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Friday, 01/17/2014, 09:38 am

VIDEO | Black Belt Shows New Student Who The Boss Is

Let this be a lesson to anyone looking to pick up training. 😉


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  1. awolf says:

    i think y’all missed the comedy attempt in this video.. watch it again and then report back.

  2. Steven Espinoza says:

    clearly the big guy was taking advantage of the BB’s students, there is a reason why Schools have beginning, intermediate and advance levels, and if you do roll with someone who isn’t as experienced or skilled at you then bring it down a few notches so they can learn. You dominating a white belt isn’t teaching anyone and you’re not learning anything besides sandbagging and/or bullying. The BB had to step in and enforce some order.

  3. Tincat says:

    The video is a comedy skit by my friend Kit Dale, a BJJ black belt in Australia, he does a lot of funny video’s, all up on youtube, check them out.

  4. Changster Jun Tony says:

    One move that works even on the taller bigger dudes is the kick in the balls, unless it’s one of those transsexuals than the balls kick is then useless.

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