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Thursday, 10/13/2011, 01:02 pm

VIDEO: BJ Penn's Road To UFC 137


70 Responses to “VIDEO: BJ Penn's Road To UFC 137”

  1. Fortyb4five says:

    love these rvca promo vids.

  2. Fortyb4five says:

    love it bj! Train your hardest and smash Diaz!

    • youb21 says:

      im from algeria and i watch the ufc b cuz of bj penn he is a legend and yes i truley belive it the best ansewre guys is so simple bj is not a legend why because his record is 6-5-1 and gsp is a legend with record 21-2 but her is the key how much time it took this bitch to think and i said just think to move up to midlleweight even now he walk around 190 so do not talk about guy how fought all the best guys at any weight class without even train hard

  3. Man Bj’s hands are looking realy sharp.Nick Diaz is in for a world of hurt.

    • Ly-er_Ly-er says:

      Nice, its great to see alil more of BJ’s Boxing & BJJ being even more refined! Gives me much more hope for his upcoming fight! Keep training, keep striving, & keep focused BJ, u got this!

  4. Tony says:

    Great video. Can’t wait for 137. It seems like forever since we’ve seen BJ fight.

    War BJ! Penn Nation

  5. kipo says:

    Everybody miss you back home but just take it easy up there!!
    IMUA BJ!!!

  6. Two great boxers / grapplers. Going to be intense.

  7. e says:

    damn i love these behind the scenes vids! GET UM BOSS! ufc137 cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Mike Diaz says:


  9. qwerty says:

    Great quality film. No BS. No hidden agenda. Just real. Bj is looking beast in there, bring the beast. Let that beast out in the cage. Then take the belt. When you get the belt again toss it to the side and piss on it. You know you don’t need it anyway. Penn nation on the 29th!

  10. Derek says:

    anyone know the name of the song around the 9 min mark?

  11. BX81 says:

    Excellent in sight vid. I like the fact that BJ still believes he has not achieved what he can be capable of. I think diaz is in for a world of hurt.

  12. Brent says:

    Just so you guys know that BJ Penn has a fans based on just hype of him finishing fights. Really? Since his return to ufc (UFC 58), of his last 12 fights he lost 5 and 1 draw and 6 wins. 6-5-1. LOL are you kidding me? This guy is the worst mma representative ever. Yes he is talented but after every fight he contemplates retirement and if he still is in the right mind to fight anymore. In a neutral perspective, BJ Penn is a decent fighter and should be referred to as the “gatekeeper.” Randy Couture, Tito Ortiz, Chuck Liddel are legends and BJ is not and its too funny for people to keep referring him as a legend. I like BJ Penn when he fights but to say that he is one of the top ranked fighter? I dont think so.

    • Justin says:

      Dude, really… You just said BJ isn’t a legend and Tito is? I like both of them but you obviously do not know what you are talking about. BJ has gone 6-5-1 but you gotta keep in mind that of those 12 fights 7 of them were title fights and he lost three of those, two by points. To call him a gatekeeper I think you are crazy.

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      The worst MMA rep ever?! Sounds like you’re pulling a Phael Sonnen move by saying dumb as he’ll shit jus to be saying it. Need attention?

      • ThaGreenBandit says:


      • Brent says:

        An mma fighter who keeps contemplating whether he is still fit to be in a cage and talks retirement whenever he loses ? Yes definitely he is a bad rep for the sport. And how is it dumb what I am saying? His record speaks for itself. He’s never been consistent ever since UFC 58. And its not that BJ Penn is a bad fighter but he is not the hype people make him out to be and his record speaks for it self.

        • brent is a dumbass says:

          really? look who he’s fought and how he’s lost … say that to bj in his face bitch

    • e says:

      another troll that doesnt know shit. gtfo

      • Brent says:

        What exactly do I not know? We all know he is a scrapper and he likes it that way and it is very entertaining. So now lets look at his record. He is 6-5-1. He got dethroned in Lightweight Division so now he went to Welterweight Division and you know what, he has no chance at the belt. I’m not saying that he sucks, which would be stupid. But I am saying that he is definitely not the hype people make him out to be and keep him up so high in the rankings because of his name. As a fan of BJ Penn, he has been disappointing because all he did in his past fights was say he wants to contemplate retirement after a loss. And he has not evolved to keep up to par with the new generation of talent coming into the sport. I like it that he scraps but now its just getting old.

        • Tom Ryan says:

          20 UFC fights. 3rd most accurate striker. 2 highest fight finish percentage. 2 titles, 2 weight classes. the last three ppl he lost to are the current #2 & #3 P4P fighters, the other is a UFC hall of famer. Edgar 1 was a virtual draw (eventho Bj landed the cleaner strikes). GSP 1, BJ did way more damage, 2 rds to 1. Hughes 2, BJ won 2 round but was injured and lost in the third. GSP 2, do i have to remind you of Greasegate? BJ fights that best of the best. always has. he fought machida and lost a close decision, giving away 31 lbs. BJ KO’s Hughes in 21 secs, something even GSP couldn’t do. Then he wins 2/3 rounds vs the #2 welterweight (that last round was not a 10-8 btw). two time submission of the night, 1 time knockout of the night. most wins at Lightweight in UFC history. last champion since Chuck Lidell to defend at least three times and finish all challengers. When BJ drew vs Uno, he challenged Gomi, and subbed him out. Then stopped the seemingly invincible Hughes. He gives great fighters the worst beating of their careers. When Wanderlei Silva in his prime (5 yr Pride win streak) said that beating UFC champions was easy money, BJ called him out and offered the fight. Florian was killing the lightweight Division, BJ made him look foolish. Same for Diego — dominating at Ltweight, BJ made him scared to fight. 6 wins over 5 MMA former champions (Serra, Gomi, Sherk, Pulver, Hughes x2), 16 MMA victories, 7 losses (all to current or former UFC champions), 2 draw (that should have been wins), Never been KO’d, Never been knocked down, Never been submitted, even after fighting for 10 years. He’s trained with the who’s who of fighter and trainers (Randy Couture, Anderson Silva, Frank Shamrock, Dave Cammarillo, Hughes, Jeremy Horn, Allan Goes, Joe Lauzon, Gray Maynard, Kenny Florian, Nick & Nate Diaz, Ben Henderson, Freddie Roach, Dede, Mayweather Sr., Bob Cook, Parillo, Kenny Johnson, the Marinoviches) and he’s 10 years strong in the sport. Not to mention a current top welterweight contender. He has been at one time or another described by experts as the #1 pound for pound fight in the world, the best boxer in mixed martial arts and the most dangerous submission specialist in the UFC. And if none of these things were true, he’d still be a bad motherf*ther with knockout power and sick submission skills, and Nick Diaz is next. There’s your “6-5-1″ in perspective.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          very nice tom.

        • Good Job Tom.. says:

          Great perspective…

        • Tom Ryan says:

          Thanks guys, but seriously, F*ck these clown talkin sh*t about BJ on his website. I am in a VERY bad mood today, and I’m willing to take it to anybody who’s got a f*ckin problem with any of that.

        • youb21 says:

          and he is the second men to hold the belt at 2 weight classes

        • e says:

          gtfo then no need cry to the REAL FANS. nobody here gives a shit about stats, were in it for the fights.

    • Ray says:

      Brent I am guessing your one of those guys who love watching boring lame fighters jab each other to death and scared to be finished so they just do enough to get by? Such as GSP, Fitch, Frankie Edgar, etc right? If so great nothing wrong with your taste each one of those guys I just named I respect to the upmost its just not my cup of tea to sit around and watch them go 12-0 or 22-2 with 95% Decision Rates, thats like riding a Pony Ride at the county fair, boring slow, and definitely not worth wasting my $70 PPV money on. Guys like Penn, Liddell, Tito, Rampage, Jones, etc. old talent and up and coming are fighters I would happily pay to see all day everyday. That 6-5-1 record you just put out there how many of those were boring and to be honest, mind you HONEST, not bias, but honest, I think most would agree BJ beat GSP the first go around and he beat Edgar the first go around as well. In which case he would be 8-3-1 possibly better since if the first Edgar fight was judged correctly there would not have been a second and he would still probably have the 155 belt. He beat Fitch and no way should have had a 10-8 round so that makes him 9-3. GSP bent the rules second go around (although albiet Penn Gassed) so it is what it is not going down that route but just putting that out there and yes he got taken down and circled by Edgar for 25 min the second go around in which case he lost. And of course the Hughes loss was straight forward. SO technically due to horrible judging, there is a 6-5-1 Penn record on paper, but change officials and judges on any given day and you have a 10-2 or 10-1 (minus second Edgar fight that would have never happened.) Now that I clarified your “on paper” approach you want me to go through Brock Lesnar’s legit 5-2 record? or how about Mark Hunt’s 7-7 record since all you seem to recognize is records? Better yet lets look at those lame decisions that are posted by other champions.

      Bottom line great fighters finish fights. Champions win fights. And LEGENDS are Champions who finish Champions.

      • D says:

        Ray, I really like BJ. I think he’s exciting to watch and probably one of the most raw skilled MMA fighters ever. How a guy could be a BJJ champ in so few years is incredible. But seriously your response is so lame. You basically threw out every excuse possible for BJ. He lost the fights. I hope he smashes Diaz but all this “fighters fight” bull shit has to go. They need to win (preferably convincingly of course like Silva) but winning is what matters. UFC is a sport, it’s about winning. Otherwise the Buffalo Bills would brag about losing 4 straight super bowls because it was so great that they made it to the finals and they were an exciting team. Who gives a shit. BJ lost and he also got absolutely smashed by GSP in the 2nd fight and if they fought again, I assure you GSP would destroy him again. BJ QUIT even though he quoted that he would fight to the death. Like i said i like BJ but seriously enough with the excuses.

  13. Kris Concepcion says:

    he is by far one of the most active mma fighters

    • Brent says:

      He is active but not the most active out of all the fighters. I’d say this year should go out to Jon Jones as the most active fighter of the year. And Chael Sonnen last year (putting aside the trt case), he was great in promoting his fights, kept it entertaining, and put on great fights. BJ Penn has been most active during 2008 and 2009.

  14. mikeA says:

    i love these videos, they keep me goin… as i wait for their next fights….
    …. i swear women have their kardashian tv shows etc… but this right here
    is my MAN soap opera ish… .i love this shit… keep the vids coming please…

    PENN NATION!!! PENN WARRR!!!! hide grease …..we’re coming !!!!

  15. kevin says:

    How are you a gatekeeper and not a legend when u are only 1 of 2 people to ever hold a belt in 2 weight classes. Enough said

  16. Jc says:

    how can bj be a gate keeper if he has worn the belt twice had numurous title fights and is currently fighting for a number 1 condtender status. this brent dickhead dosent know what hes talkin about. a gate kepper is someone like clay guida , someone who will always fight top guys but never fight for the title

  17. Dan says:

    anybody kno the name of the song that starts at 7 minutes?


    Damn BJ looking sharp and ready!!!!

  19. fongsta says:

    BJ has been fighting the best guys in his division period, and throughout his whole career. His record isnt that great like the Alverez or Aoki… but who have those fools fought! You look at who BJ has fought his whole entire career, he has fought the best guys at those time. enough said!

  20. James says:


  21. James says:

    hmmm thats really hard… was welter and lw champ and didn’t lose at lw for 8 years. SUCK A COCK.

  22. respectexpected says:

    Thanks, it’s really good video for the fans. Bj’s looking sharp indeed as someone else pointed out. Looking forward to news on Reagan’s next fight, good luck to both Penn brothers

  23. Medicine Man says:

    Do it Bj, make GSP’s training look like garbage.

  24. edd says:

    best website in the world… haha lol

    lets go bj!!!

  25. steven horgan says:

    brent not a won the title at welterweight , a weight above and beat the then most dominant version of matt hughes there was, even when hughes beat gsp…bj won the lightweight title making him one of only two people in the ufc to win a title in two weight divisions…bj was ranked p4p best fighter in he world, bj was also the rumble on the rock light weight champion, bj is the only lightweight in the history of mma to move up far as heavyweight and compete..he went 3 rounds with lyoto machida at a time where lyoto ko rich franklin…bj is undefeated at middleweight beating all the gracies, bj recently is the only fighter in the division to beat the no. 2 welterweight in the world jon fitch for two rounds since is now facing diaz a champion in a co maain event for a shot at the title…YOU ARE 1 DUMB UNEDUCATED MMA FAN AND DONT KNOW might contemplate retirement , but thats because hes done it all he is a legend, he is rich he is not fighting for money, he has a family to worry is fighting for us fans and for himself as a fighter to reach his full potential, and that hype about his finishes is to make exciting fights for fans you fucking idiot, this is why bj penn is a LEGEND and loved by piece of shit

  26. Trevor says:

    Please start a series like this!!! Kind of like the one Alistair Overeem has. This was an awesome video, keep them up!

  27. Random Person says:

    Penn raised the bar at 155. Without him, the fighters coming up would not have set their sights and goals so high.

    Either people want to fight him to try and beat the legend, or they are afraid to fight him.

    We get to see two fighters on the 29th. Gonna be a great show.

    Penn is a legend of the sport. People will argue that he has lost and has not risen to the occation when a true champ would have, therefore not a legend; and people will argue that he has only fought the absolute best of the best always and that makes him a legend. But we all know the truth. He is a badass who brings it. Not afraid to fight anybody. Nobody else can say that. He will fight the best until the end. He never picks and chooses his opponents. He always has the best in front of him and thats the way he likes it. No point in fighting chumps if you are one of the best right?

  28. bizzle says:

    Cheeeee… Let’s do it..

  29. steven horgan says:

    bj has risen to the occasion ,for people say he hasent, no. 1 the first hughes fight bj was ment to get destroyed, he won in one round, bj rematch with pulver came back beat him, gomi was regarded the best lightweight in the world when bj beat him, bj was the first and only person to stop sean sherk at lightweight, how long was he lightweight champion thats risen to the occasion..moving up in all those weight classes testing his skills as a martial artist thats risen to the occasion,whats he doing now back at welterweight fighting for a title shot thats risen to the occasion, the thing about bj is he has accomplished so much and done so well in many things they cant comprehend why he can then loose, bj is one of the few natural fighters left if he had been doing trt and all that stuff he would never have a bad day, natural people have a bad day where they dont perform their best because where human..the losses bj in my opinion won the first edgar and gsp fight..props to edgar in the 2nd fight, gsp had an unfair advantage in the second fight with vaseline should of been no contest,..right so thats just edgar that has him in one won the hughes trilogy, beat pulver the 2nd time, beat uno, lost a split decision at heavyweight to machida,.. now look at that record if gsp, anderson silva, jose aldo or many of the so called legends had ested themselves as much as bj has they would have losses too, aldo couldent even finish florian, gsp is too scared to move up.. anderson silva is content with staying at middleweight with an impressive record not wanting to fight the 1 middleweight that nearly beat him or test himself against the lhw top 5..chael sonnen said it best bj could have been undefeated, hes not afraid of a record or a loss he searched and searched until he was beat..there will never be a more true fighter than that..thats the record true fans of not even bj penn but mma will remember

    • El Charlie says:

      Agreed. You my sir are brilliant.

    • Random Person says:

      Yes I agree. But a so-and-so “reporter” (if you all can remember) made quite the claim that he has not risen to the occasion when he “should” have. But that guy does not know a damn thing obviously.

      As I said before; BJ is a badass. Lets find one other fighter that has not just “said” that they will fight anybody any weight, but one who has actually done it. Only BJ that I know of.

      He no sked. Can’t wait for the 29th.

  30. steven horgan says:

    ya for his consideration he should of looked at bj stats and see why he is called the prodigy

  31. James says:


  32. steven horgan says:

    ha ha your welcome…no need for thanks thats why where on this site is to support bj,

  33. Kenneth Hecht says:

    Great vid. Thank you. Looking forward to the Diaz fight :-)

  34. Night-Wind says:

    Sick < this video

  35. Mike McMack says:

    If you don’t love BJ Penn then your not a real MMA fan.

  36. James says:

    hmmm brent is being really silent all of the sudden, his mouth must be stuffed with a cock.

  37. Lil Joe says:


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