and those won by brazil….let me know how that one goes

  5. danielrchargers says:

    All of you kids need to get some jobs.
    What angry little creatures you are.

  6. Black Jesus says:

    I like cartoons!!!

  7. Iceman says:

    It’s a joke,lighten up people jeezuz!

  8. Trent says:

    Has someone really just said brazillians should show americans respect… Why? JDS (brazillian), Silva (brazillian) , aldo (brazillian) and once barao beats dominic cruz thatll be 4 brazillian champions out of 7 weights.. Chael deserves to be stoned to death by brazillians

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