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Tuesday, 10/25/2011, 08:24 am

VIDEO: BJ Penn's Road To UFC 137 Episode 2



89 Responses to “VIDEO: BJ Penn's Road To UFC 137 Episode 2”

  1. AlexAbeyta says:

    This is why bj penn is my hero.

  2. Dev_NY says:

    Awesome Vid!! BJ you truly are the people’s champ!! Best of luck on your upcoming fight.

  3. Duane says:

    That’s all i needed to see as a Penn Nation fan… Fights a wrap already, watch’m!!

    • bruts says:

      shows how much you actually saw, think hes already got this fight in the bag, god you stupid hicks ruin fan pages there is no chance IN HISTORY THAT BJ IS GOING TO WALK THREW NICK, if you think so you have another thing coming… have you guys even taking a second of you’re pathetic lifes to watch nick diaz fight, i do not give one fuck about attitude in fighting(only babies do), oh my hes a douche bag, (DONT FUCKING LISTEN THEN OR WATCH) he does this and blah blah blah blah, fuck right off if you are so concerned about there attitudes and not there fighting styles watch days of our life ALREADY! and get the fuck off of peoples nuts…

      • TheBraveReply says:

        dude what? You pointed out 3 things and failed to prove a point to any of them. Go sit at the kiddies table. This is for grown ups.

      • Fortyb4five says:

        lol your fuckin stupid. Bj is gonna wreck Diaz. All you faggot ass bitch’s are gonna look so stupid next weekend.

        • DontBeScaredHomie says:

          Bj won’t wreck diaz.

        • Mitch Wilson says:

          DontBeSacredHomie tell me where Diaz has an advantage? Cardio is his only shot in hell, if he stands with BJ he is getting KO’d if he takes it to the ground he’s gonna get tapped. BJ is on another level imo. War BJ great video’s i had goosebumps more then once while watching that. Great production whoever did it.

      • ThaGreenBandit says:

        Dude, pull whatever it is outta your ass and calm the fuck down! You might want to get your grammar and spelling right if you are gonna hop out there and call someone stupid.

      • John says:

        Someone is hanging on Diaz nuts. Anyway bj looks great here and it’s awesome to see him motivated. I’m glad some people on actually come here to support bj and not oppose him. He’s been an inspirational fighter for so many up and comers over the years and he really is a special kinda fighter that comes along once in a lifetime it’s awesome we get to watch him compete. Win or lose you watch him haters so quit talking nonsense

      • EP says:

        i nothing but all the respect in the world for Nick Diaz as a fighter. he is fkn awesome. i have been following him since he was first fighting in UFC and knocking out Ruthless and beating guys he wasnt supposed to beat. He is a true fighter with warrior spirit who goes in every fight to FIGHT. with that said, dont come on to a BJ fanpage and start talking shit to all the BJ fans repping BJ, who is a legend to this sport, World Champion in 2 Weight Classes, and probably the most highly decorated and skilled overall mma fighter in the world… If you want to rant and rave about how great diaz is, this is the wrong place for you. As good as Diaz is, he is nowhere near or as accomplished and skilled as BJ. BJ is going to destroy him wherever the fight goes. Youll see on Oct 29th. Wrong time for anyone to be fighting The Prodigy, he is coming to get his belt back from the lamest champ in mma, Gsp. WAR PENN, all day every day. *Just Scrap*

      • LarryB says:

        Calm down, brother. No need to be so upset. Have a little respect for people who put their lives on the line for the love of the art. All the rest is just hype. Enjoy the show and leave the rest alone.

      • ben says:

        maybe you haven’t seen nick diaz fight. he lost to diego sanchez in 2006, left ufc to go into EliteXC: Renegade lost again in 2007. went to strikeforce with no competition he hasn’t lost a fight for over 3 years. BUT he hasn’t been in ufc for 5 years, he’s never been a ufc champion and has never had any real fights. the best fighters he’s gone against he has lost to. E.G Riggs, sherk, both after sanchez. And yes, BJ PENN will “walk through” not threw, diaz. Bj has only faced the best fighters in the world, and when he’s prepared like this. watch out. havent you ever heard anderson silva talk about penn? “BJ penn is worlds greatest fighter, just my opinion” – anderson silva

  4. JOHN says:

    why the fuck does he always look out of shape? FUCK!

    • KOdMotorboater says:

      That ‘out of shape look’ is when you don’t do roids. He’s in shape but not jacked like GSP (hgh), Sherk (hgh), Guida (didn’t get caught yet), etc..

      • JOHN says:

        You don’t have to take steroids to get in shape. You’re NOT in shape if you have man boobs and a fucking GUT. BJ has had his times where he has looked prepared to fight, meaning LEAN, not huge.

        • Brave Reply says:

          yeah and he was fighting at 155lbs. when he looked that way. He isnt pussy footing around like GSP is saying he needs a year to put on good weight. BJ just goes out and SCRAPS even when he is UNDER the weight ie) Hughes vs Penn III Penn weighed 168lbs and definitely was not ripped like the GSPs and Marquardts

    • : ^ ) says:

      People like “bruts,” “JOHN,” and “henry Kobasky” don’t understand BJ or his fans and don’t know what’s important in life. His fans, and especially his Hawaiian fans, know and understand the importance of ‘ohana and friends, which was prominently displayed in this video with Lili’u and Rudy. BJ’s fighting on the 29th against Nick Diaz~alright, awesome. In the big picture, that fact is very small in what is important. The video led in with the training aspect, but ended with what’s really important~family and friends.

      I still want BJ to kick ass, but whether he wins or loses is not what’s gonna last in why I’m a BJ Penn fan. It’s all the other aspects of his life that I myself identify with, which is why I’m a fan for life.

      • BJPennRules says:

        I agree they dont understand or respect the warrior spirit in BJ, win or lose BJ is a champ..

      • Hilo Boy says:

        as you can see get homophobic dummies all over the place. even on bj is a true fighter and if he like retire thats cool with me. too bad its not cool with you. that makes you sound kinda gay. no worry gsp coming back

      • JOHN says:

        Fuck you I understand that perfectly, even if you train insane, you can still make time for friends and family. What I said has nothing to do with being a BJ fan, it just means I would like to see him put in the work that the other fighters put in to have awesome cardio and to really expose his full potential… now if you ask me, going in to fight for title contention without being in tip top shape is disrespectful to your fans… hopefully that is not the case. You are just a big fucking fruit who likes to talk shit out of your ass. That’s one reason why I don’t respect fans because they say the most ignorant shit.

        • lolz says:

          you my friend, are an idiot. “That’s one reason why I don’t respect fans because they say the most ignorant shit.” hypocritical statements like that is what i love to throw back in faces, kinda like your face for instance. 2 dumb fuckin posts and you still dont get it. lol just shut da fuck up, kick back and chill. nub

      • Kalaeboi says:

        Mahalo’s for dat…. Fighting is a small part of why we love bruddah… I feel sorry for most of u out there… U will never understand! Good luck to both BJ and Diaz, but my heart is wit my culture! Go Hawaiian!

      • Hilo Boy says:

        bruddah, if you no like the way bj looks, i’m sure gsp needs more fans on his website. you criticize bj so much and you call yourself a fan of bj? brah us guys accept bj no matter what. we show the aloha win or lose. das how its done here. you don’t understand brah. aloha spirit.

        • : ^ ) says:

          bruddah henry, you still don’t get it ! let me ask you an honest question: what makes you think you have anything to offer bj as far as mma training???? brah, he is already established !!!!
          your advice means nothing to bj, really. in case you didn’t know, bj has been in the game for over ten years. he don’t need your advice, sir. you’re not trying to give him advice–you’re trying to impress the readers to with your “knowledge.” not very impressive. three things you didn’t observe: 1)hilo boy’s name was capitalized, 2) and no letters in this post was capitalized, making it one more hawaiian who chose not to capitalize, and 3) your first name should be capitalized, mr. english teacher! spread the aloha, bruddah, and stop being an easy target brah. aloha.

      • You know who this is... says:

        To the English major: it is NOT “it’s residents,” it IS “its’ residents.” If you gonna claim to be Mr. English Master 2011, make sure your title is not flawed (like all your posts).

        You are NOT a true fan of BJ because you know not the meaning. A “true fan” would not ASSume they know what BJ is thinking at any given time. How do you know he “lost the fire” and the “desire to be the best?” How do you know what goes through a “world champion’s” mind? Seriously? I will NEVER have an inclination to watch videos of GSP train. You do. Best you hide those videos before your straight room mates find them!
        they might evict your…

        “Your brain, unfortunately, is as “lower case” as your grammatically incorrect ramblings are.” I BET YOU CAN’T EXPLAIN WHAT THIS STATEMENT MEANS. To Hawaii and the rest of the U.S. (best damn country in the world), it’s an example of “grammatically incorrect ramblings.” (…bet you can’t find the grammatically incorrect part, you mahu….)

    • Dirk Digler says:

      Hes fighting at welterweight you fuckwads.

  5. Winston says:

    That’s awesome that Joel Tudor is training with you. I thought it might have been a diff guy than the longboarder, but it is the same dude.

    So much love in the video, da aina, Lili’u, the friends, etc… Use all of this to fuel your passion to finish Diaz!

    Btw, what happened between you and Rudy? Was it just to change camps? Glad you are both still buddies.

  6. Hilosupaman says:


  7. OakCliffTopdog says:

    May you be at peace in mind, body, and spirit throughout life BJ and not just in the fight. The rest will fall into place. Great to see the bond between you and your hija. I have three daughters and I can tell you are a great father. Big respect! WAR BJ!!!

  8. tkdwes says:

    Hawaii is actually so beautiful.

  9. Eric says:

    DID I MISS SOMETHING?!?! what happened between Rudy V and BJ?

    besides that, BEAUTIFUL editing, and track selections. everything in the video flowed together. this is the best BJ Video with a inside look at his training camp with both mind and body preparation.

    i hope on the next one there is some Reagan footage. Since his fight is the following weekend, i assume they are training in the same camp.

  10. Timmy says:

    BJ’s corner took a lot of criticism after the second Edgar fight. I remember Rogan criticizing Parillo for not giving technical instruction. After BJ lost, a lot of people (including members of this site) started saying that BJ needs a new corner, blah blah blah. Well, for his next couple of fights against Hughes and Fitch, BJ changed things up a bit and had Rude Boy, The Insane One, and Reagan take control of his corner. BJ no longer had Rudy and Parillo in his corner.

    BJ did great in those fights and all respect and props to Troy, Justin and Reagan for getting BJ ready (also for bringing in all the wrestlers to improve his wrestling game).

    Well, it looks like BJ is back with Parillo and Kenny Johnson, and had a nice visit with Rudy. The thing that always bothered me was how people criticized Parillo and Rudy unfairly. NO ONE was complaining when BJ was destroying Pulver, Sherk, Florian and Sanchez. Who was in his corner for those fights? Parillo and Rudy! and Kenny Johnson in some.

    In the fight game, you win some and you lose some. All you can do is improve and learn from your losses. BJ is still searching and looking to improve. BJ is evolving with MMA. He has been tweaking his game here and there and with that comes some tweaks to his corner, but I don’t think you just get rid of the people who helped get you to where you are. And I am so happy that BJ hasn’t done that.

    WAR BJ and good luck against Nick!

  11. -E- says:

    B.J. ….716 behind you

  12. briant manrique says:

    Hi Does anyone know what is the name of the song at the end of the second video?

  13. Big J says:

    I hope BJ’s Cardio is good for this next match up. The thing I respect is how he still tries to evolve as a Mixed Martial Artist. For example, for the Fitch fight he didn’t go to his bread and butter, but he worked on his wrestling. Some veteran fighters won’t change their game plan because they are too comfortable in what they already do, therefore, they lose their matches; for example, Rampage versus Jones. Lets get this “W”, BJ!

  14. Josh says:

    Who is that dub step / dead mouse sounding song . or whats that song rather.

  15. Lino says:

    Penn for life ! Just scrap homie !

  16. Travis says:

    Love BJ, one concern is that i dont see him ever do kicking. I think he could be even more leathal with kicking in his arsenal.

  17. steven horgan says:

    shit this video makes me realise why i fuckin love and respect bj penn, watching this was like witnessing something special about to happen in bjs career…in the ten years iv been watching bj fight,training and videos iv never seen bj have that look in his eyes…he must be soaking up all that hawaiinn energy..i think this will be the birth of the bj where he hits his full your a legend,win ,lose ,draw theres no one i respect more than you in the world….you done it all in the game already time to finish up and tie up the loose knots, like bj said ‘the mind controls the body, and the hart is the biggest muscle in the body’bj is in sync with the two…WARRR BJ

  18. dan says:

    whats the name of the first song?

  19. George says:

    Awesome videos!!!

  20. steven horgan says:

    bruts show how much you know ya dumb hick, bj has defeated fighters that beat diaz ,and look who bj has fought only the best, so there isa chance he could walk through diaz, but in my opinion it will be a war between the two…bj always comes prepared and scraps so we dont have to see him training for a whole video, this is an insight for his fans to show us his mind set before the fight and to see how bj embraces his heritage which gives his passion for what he does..the mind is stronger than the body, so it doesent matter what kind of shape bj looks in ..the mind can push the body to any lengths when focussed,

  21. Twayne says:

    Awesome vid! You have our support to da’ fullest Champ! WAAR “PRODIGY”!


  22. Lex w says:

    Loved it I wish he would drop 1 every day

  23. Michael Montes says:

    love these vids keep em coming for the bj training camps

    people always ask me what RVCA and i say go to as i run away lol

  24. Losingmymindsi says:

    Too bad they put a 5th grade bully in to fight against a world class fighter like BJ… But hey he sure can make a mean face…any way love a good ass kicking and since it’s all about entertainment Diaz is about to get his ass pummeled… Again!!!!

  25. Ant says:

    I sure hope BJ’s body is not an indication of his cardio. He looked a little plump. Hopefully he has found that balance in his conditioning. Or maybe he wanted to put on some weight for this fight to keep Diaz down. But whatever….i’m getting in fight mode now!…Go BJ!

  26. magoo says:

    All you fukn doubters are on the wrong site,Bj’s fat BJ’s outta shape….GTFO. I’m tellin ya it right now he’s gonna choke out Diaz before the 3rd round!

  27. Isaiah D says:

    Awesome video, good images, good music, good ppl. Bj I hope you know how lucky you are. RuuuuuuuDy!!!

  28. Chris says:

    Cardio doesn’t make GSP’s fights exciting. Do you want an athlete or a warrior? BJ is a warrior, so is Diaz so it should be awesome no matter what.
    Both those guys would fight King Kong if they had to. GSP would use his cardio to run away.

  29. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Great vid. Gonna love watching this fight, but gonna hate seeing one of these two lose

  30. FILHARMONIC says:

    Awesome video! BJ… from all of Penn Nation, good luck braddah! we behind you all da way!

  31. Kaulana Pakele says:

    At the end of the day…, lose or draw, we all love & support our Hawaiian Warrior, BJ Penn….no matter what the doubters & haters may say, no matter if he looks fat & out of shape or lean and in shape, what he does or doesn’t do in his training, whether he talks smack or not, trains here or on the mainland, what coaches he has in his corner or doesn’t have, what he has accomplished or not accomplished, whether he wins, loses or draws, the FACTof the matter is, WE STILL LOVE & SUPPORT BJ…..BJ is like Ohana (Family), and we take care of our own… all of you that say this and that about BJ, it don’t really matter, because we will ALWAYS have much love & respect for BJ and what he’s accomplished……we are his TRUE fans…..his EXTENDED OHANA, and no one can take that away from us……..BJ, Continue to do what you do best, and that is, be yourself……….Much Love & Respect, Bro………HILO BOYZ!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Chavez0712 says:

    I’m so excited about this fight. All my uncle ever says about BJ is that he is a waste of talent and that Nick Diaz is going to destroy him. I laugh at him and can’t wait to see the look on his face on Oct. 29. War BJ!!!!!!

  33. andrew J says:

    WIN,LOSE dont matter BJ, JUST SCRAP man, just bring that fire of leaving it out of the judges bro like u do, AND we all know even the haters(not me) of DAIZ he too will do the same. either way this fight goes THANKS BOTH OF YOU for it.

  34. James Wolfe says:

    I can’t wait to watch this fight…its going to be a great one.

    My hope is that BJ will win both titles back and retire champ. I know he is capable of both if he sets his mind to it.

  35. John M says:

    Its makes me feel great to See BJ back with Rudy, that was some deep shit when Rudy said he’d always be in BJ’s corner forever.

  36. pk9grrr says:

    great vid..anyone know all the songs on this video?

  37. robbie says:

    so stoked for this fight , bj awesome video , no matter how your fights turn out, your a true champion , and will be one of the biggest legends in this sport ,, being a bj penn fan isnt about the wins , the hype , its about every fight you fight man , there s always a moment of sheer brilliance ,

  38. arun says:

    BJ PENN is DA MAN!

  39. Robert J says:

    Good Luck BJ. Cant wait for Saturday night!

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