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Friday, 10/28/2011, 05:08 pm


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  1. Marc says:

    I think BJ kind of got his feelings hurt

    • DontBeScaredHomie says:

      It’s sad how everyone here is hating on Diaz when Bj is the one that go in his face first Diaz just reacted. Don’t worry Bj will get his tomorrow and I can’t wait to come back and see what all you nutthuggers have to say about Penn getting overwhelmed.

      • DVO says:

        Yeah, why would they support BJ on BJPENN.COM? Fucking retard

        • Mircfsc says:

          Nick swung at BJ..stupid.

        • Ahhhh CMON ! says:

          Hey Mircfsc, dude, they’re FIGHTERS ! If you’re so senstive that you couldn’t handle THAT situation, grab your soft pillow and fluffy blanket, turn on the “Cartoon Network,” and stare at the pretty colors until UFC 137 is over, you panty !!!!

          (OVER AND OUT. I’m moving on. Your response is not necessary nor will be addressed. So feel good about yourself after you post.)

        • Roscoe10 says:

          Im with you on that its expected YOUR ABOUT TO FIGHT! emotions are gonna run high, theyll be boys again next week

      • Hilosupaman says:

        Nick thrust his head down!

      • Troy says:

        come back….why?

      • AJ says:

        “It’s sad how everyone here is hating on Diaz when Bj is the one that go in his face first Diaz just reacted.”

        Are you f’ing serious? Poverty and child abuse is said, man. These are 2 grown men about to get paid to fight, There’s nothing sad about it. Besides, BJ didn’t “get in his face”, knucklehead. Watch more weigh ins, before making such dumbass comments!

      • erica says:


        You need to watch it again dumbass!! Your stuttering dumbass Nick Diaz started it. You’re either blind or mentally retarded….Nick Diaz is a bully who thinks just bcause he’s taller..he can bully… I can’t wait til tonight to see BJ put Nick back in his place…….Strikeforce…..heehee…what a f**king joke!!!

      • chris!! says:

        are you dumb? bj just went in for a close stare down like he always does, and nick clearly must’ve gotten offended or something cause he shoved his head into bj after that, so bj then did it back.. you blind delusional mo’fcka!!

      • Nova Uniao Rules says:

        What are you gonna say nutlicker when BJ Penn mops the canvas with Nick. BJ is the original bad boy. Tey are suppossed to get into each other’s faces for the pictures. Nick just acts like a 12 year old. Trust me BJ is not scared, homie.

      • sb350 says:

        are you blind? did you not see that Di-ass stuck his head in there first?

    • DaRuckuz says:

      nah not hurt feelings looked more like “ok becuz u did dat diaz ima really kick ur ass now” feeling.

      • TheXperience says:

        Exactly right… he had that “Ima Whoop ur Ass Boiiii” look on his face! I think BJ will come out like a fucking Gorilla and be all over Diaz and destroy him like he did Hughes… he had that same fire in his eyes….

    • 808nation says:

      nick is the one that brought his dome down to bj…num nuts….! nick just needs a reason to fight angry……..thats cool,,,,,,now bj is fired up too. nick got his feelings hurt when b called out his coach….lil beeeeotch…bj round 1 ko..

  2. James Wolfe says:

    That just showed me how much of an asshole Diaz can be, good, let this pump you up even more BJ, come in and destroy this clown.

  3. desmond says:

    shit please! He’ll be hurting nick’s feelings tomorrow night!

  4. chon209 says:

    how is he an asshole you are just a hater beside all these videos are either edited like the first one look at the time mark at 1:07 / 1:08 its edited bj was looking at diaz crazy and besides bj made body contact first and there haters are assholes along with many other things

  5. Kalani says:

    Not surprised by Diaz doing that. What did you really expect from Metal Mullisha? No respect for the sport and the culture. I’m glad that Diaz did though. It just Gives B.J fuel to pound em.

  6. T.DADDY says:

    Nick is a douche bag!!!! cant even stick around for a

    WAR PENN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Jimmy the french Canadian says:

    Diaz is such an asshole that he dosent even have one… in fack he is entirly made of shit…

  8. Xaninho says:

    Wow Nick Diaz actually showed up! What a douchebag!

  9. JOHN says:

    smash this motherfucking faggot BJ!

  10. Marc says:

    Actually, I think BJ got pretty close and up in Diaz’s face and of course it’s going to cause a stir…so Diaz reacted by nudging him with his head. BJ Penn is my favorite fighter, but I like Nick Diaz too. He’s fun to watch fight…he goes all out. He seems pretty cool on some youtube videos and BJ and Diaz are friends and I’m sure they will be after the fight. Once they both walk in to the arena, they this episode will have been forgotten. BJ will win, but I’m not sure in what fashion.

  11. Matty808 says:

    Fuck Diaz!!! Let’s Go BJ….. Kau Inoa Brahdah..LOl’z

  12. It was just a face off.. it’s all good. Nate didn’t throw any water bottles and no birds were flown. Considerable reach difference for nick, but Bj will drop him. It’s time for battle! War Bj..

  13. Nick says:

    Possible Strikeforce brawl again?

  14. tim says:

    No one can say who will win, Just happy GSP got injured so we dont need to fall asleep

  15. Marc says:

    Anderson Silva said that BJ Penn is the best fighter out there…

  16. chon209 says:

    diaz has the ufc hating on him making him out to be the bad guy with the editing as you can see what i posted above and for more proof the ufc tweeting the penn diaz wigh in right after but it got pulled and reposted after they edited it
    you guys hated when ufc did that with penn making him to be the bad guy the same way but now its happening with bjs opponent and you guys are eating it up

    I wont be dissapointed for the winner but will be for the loser

    nuff said im ready for them to get it done, till tomorrow

  17. Hector says:

    Nick Diaz No Class! Totally lost respect for him! Beat him up BJ!

  18. learntoread says:

    What are people wining about in here? Never seen an intense staredown before? Seriously. lol, why do some fans treat BJ like he’s a porcelain doll? The guy loves this sort of sh!t before a fight.

    I thought it was pretty awesome and will most likely add (at the least) a few thousand more PPV buys for tomorrow night’s WAR.

    “Expect the Unexpected”, indeed.

  19. Nick says:

    first of all for the diaz fans.. this is a gd penn site, so f*ck off!! 2nd of all i loved that just happened..theres something called bj ready and something called bj the pissed version!!! PENN NATION!!!

    • Dick says:

      bj penn is a fan of nick diaz himself so will you tell him the same you can tweet him if you want tell him to fuck off since your doing it here

      • Nick says:

        really? thats what you got? they may be fans outside the cage but not when they are across eachother.. im all for them squashing it when its done and when bj gets his hand raised but nick messed up pissing him off…did you not watch the intro to the fight? it goes, bj (dont piss me off) diaz and his ghetto ass says (dont be scared homie) well i know bj is FAR from scared of him and i also know he is now pissed.. If i offended you by blogging my opinion im sorry but this is a bj site..posers can get on another site

        • MorningGlory says:

          “Posers can get on another site” Hmph….
          Well that would really put someone in there place.

  20. Tsimanga says:

    Nick is a good boxer and JJ guy, but he has ZERO TK defense. BJ’s gonna take him down and RNC him in the first round. Over and out.

  21. Heath says:

    Ever think maybe Diaz wants a pissed off Penn?? Looks like Nick is over his Envy of Penn and ready to fight.. This is a guy that thrives on the competition and seeing how far he can push himself..Your not gonna intimidate him.. I liked it..Screw the friendship till after the fight. I wonder if he’s gonna smack talk in the ring like usuall? Two warriors right here, cant wait..

  22. Lex w says:

    Y’all c how happy n big arriany(misspelled) smile got when bj came out…. lucky man…… I like nick and ill support him after this fight but he has no chance now

  23. Fortyb4five says:

    lol Nicks gonna get his ass kicked.

  24. Real proud to see tons of Diaz fans folding to Bj! We all have Bj FTW!

  25. KingGareth says:

    BJ looks better at 155. I think Nick Diaz by decision.

  26. Victor says:

    Força, BJ… Acaba com a raça desse otário!

  27. Mike Diaz says:

    Saw it live, then saw it a few more times up here. Nick definitely leaned up into BJ, the Prodigy was just meeting him head up in the middle for the stare down. So now Diaz has lit a fire under BJ’s a**, huge mistake. ITS FIGHT TIME! PENN NATION!!!!!!


    GO BJ

  29. sgt thai clone says:

    this is going to be interesting

  30. Brandon says:

    I hope it’s a draw.

  31. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    They just got caught in the moment. They have a mutual respect for one another and after the fight they still will be friends. Why hate on Nick Diaz? He clearly has some social issues and is uncomfortable in the limelight.

  32. sleddingownage says:

    I’m somewhat concerned, Diaz is noticeably larger than BJ.

    Still gotta go with Penn via KO. C’mon BJ, shut this maricon up.

  33. The King says:


  34. stonedtodeath says:


  35. FILHARMONIC says:


  36. e says:


  37. Cletus Jackson says:

    Turd Diaz is a joke. Come on Blow Job Penn you have this.

  38. Cletus Jackson says:

    I am afraid and can only talk trash behind a computer screen.

  39. pk9grrr says:

    well good atleast we know its going to be a legit battle,what the hell do you expect from to warriors who will never back down , i dont want no gay hi 5s in the begining of each round

  40. Jack says:

    Can’t wait for this fight WAR PENN NATION !!!!!

  41. drew says:

    from philly WAR PENN!!!

  42. Darren says:

    Im so pumped for this fight, my 2 favourite fighters are ready for war!!!!!!!

  43. dipset says:

    its on now bj haters…u craka asses..bread crumps stuk btween ya buttcheeks…craka ass.

  44. RHendO says:

    RRRAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! It’s time to fight! Simple as that for your simple ass

  45. e says:

    @ 1:24 in the diff angle vid pause it. BJ is set up for a perfect right hook to nicks face. looks like actual fight footage.

    and nick is kissing his bicep

  46. WOODZ says:

    Suk it Diaz, war penn

  47. sOppie says:

    Dont really blame diaz for that, his from a place where u scrap regardless especially if a guy comes at you. Don’t get me wrong BJ is my number 1 fighter and i hope he wins tomorrow it, it’s going to be a awesome fight tomorrow FIGHT OF THE NIGHT!!!

  48. Jmad says:

    cant wait, it’s going down

  49. John Galt says:

    Having watched this over and over it seems kinda mutual. BJ stepped in closer (no contact though) once they had their initial face-off space staked out. Nick, being the pit-bull type person he is, took this as a challenge and initiated the contact and actually tried to hit/slap BJ with a right. Had that hit BJ, I think it would have been an all-out brawl, like that strikeforce debacle in the ring. Which raises the question, in an all-out brawl, Nick’s boys vs BJ’s boys, who wins? I see parillo and some big bald brazillian looking guy with BJ and Nate with Nick….so I gotta go with BJ’s crew!

    All in all, good pre-fight hype.

  50. Honestly.. I think the ending was kinda staged bc no words were exchanged and look at Bj face in the second video.

  51. John Galt says:

    What I see in BJ is “I want to fight” emotion. Like someone said, look at his fists, still clenched after the incident. Sure they want to generate excitement but the emotion is real for these guys I think. They are fighters.

  52. Kyle K. says:

    That was all nick that went in first cuz he changed levels and stuck his forehead right into Bj’s. Bj was pissed though! Like I bet he punched some shit in the back or he had to go stick some mellow Island tunes on and just chill for afew.

  53. slacker says:

    It’s good it happened in a way. Now they can put the niceties aside and put on a competitive fight.

  54. Fortyb4five says:

    lol look at Parillo @ 1:27..he’s about ready to whoop some ass.

  55. Donnybrook says:

    Good promoting!!… should help out the PPVs.

  56. John Galt says:

    Who is the big bald, Brazilian looking guy with BJ?

  57. i double says:

    bj is gonna destroy diaz.diaz is just ghetto ass punk from the 209

  58. anthony says:

    did6 everyone forget diaz was a badass FROM THE UFC!

  59. Joshua says:

    Believe me when i say….. BJ is gonna get screwed over tonight.

  60. Night-Wind says:

    Reminds me when Wandy pushed Rampage and after got ko’d.

  61. dana says:

    i think diaz has his number hes got alot better but its bj hes fighting anything can happen i just think diaz has more tools and stronger mentaly when hes in the cage hes a clown outside the cage but lol


    I’ve been saying this for a long long time.. Nick is the best in the world right now..

    Even though he got screwed and couldn’t fight GSP.. everyone on this site will finally give respect after this one..

    Sad to see him fight BJ.. But BJ is not who is once was!

  63. KingGareth says:

    BJ didn’t look too good at the weigh ins. He looks way better at 155. Diaz is going to be too big and strong. Diaz by decision.

  64. SVUSO3 says:

    Well of course if you come on “BJPENN.COM” most people are gonna be Penn fans bro aha but still I’m a fan of both fighters. Rooting for Bj but tough fight for each fighter, cant be mad who ever wins.

  65. John Galt says:

    BJ beat a better Diego than Nick lost to. Just watched that fight again and Nick spent a lot of time on his back, not where you want to be with BJ. Of course,that was awhile ago. I think Nick’s chances are to do a version of Frankie Edgar if he can. Otherwise, BJ wins.

  66. BJ Kick His A$S says:

    Time to Kick Some Arse!! Pound em out, BJ!! Hows that elbow, slap Diaz threw when they separated…classic Diaz crap.

  67. Night-Wind says:

    Unbelievable that so many doesn’t pick BJ at his very own site.

    All you Nick nuthuggers go somewhere else.

    Team Penn!

  68. EP says:

    haha so many of these comments are just so laughable. its just penn haters and/or diaz nuthuggers coming on here and ranting. i, for one, have all the respect in the world for Nick Diaz as a fighter. He is an amazing fighter. However he has nothing on the Legend. i thought that if anything Nick had a very little chance to at least scrape a decision if it went the distance. After i saw the weight in video, Penn is going to KTFO this kid. No way he is letting Nick get away with acting and disrespecting him like that. PENN via RNC or (T)KO in the 2nd.

  69. Night-Wind says:

    Nick can be a champion in strikeforce or bamma or where ever he want’s, just coming in the ufc and taking a prodigy just says it all. Diaz going down.

  70. KingGareth says:

    Good fight…. but Diaz retired Penn, he ripped him apart.

  71. DontBeScaredHomie says:

    Now what. He won that sh*t!

  72. Nick says:

    lmao!!! love it man!!! PENN NATION

  73. Calvin says:

    Nick Diaz will be the proof why strikeforce sucks first shields now nick diaz

  74. DontBeScaredHomie says:

    So what happened bro? Bj got “smashed” so bad he retired Nick beat that ass worse than anyone ever has no doubt. So I would love to hear what you have to say now because there in no excuse for that loss.

  75. Contra91 says:

    After who gets smashed? Yeah, bet you ain’t talkin sh** now homie. It was a great fight but Diaz did it to him. There are MMA fans and there are FANS OF PURE FIGHTING. A fighting fan doesn’t care about the personality, outside ring bs, etc. He just looks at the skill and great fights. You’re an MMA fan my dude. MMA FANS DON’T BELONG HERE EVEN IF YOU”RE A BJ PENN FAN.

  76. nathan says:


  77. Heath says:

    We are gonna see Junkie.. Two fired up Warriors right here.. May the best fighter win.. No excuses in this one, two guys in great shape and in the prime of thier lives…

  78. epic? says:

    Whats epic is you sitting on your couch thinking of Dicks and Blow Job names for these fighters and then saying the word EPIC! Gay porn much homey? LOL

  79. ThaGreenBandit says:


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